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Quick and healthy meals with gt xpress

Quick and Healthy Meals with GT Xpress 101

Ever come home from work exhausted and wondering what’s for dinner? Do you struggle with cooking oils and sprays, only to end up with food that is greasy and unevenly cooked? Are you looking for a solution that will help you cook healthy flavorful meals in just a matter of minutes? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out the amazing GT Xpress 101. This indoor electric grill is a great solution to traditional home cooked meals that used to take hours to prepare.

The GT Xpress 101 is an indoor electric grill that takes up less space than a toaster, is more energy efficient than an oven and cooks great tasting appetizers, meals and desserts for you, your family and your friends. The non-stick surface means that you don’t need to use expensive cooking oils or butter on your food. GT Xpress 101 uses dual cooking technology that heats from both the top and bottom on non-stick plates. Meals are ready in a matter of minutes and clean up is a breeze.

If you’re tired of slaving over a hot stove to create great tasting meals for your loved ones, then GT Xpress 101 can help. There’s no turning of food, flipping of sandwiches or of omelets. Once you add your food to the grill top, simply close the lid, let it cook, then remove and enjoy!

GT Xpress 101 has tons of meal ideas.  From appetizers like bacon-wrapped stuffed shrimp and potato bites to sandwiches like BBQ chicken wraps and homemade meatball hot pockets, this countertop appliance can do it all. GT Xpress 101 is great for cooking low-carb too. Foods, like fresh salmon and rosemary turkey are a cinch. Just add the seasoning, toss on the grill and let GT Xpress 101 do the rest.

If you’re ready to spend less time cooking and more time enjoying great tasting food, then GT Xpress 101 is for you!Get more informations at as seen on tv products online store!

Practice food home safety

Practice Food Home Safety

Home safety is a hot topic, with innumerable TV shows, books and DVDs available to teach you how to keep yourself and your family safe from everything from burglars to house fires. One thing that gets overlooked, though, is food home safety. Poor attention to food safety and lack of knowledge about it contribute to food-borne illnesses, which cause more hospitalizations every year than other home dangers combined.

One simple thing you can do is to check your refrigerator. Most kitchen stores and mega stores sell refrigerator/freezer thermometers, which will allow you to check the actual temperature inside the appliances, ensuring that they are functioning properly. Be sure and move the thermometer around, checking inside the crisper drawers and on the door shelves. If airflow is blocked, the drawers could become too warm, meaning food could spoil.

Also, never, ever put hot food into your refrigerator. It will cause the temperature within the refrigerator to rise steeply, and other foods in the refrigerator can spoil in the time it takes for equilibrium to be restored. Use an ice bath to bring the temperature of hot foods down before putting them in cold storage.

In the freezer, make sure you don’t let ice build up on racks, walls and vents. Most modern freezers are frostless, but in times of heavy use they can need some help.

All around the kitchen, let sterilization be your watchword. A simple solution of one tablespoon of bleach to one gallon of water is all you need to kill bad bugs on kitchen surfaces, and you can even make such a mixture in your sink and dip your small kitchen items in it to keep them spotless and germ-free.

Practicing food safety around the home isn’t hard at all to do, but it does require constant attention. Every time you cook, take a few extra minutes to make sure your workspace is well cleaned both before and after the process. You won’t regret it!

Cooking indian food at home where to start

Cooking Indian Food at Home — Where to Start?

I then discovered “real” Indian cookery and decided that as I couldn’t afford to eat out that much, I needed to learn how to cook the stuff myself.

My first stop then, was a local bookshop, where the choice of books on Indian cookery was somewhat limited.  However, I struck lucky and discovered a book called Indian Cookery by Madhur Jaffrey — what a find.  Written in simple language but with lovely descriptive text and recommendations on what to serve with what, it was just what I had been looking for.

There was a stumbling block, however, which was the endless list of spices, seasonings and flavourings  I didn’t know where to start — I’d heard of quite a lot of them, having watched a few TV programmes on Indian cooking but, “help” I thought,  “buying that many all at once is going to cost a fortune”.  If you’re thinking the same, don’t panic.  Check in your store cupboard.  You probably already have some of the items you will need.  For example, look for black peppercorns, bay leaves, chilli powder (if you’re already a fan of chilli con carne), ground ginger, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon if you bake cakes or apple pies.  Maybe you’ll find mustard seeds if you do your own pickling and sesame seeds if you make rolls or cook Chinese food.  That only leaves a few basic ingredients which appear in a lot of Indian recipes — cumin, coriander, turmeric and cardamom.  Often you need ground cumin and coriander but if you buy the whole spices, you can grind them as necessary (and they keep longer that way too).

