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Cook with weber gas grills and never look back

Cook With Weber Gas Grills and Never Look Back!

Grilling is yet another cooking method that will bring the best of your cooking skills.  Having the right tools to complement your skills is so vital to the success of your product – grilled food!  Grilling is a marvelous experience as this can be done outdoor in a beautiful setting of a garden or bbq pit.  One such partners for Grills is Weber that brings the best of different grill sets to your doorstep.
For outdoor Grills, there are options for the Natural Gas Grill, Go Anywhere Gas Grill, Performer Charcoal Grill and Portable Gas Grill, to name a few.
Weber Charcoal Grill comes with an easy-to-setup grill set.  It has also the one-touch vent system that makes ventilation such an ease.  With the ash-catcher, there is no mess to clear, making your grilling experience more memorable, reducing the after-grilling clean up you have to do.
The stylish and highly functional Weber Portable Gas Grill is an innovative piece that takes up very little room while ensuring that you have the best functionality of grilling your food to perfection.  This Weber Portable Gas Grill comes with folding trays to keep it sleek without compromising space, cast iron cooking grate for the grilling job.  The ultra-light composite shell gives the grill its portability.  With a good quality regulator, this grill is a perfect partner at your next Grill Party!!  It also offers a no-mess, easy to clean experience, leaving the final clean up a breeze.
For the first timer, you may wish to consider having the Weber Q Grill or the Weber Baby Q Grill to set you going onto this grilling experience.  Especially if you are uncertain that you would know how to set up, how to grill!!  Weber Q grill is designed to get you to help you with your grill within minutes.  It only requires a few moments of setup, one simple turn on the regulator knob to start, a push onto the ignitor and the heat is on!!  You can grill up to 4 steaks or 12 chicken thighs at any time.
How about those experienced Grillers out there?  Surely, you wont be missed out!! Weber has another end of products that will bring smiles to experienced grillers!!  Weber Summit Grill is one such product that will bring your grilling skills up to flying colors.  There is no cold or hot spots to worry about as this is an easily controlled grill that will bring every grilled meal to perfection.
Let Weber Grillers be part of your weekend and a stable feature of your cooking repertoire that can be experienced years after years with your loved ones and friends!!

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Origin of the cajun deep fried turkey

Origin Of The «Cajun» Deep Fried Turkey

While preparing for this year’s Thanksgiving fest, where I’ll be serving delicious Deep Fried turkey, I became interested in the origin of the succulent treat.

What is deep fried turkey?

«Frying whole turkeys is sort of the Southern version of making fondue. You have a lot of your friends over, you poke around in a pot of hot oil with some sticks, and then you pull out your dinner. Justin Wilson, of Cajun fame, recalls first seeing a turkey fry in Louisiana in the 1930s.»—Something Different: Deep-Fried Turkey, Beverly Bundy, St. Louis Dispatch, November 24, 1997 (Food p. 4)

What is a deep fried turkey you ask? Injected with marinade and cooked in 350 degreeF peanut or other vegetable oil,  deep-fried turkey is anything but greasy. The deep-frying process seals in the juices creating flavorful meat and tasty golden brown skin. Incredibly juicy on the interior and wonderfully crispy on the exterior, the explosion of flavor and contrasting textures has made it a favorite for barbecues, block parties, tailgating, holiday feasts and informal wedding receptions.

It seems I first heard about deep frying turkey about 15 years ago, then suddenly everyone and their brother was doing it. So what sparked this sudden phenomenon?

Roots in the Southern United States

Deep frying turkey has it’s origins in the Southern United States, namely Louisiana. I have heard there are a few restaurants in Southern Louisiana that became popular by injecting whole birds with a creole style marinade then dropping them in hot peanut oil. There had to be something bigger though to get the word out, Regional restaurants just do not have the reach to change a deep rooted tradition such as oven baked turkey.

I thought maybe it was the new accessibility of large deep fryers such as the original Kamp Kooker marketed by Home Depot, or was it a favorite of celebrity chefs such as Emeril?

Why is it called Cajun if it’s not?

I started doing a little research on the internet, and although I only spent a few hours, it seems no exact year, restaurant, or person is connected to this particular style of cooking turkey. There is evidence that fried turkeys were cooked outdoors for large popular events (family reunions, charity dinners, church suppers, etc.) in the early years of the twentieth century.

