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Cook with weber gas grills and never look back

Cook With Weber Gas Grills and Never Look Back!

Grilling is yet another cooking method that will bring the best of your cooking skills.  Having the right tools to complement your skills is so vital to the success of your product – grilled food!  Grilling is a marvelous experience as this can be done outdoor in a beautiful setting of a garden or bbq pit.  One such partners for Grills is Weber that brings the best of different grill sets to your doorstep.
For outdoor Grills, there are options for the Natural Gas Grill, Go Anywhere Gas Grill, Performer Charcoal Grill and Portable Gas Grill, to name a few.
Weber Charcoal Grill comes with an easy-to-setup grill set.  It has also the one-touch vent system that makes ventilation such an ease.  With the ash-catcher, there is no mess to clear, making your grilling experience more memorable, reducing the after-grilling clean up you have to do.
The stylish and highly functional Weber Portable Gas Grill is an innovative piece that takes up very little room while ensuring that you have the best functionality of grilling your food to perfection.  This Weber Portable Gas Grill comes with folding trays to keep it sleek without compromising space, cast iron cooking grate for the grilling job.  The ultra-light composite shell gives the grill its portability.  With a good quality regulator, this grill is a perfect partner at your next Grill Party!!  It also offers a no-mess, easy to clean experience, leaving the final clean up a breeze.
For the first timer, you may wish to consider having the Weber Q Grill or the Weber Baby Q Grill to set you going onto this grilling experience.  Especially if you are uncertain that you would know how to set up, how to grill!!  Weber Q grill is designed to get you to help you with your grill within minutes.  It only requires a few moments of setup, one simple turn on the regulator knob to start, a push onto the ignitor and the heat is on!!  You can grill up to 4 steaks or 12 chicken thighs at any time.
How about those experienced Grillers out there?  Surely, you wont be missed out!! Weber has another end of products that will bring smiles to experienced grillers!!  Weber Summit Grill is one such product that will bring your grilling skills up to flying colors.  There is no cold or hot spots to worry about as this is an easily controlled grill that will bring every grilled meal to perfection.
Let Weber Grillers be part of your weekend and a stable feature of your cooking repertoire that can be experienced years after years with your loved ones and friends!!

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Finding a quality stand mixer for your cooking needs

Finding a Quality Stand Mixer for Your Cooking Needs

Appliances such as mixers are useful for completing various cooking activities in your kitchen.

After all, mixers are the true work horses in the kitchen.

The days of mixing, kneading and grinding by using good ole elbow grease are now thought of as ancient.

With improvements in the technology, acomplishing difficult cooking tasks is made easier by the use of an electric mixer.

Preparing your masterpiece has become a breeze and the preparation time has been significantly reduced due to the reliability of the electric mixer.

The beauty of an electric mixer is the fact that it can be fitted with numerous attachments to complete a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen. 

When properly utilized, the cook can prepare everything from a delicious meal to tasty treats.

When searching for an electric mixer, be sure to look for one that is durable and of high quality.

Before buying an electric mixer, be sure that the unit will be able to accomplish the tasks that will fit your needs.

Once thought of as dull and bulky appliances, mixer designs of today are pleasing to the eye and fit well with any kitchen decor.

Mixer features play very important roles in it’s importance.

The motor rating, an optional tilt feature and varied speed control are all points to think about when reviewing mixers.

The number of bowls that come with the unit, the type of action that is used during the mixing process and the number of attachments available for the mixer are additional points you should consider.

Any quality mixer should be made of metal, with a mixing bowl that is strong, sturdy, and has a fully protective coating.

Be aware that mixers have various control systems in a wide range of styles.

This allows the user to dictate the mixers speed of revolution of the motors.

The most important point of an electric mixer is it’s power rating.  This rating will determine it’s overall performance.

To play it safe, go with a commercial rated mixer for the best results.

Tilia food savers innovative and hassle free to use

Tilia Food Savers — Innovative and Hassle-free to Use

Envision being able to save your food left overs for many weeks to come, and then eating them. Consider how glad you are when your food tastes like it had been made today! Tilia Food Savers are the most marvelous machines which will accomplish this for you!
Vacuumed plastic bag foods literally do preserve longer as well as taste that bit fresher. As an example, cheese and sugar, where they might typically go hard after a few days, here they last for many weeks. Your leftovers could be frozen and later reheated, by simply placing them in a pan of hot water, or if you’re in a rush the microwave.
The exact unit that i own is the V2440. I find this extremely ease-of-use notably the attached precision bag roll cutter. It doesn’t matter if I’m saving wet or dry food items, crush-able items like bread, vegetables and fruits, everything is taken care of with a simple push button setting.
Tilia Food Savers, for me performs very well, food items are safeguarded and it truly is a effortless machine to begin using. I furthermore like the way it stores inconspicuously off to one side, it actually doesn’t take up a lot room whatsoever.
Also, one other thing about Tilia Food Savers, a tip really, in case the vacuum sealer fails, remove the top and bottom gaskets, get rid of any dirt that may be on the gaskets and then re seat them. At this point lock the handle and press the vacuum and seal button. When it is done, wait a couple of seconds, then release the handle. The gaskets should now be resealed.