The other thing I did was to choose a fairly simple recipe to start with and I just bought the spices I needed for that.  The next time I want to cook an Indian meal, I chose another recipe with similar ingredients so I had to just buy a couple more things.  Soon enough I built up a whole store cupboard of the things I needed and it didn’t have had such a drastic effect on my wallet.

Then there was no stopping me — I even know some recipes by heart now and you can do the same if you want to.

You don’t need special equipment for Indian cookery, although I wouldn’t be without my electric coffee grinder (to grind spices) and it’s nice (but not necessary) to have the traditional dishes to serve your meal in.  Other than that, you need a bit of patience and it’s fun to cook with a friend so that you can share the chopping and grinding or have someone read the recipe out to you step by step so you don’t go wrong in the middle.

The flavours are great, a curry evening is really sociable, so go on, give it a try.


Always fresh containers keeping foods fresh

Always Fresh Containers: Keeping Foods Fresh

My wife’s greatest fear when I retired was that I would be following her around all day like a lost puppy.  In a way she was right, because I’ve found several things around the house where I could have some positive input on without provoking her ire.

I think everyone has a kitchen cabinet or drawer full of plastic containers of every shape and size.   Now, they’re even selling lunch meats in plastic, reusable containers.  We have such a cabinet filled with all sorts of containers; from Rubbermaid to Glad to who knows what.  So it’s not like we’re just throwing the leftovers away.  The problem is that many times the food just doesn’t stay as fresh and crisp as it was the first day it was bought or prepared.

I was resting up in my recliner…getting ready to tackle my next project on the “Honey-Do” list, when I saw the Always Fresh Containers system advertised on one of these As Seen On TV promos.   I never thought about what causes food to go bad.  Apparently foods release gases and toxins that cause them to spoil.  The Always Fresh Containers have some minerals embedded in them that are supposed to remove the gas so that foods stay fresh longer.  They also are supposed to eliminate freezer burn, are dish-washable and microwave safe (without the lid).  They had a two-for-one deal going, so after consulting with the boss, I spent about $34 (including shipping) for two sets of ten containers.

The Always Fresh Containers arrived, and we put them to the test.  We stored everything we could think of in them; from salad, to cut apples, to cheese, to lunch meats, to cookies, cake, crackers and cereal.  Everything, and I do mean everything stayed just as fresh and crisp as the day it was stored.  No lettuce wilting or soggy crackers or freezer burned foods.  I was really impressed and so was the kitchen master.  Besides saving money on food, I think the next best thing was being able to throw away tons of containers that probably would have been better used to sort screws and nails in the garage.  Not only do we have fresher food, but we have more cabinet space in the kitchen, too.  So, if keeping foods fresher longer with some other great benefits is of interest , you might want to check this product out.

Electronic kitchen scales ensure your ingredients are weighed precisely

Electronic Kitchen Scales – Ensure Your Ingredients Are Weighed Precisely

Have you watched a cooking show on TV and ever wondered how the greatest chefs can produce stunning food without much effort? It looks easy because there is always preparation done beforehand. You will often find that the best outcome for a recipe will depend on following the steps exactly. In order to do this you should use an electronic kitchen scale.
By using a kitchen scale you will ensure that all your ingredients are weighed precisely. It doesn’t matter what ingredients you use, as long as they have been weighed beforehand. Then your dish will turn out exactly the same as the chef who created it.
A digital scale can also be used to convert measurements from different countries. Perhaps you want to try a dish from overseas. You need to be aware that different countries have different measurements and your electronic scale will convert them for you. Some scales will have a built in quantities converter. For example, you will be able to convert from the old fashioned imperial measurements into the new metric scale. That way if you are following an old recipe, you will be sure to get it right. The scale will then ensure that you get your quantities correct for the recipe you are following.

An electronic kitchen scale will ensure that all of your basic ingredients in a recipe will be precisely measured. This means your proportions will be exact and correct. By preparing your ingredients and using a scale to measure them, your creation will be guaranteed to be an absolute success.

Surviving the heat of the kitchen

Surviving the Heat of the Kitchen

(ARA) — You’ve seen aspiring singing idols, survivors in the wilderness and gold-medal athletes. Now meet the Best Teen Chef in America Patricia Homma, who saut?ed, roasted and whisked her way to the top award in a national high school Culinary Arts scholarship competition sponsored by The Art Institutes, a leading educator in design and culinary arts nationwide.

After an intense two-hour cook-off, competing with 17 other high school seniors from around the country, Homma, an honors student at Wheeler High School in Marietta, Ga., was awarded the gold medal and a $30,000 scholarship to attend The Art Institute of Atlanta. The competition was held at The Art Institute of New York City.