Commonly thought of as a cajun tradition, I could find no direct ties to the acadien-cajun culture. In fact I found food historians generally agree that fried turkeys trace their roots to Bayou (Louisiana/Texas) creole cuisine. Recipes then migrated from Louisiana/Texas to Missouri, Tennessee, Georgia (peanut oil), and Washington D.C. before it forked northward toward Seattle and Vancouver.

The power of Martha Stewart

So here seems to be the magic bullet. I did find where Martha Stewart is given credit for taking the recipe to mainstream America in the early 90’s:

«Fried turkey has been all the rage at least for the last decade in New Orleans, and long before that it was a tradition in the bayou and throughout the South. Like many a vainglorious culinary mania before it, the national renown of fried turkeys can be traced directly to Martha Stewart, who plucked them from regional obscurity and put them in her magazine in 1996. « —It’s Treacherous, But Oh So Tasty; Fried-Turkey Fans Take the Risk, Annie Gowen, Washington Post, November 22, 2001 (p. B1)

If this is the case, it seems Martha may have created an entire industry. A typical setup including all the turkey fryer accessories can easily run $200-$300. I would say those folks and the peanut oil folks owe Martha a big thanks.

Send me your thoughts

Leave your comments, I would love to learn more about the origins of deep fried turkey, where it came from and what made it so popular.

The fine art of french cuisine learn to cook the french way

The Fine Art of French cuisine — Learn To Cook The French Way.

All over the world, different food specialties strike every person who craves, to taste the different and distinctive cooking style. Yet there’s still a need of mastering them, particularly, the art of best French cooking.
Mastering the French cooking, one can realize that each dish carries with it the trade mark of its origin. In additional case, a person has the right to decide his range of foods. French people are well known for fresh vegetables, finest wines and other varieties, and even picking the ingredients for the best meal of your life. But now mastering the fine art of fine French cooking is no big deal for the French to learn them. All that the French have to do to be the best in the cooking field is to use the resources along with all the good things.

While trying to master the fine art of fine French cooking, Chefs have lots of options and ideas as to what to setup for an occasion, nothing may hold French culinary art in the kitchen, it’s an all special favorite, and an article was written about cooking sumptuous French cuisine, «Mastering the Art of French Cooking» written by Julia Child, Lousiest Bert hole and Simone Beck. In it, they told, «Anyone can cook the French style anywhere,» and this was specially addressed to the Americans
Don’t get the idea wrong and think that the French were selfish. They knew that the American commercialize is curious and fast, so mastering the fine French cooking was practiced by books and by special classes. A lot of people started thinking «French cooking saved America from the boring casseroles,» the Entertainment Weekly reported.

An expert chef knows much about chow extravaganza, simply mastering the art fine French cooking makes even a ordinary chef to know all everything in the world of cooking. The French cookery is both for master chefs and also those who learn it just for name of it. In all restaurants, hotels and every household all over earth, cooking is one of the basic necessities. An average meal cooking in the family might start in some form of an art, but once you’ve mastered the French way then all your cooking might turn out to be captivating, and also make sense.

It can be very tiring to master each and every art style but French cooking can be the only method that can be learnt by a person. And if you’re mastering the fine art of fine French cooking, all other cooking styles will follow, right from picking the perfect ingredients to what type of wine to use while cooking; everything can be learnt from the French cooking style. The cooking scene has been changed thanks to the French cooking which has livened things up.
Learning the fine art of French cuisine is bound to give a wide range of ideas towards cooking food and is sure to make the food more attractive

Wedding tip planning essentials

Wedding Tip — Planning Essentials

Wedding Tip — Planning Essentials

Just got engaged and planning a wedding?  It can really be quite overwhelming organising every step involved to ensure your wedding is a success for you and your guests.

It is important to get down to basics.  Guest numbers will play a large role when planning you wedding reception.  When booking your venue and services including catering, keep in mind that as many as 10-15% of guests invited will be unable to attend.  Look for a venue that will be perfect for your reception without compromising on space. 

How much space will I require?  Allow sufficient space for guests, entertainment, caterers and a bar setup.  Once you have an idea of the space you have for decorations and centrepieces, you can really picture how your wedding will look.

The style you select should be a reflection of yourself, and is a very personal decision.  A wonderful first impression will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  Working with a wedding planner will ensure you and your family can relax knowing little details are being taken care of.  If you have the time and would like to decorate your wedding reception many items can be viewed and ordered directly online. 