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Taurine in energy drinks

Taurine in Energy Drinks

A Japanese company released the first energy drink in 1962. The main ingredient is that drink is taurine and is still commonly used in energy drinks today. The first «energy drink» that came to the United States was actually a cola called Jolt Cola to which they added a whole lot more caffeine and sugar. It was introduced in the 1980s and quickly became the drink of college campuses.
First of all, let’s look at what most of these energy drinks are usually made of. Most of them are simply carbonated water loaded with gut-fattening high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, the amino acid taurine, and a few random B-vitamins thrown in for show to trick you into thinking there’s something healthy about these concoctions.
The main two ingredients of energy drinks are caffeine and taurine. These are the key elements that are supposed to «energize» our brain and body according to the plan of energy drinks creators. But practice shows different. The French scientists studied the composition and effects of energy drinks and came to the conclusion that the main ingredients of tonics do not go together and cause ambiguous body reactions.
Red Bull’s infamous ingredient is not from a bull’s semen or urine as reputed by urban legend, but rather, an amino acid, taurine, that was first discovered in bulls. This product is also banned in Denmark. Red Bull may be the best selling energy drink in the United States, but it isn’t so popular in other countries. It contains as much caffeine as two cans of Coke or Pepsi.
Another popular ingredient in energy drinks is taurine, which is actually something that we naturally get from foods that contain vitamin B6. We normally get more than enough taurine in out diet and the extra amount that we get from these energy drinks, depending on how much we consume, can become toxic in our systems.
The Energy drinks contain all kinds of vitamins, caffeine, and many other components that imitate the feeling of freshness and «refill» a person with vital energy to help in overcoming fatigue. Such components are Taurine or Carnitin. Those chemicals improve the metabolism and the concentration and cause significant withdrawal of tiredness symptoms.
Others point out that their only major concern is that people recognize the potential of these drinks and make use of them in moderation – in fact, many of the manufacturers of these drinks indicate on their packaging that they are not intended as fluid replacements and that there is a maximum advisable consumption per day.
Don’t be fooled by the small packaging bottle. 5-hour energy contains a huge 1870mg blend of delicious energy products such as taurine, citicoline, citicoline, tyrosine, phenylalanine, malic acid, glucuronolactone, and of course, caffeine. As well, 5-hour energy provides unparallel convenience, due to its small, 5 ounce bottle. A college student can carry it around with simple ease, and take shots whenever necessary.

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Raw food can you feed your children raw food

Raw Food: Can You Feed Your Children Raw Food?

Every mother wants the best for her child.  You want your child to look healthy, grow proportionately, feel energized and have a great immune system.  So, why do most parents in America feed their children junk food by the time they start eating table food?  Why do most restaurants serve French fries or macaroni and cheese for side orders and not steamed broccoli?  It is really a sad situation to watch young children who are obese.  Even schools offer peanut butter and jelly or ice cream for lunch. 
To ensure that your child is eating correctly you must feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables.  But the trick is to make it delicious and fun.  For instance, for breakfast, arrange a platter of fruit, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, they will love it!  Make faces out of the fruit.  Have them drink only water and no sugar 100% fruit juice that you juice yourself.  Get them used to eating vegetables that are uncooked.  Whenever they get hungry, offer small baby carrots, or celery, they will grow to love the taste just the way it is.  You can introduce a new vegetable each week and learn how to hide it into your food.  For instance, chop up Portobello mushrooms in a chopper and add it to your pasta sauce and watch them gobble it up, barely noticing the mushrooms.  Make blanched broccoli (plain) and eat that for dinner.  If they see you eating healthy, they will learn early on to eat that way.  Do not let them eat packaged foods, such as macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken fingers, or anything fried for that matter.  Make sure that they eat vegetables at every meal and be careful when you go out to eat. 
Offer natural desserts that you have made at home, such as homemade sorbet, or fruit smoothie, or peach cobbler pie (all natural).  Stay away from cakes, cookies, etc that have preservatives and other unnatural flavorings.  Make it yourself and offer it occasionally.  You will find that they watch you and what you eat and if you incorporate a much healthier menu, so will they. 
The best part of raising your children to learn to love fruits and vegetables is that you will notice that they will turn down junk food when you are not around.  At that point you will know that you have done your part in raising healthy adults.