Homma dreams of having all her family and friends celebrate every holiday at her home, the way it was at her mom’s house growing up in Brazil. After she moved to the United States in 1997, Homma began to watch cooking shows on television after school and was inspired to try some recipes and start cooking for her family. She’s been cooking ever since, for her friends as well. Although busy with work and a local youth group, she still finds time to watch Food TV, where her current favorites are “Iron Chef” and “30-Minute Meals with Chef Rachael Ray.”

Each contestant submitted a three-course menu as part of the entry requirements. Homma’s menu was titled “Tropical Sensations” and featured spinach and mango salad and grilled salmon (recipes below).

Now in its fourth year, The Art Institutes Best Teen Chef in America competition is an annual scholarship program that seeks to spotlight and recognize the most promising young culinary talent in the country. Eighteen high school seniors and would-be chefs were selected as finalists at regional competitions held in March at each of the Art Institutes where Culinary Arts programs are offered. More than $190,000 in tuition scholarships was awarded to the top nine finalists.

Next year’s Best Teen Chef 2004 competition will take place at The Art Institute of California — Orange County on May 22. Deadline for entries is Feb. 13, with local cook-off competitions taking place March 27. To receive information, register at www.artinstitutes.edu/today.

First through third place winners received $30,000 scholarships from The Art Institutes. In addition to Homma, second place finisher Lauren Cianfrani, representing The Art Institute of Philadelphia and Jenny Winiecki, representing The Art Institutes International Minnesota, who finished third, received $30,000 scholarships.

Different types of healthy cooking methods

6 Different Types of Healthy Cooking Methods?

Cooking looks to be a natural skill to others it’s fraught with danger and disaster. Cooking need not be scary, let us analyze few of the primary cooking techniques and show you how simple it really is.
Once, you professional one or two of these cookery techniques, you’ll then be prompted and self confident to try few of the others. Skills you pick up in one method could easily be applied for other.
Simply relax and enjoy it.
This is a cooking process that cooks food in the oven by dry heat. Like a cooked potato. Baking is as well used to describe the cooking method of cookies, bread, and cakes
Just like baking this cooking process uses the oven, but it’s generally used for vegetables and meat. Roasting usually asks some fat added up to protect the food and keep it wet while it’s cooked at a relatively high temperature. It’s better to use tender cuts of meat for roasting and cook it in a shallow tin to admit the air to spread. This will also help in the meat surface turning an appetizing brown. Make sure to turn the cooking juices into gravy to accompany the meat. Along with the meat you can join many vegetable including: carrots, potato, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, fennel, peppers, parsnips, aubergines, garlic and turnips.
This is the easy process of keeping fish, meat or poultry moist whilst roasting in the oven. All you need to do is spoon the fats and cooking juices over the meat various times while cooking. This will help keep it moist add flavor and better the visual aspect of the cooked meat. If you run out of cooking juices in the roasting tin then you can add up a bit stock or wine.
Grilling is an incredibly speedy and easy process of cooking, which is as well healthy. The food is cooked applying radiant heat. This makes sure that the outside of the food is also well cooked and browned whilst the inside stays moist. The grill needs to be preheated and the food napped with oil to apply some protection from the severe heat. Barbecuing is the out of door equivalent of grilling and is appropriate for all the foods listed below though it produces a smokier flavor.
Use good quality tender foods like — chicken, steak, sausages, chops and whole fish like trout and fish cutlets and fillets like salmon and cod. Vegetables such as aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and onions are also suitable for grilling.
A griddle used to refer to a flat metal plate, which was used to cook cakes and drop scones on top of the stove. Today the tem to griddle pertains to a ridged griddle pan alike to a frying pan it’s a ridged surface, which patterns the food with appetizing brown stripes. It’s newly become popular due to its use by many TV chefs. It’s a healthy way of cooking due to only a light brushing of oil being required. Griddling is suitable for salmon fillets, squid, chicken, steaks and shellfish, and for vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines, onions and peppers.
Deep Fat frying:
This is the frying method where the food is completely immersed in hot fat. It needs to be really hot and commonly cooks the food speedily. Better oils for this are Soya bean oil and corn oil but groundnut oil is the best. In order to deep fry foods with success they need a protective coating to avoid drying out. The two most popular coatings are breadcrumbs and batter and these are most generally applied on chicken, fish, chips and seafood with a new fad being the mars bar. You’ve credibly seen this process of cooking performed several times before at your local store. A deep big pan is utilized to heat the oil and a wire basket used to lift the food out. More care is need because the oil is exceedingly hot and it could be quite harmful.