Living with raw foods

Living With Raw Foods

Living with a raw food diet is known as raw foodism or rawism. This diet proposes consumption of foods that are 75% to 100% raw. Uncooked and unprocessed meat, century egg, dairy, fish, shellfish, vegetables, nuts, young coconut milk, legumes, dried fruit, and freshly juiced vegetables and fruits are some of the choices for a raw food diet.
We are so used to eating cooked and processed foods that living with raws foods is, to many, both unappealing and impossible. But for those who believe in the benefits of a raw food diet, the shift to raw foodism can be realized with careful planning and research. Know what foods you can eat raw and what you cannot.Changing of diet from cooked to raw foods should also be taken slowly and in progression rather than suddenly. The goal is to make the adapt to the new diet. At the start of their raw food diet, people should expect nausea, headaches, loose bowel movement, and other detoxification reactions for several number of days.
Benefits of living with raw foods
Demi Moore is just one of the many people who have turned into raw foodism. Well, you need not be a celebrity to reap the benefits of this diet. But why should you embrace it? Because a well-planned raw food diet is equal to better and healthier living.
? Increased energy: Heat (especially more 160 degrees) can reduce the amount of nutritional values in foods by as much as 85%. When foods are consumed in their raw form, 100% of their nutritional values and «life force» are consumed by our body.
? Raw foods have higher nutritional content that includes phytochemicals, magnesium, folate, and vitamin. One’s skin appearance improves, and people are at lower risk for developing cancer and other fatal diseases.
? Because essential enzymes are not lost, one’s digestive system no longer needs to work hard to process consumed foods. Raw foods are good for digestion.
? Raw foods have lower trans fat and saturated fat, and so is good for people who are trying to lose or control their body weight.
? Raw foods work wonders for people with low levels of allergy, weight problems, indigestion, weak immune system, and high cholesterol.
How to prepare raw foods for eating
Because our teeth are small and adapted to chewing softer, cooked foods, raw foodists use certain food preparation techniques to make raw foods easier to digest. Some raw foods do not need extensive preparation such as salads and fruits. Yet certain foods need special preparation. Grains, for instance, are too hard to be digested and needs to be sprouted in order to soften. Soaking grains and nuts in water is believed also to be the best way to activate their enzymes. Anyone who wants to embrace raw food diet should have patience, energy, time, and commitment. Some cooking techniques used by people living with raw foods are:
? sprouting: this requires soaking of food in water for a number of hours. Foods that need sprouting include seeds, grains, and beans.
? juicing fruits and vegetables
? drying fruits and vegetables
? dehydrating
? blending
Before completely embracing raw foodism, people should be aware also that they are at risk for calcium-, vitamin B12-, protein-, iron-, and calorie-deficiency. People should consult with their dietician or physician first if they are fit for raw food diet, or what supplements they can take to make up for those nutritional deficiencies. In general, raw food diet is not recommended for children, pregnant or nursing women, people with anemia, and people at risk for osteoporosis.

Always fresh containers keeping foods fresh

Always Fresh Containers: Keeping Foods Fresh

My wife’s greatest fear when I retired was that I would be following her around all day like a lost puppy.  In a way she was right, because I’ve found several things around the house where I could have some positive input on without provoking her ire.

I think everyone has a kitchen cabinet or drawer full of plastic containers of every shape and size.   Now, they’re even selling lunch meats in plastic, reusable containers.  We have such a cabinet filled with all sorts of containers; from Rubbermaid to Glad to who knows what.  So it’s not like we’re just throwing the leftovers away.  The problem is that many times the food just doesn’t stay as fresh and crisp as it was the first day it was bought or prepared.

I was resting up in my recliner…getting ready to tackle my next project on the “Honey-Do” list, when I saw the Always Fresh Containers system advertised on one of these As Seen On TV promos.   I never thought about what causes food to go bad.  Apparently foods release gases and toxins that cause them to spoil.  The Always Fresh Containers have some minerals embedded in them that are supposed to remove the gas so that foods stay fresh longer.  They also are supposed to eliminate freezer burn, are dish-washable and microwave safe (without the lid).  They had a two-for-one deal going, so after consulting with the boss, I spent about $34 (including shipping) for two sets of ten containers.

The Always Fresh Containers arrived, and we put them to the test.  We stored everything we could think of in them; from salad, to cut apples, to cheese, to lunch meats, to cookies, cake, crackers and cereal.  Everything, and I do mean everything stayed just as fresh and crisp as the day it was stored.  No lettuce wilting or soggy crackers or freezer burned foods.  I was really impressed and so was the kitchen master.  Besides saving money on food, I think the next best thing was being able to throw away tons of containers that probably would have been better used to sort screws and nails in the garage.  Not only do we have fresher food, but we have more cabinet space in the kitchen, too.  So, if keeping foods fresher longer with some other great benefits is of interest , you might want to check this product out.