Special needs and dietary requirements

We all know a vegetarian or a celiac, a diabetic or have a cousin who will only eat chicken. Ensure that you know in advance if anyone of your guests has any special (or out of the ordinary) dietary requirements. Your caterer will design your menu accordingly.

Enjoy your wedding preparation.

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Important aspect to enrolling in a good cooking class

Important Aspect to Enrolling in a Good Cooking Class

There are many places offering cooking classes, however it would make good sense to choose the one that benefits you most. To begin with, it is significant to look at the size of the class. Classes that have about ten to twelve students would be an ideal for your class. Too many students would lead to difficulties in hearing and seeing what is going on during the class, while too few would mean less camaraderie with the other students.
The perfect cooking class should also be one that has a proper room setup in which every student has a clear view of what is going on, as rooms with conventional setups may cause a student to miss out on what is being taught. It would be better to have a room in a half circle with seating circa to the instructor that will keep each student at an equal distance from the teacher, and as a result promote better learning.
One more important aspect to enrolling in a good cooking class is that there should be enough food offered in the class in order that every student gets a chance to sample the menu for the help www.book-of-cookies.com. It would also be valuable trying out a cooking class that allows its students to prepare meals in the class given that they will get the advantage of having the instructor help out on many matters relating to preparing good food.
Basic Cooking Tips On Weight Reducing
Cooking low fat is becoming a slogan in the 21st century. Learning how to put into practice these fundamental basic cooking tips, ideas and practices could save your life.
Reducing those fat calories in your baking can be done with just a few simple substitutions. It is possible to substitute 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce for the oil in my banana bread recipe. Astoundingly, the banana bread is moist, flavorful and no one could taste the difference. I was amazed to discover that applesauce can also be used in place of butter for most recipes. Matching the measurement precisely, for example 1/4 cup butter to 1/4 cup applesauce does not change a recipe with the exception of providing less fat in the final product.
Another discovery is that 1/2 cup evaporated fat free milk can be used as a substitution for 1/2 cup of heavy cream. This is one more calorie saver and healthy substitution that saves my family from eating too many unhealthy calories.
Taking the time to study low-fat substitution in daily cooking recipes can make a huge difference in the fat intake consumed by you and your family. If you want to eliminate yourself and your family from the high-risk weight gain issues that are plaguing the United States today, retraining and rethinking the way you cook could make all the difference for the help www.july4-recipes.com. Taking some time to learn a few low-fat basic cooking tips could be all it takes to build up your health and live longer.

A point equipment shopping guide for restaurant owners

A 5 Point Equipment Shopping Guide For Restaurant Owners

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, you must put special thoughts on different important things. However, the commercial kitchen equipment is something that demands special attention. For, this is the single most important thing that is crucial for the success of the restaurant. So, before buying the equipments, you should make a proper plan t make the best deal. Here are some tips that will help you get that.
Sometimes, confusions seem to arise from the question whether you should buy the old ones or the new ones. Now, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. The drawback of the new products is that they will be very costly. However, if you think in the long term, (which you would like to do) the new items can be cost effective indeed. Also, the new items have the warranty that comes very handy in a professional setup like a restaurant. On the other hand, if you are dealing with the old equipments, you have to pay for the technicians every time equipment starts malfunctioning.  
While buying the food service equipment, it is important therefore to check out the nature of the warranty. There are companies that offer warranties covering everything for a year and then an extended warranty on certain different parts. Naturally, they are worthwhile to be tried out. Again, this can be a little more expensive, but this will be more effective in the long run. After all, you should expect that things will go wrong every now and then when you have a large setup of a restaurant.   
Now, you must be thinking about the budget. In fact, getting the right quotes is also a very important part of the shopping. Everyone has a budget though the limit differs. However, the idea is to make the most of the budget. You can ask the companies for their quotes and compare them to get the best deal. However, the quote is generally valid for 30 days. So, if you delay beyond that the quote will expire. In that case, it is sensible to get a new quote from the company. Normally, it increases with the time.
Internet can be a very good place for your shopping. This will save a lot of time and at the same time; you will be able to access plenty of stores. However, in that case, it is important to be very careful while comparing the price of the product. It is important to watch out the details of the charges that are claimed by a site for a particular product. Sometimes, a product appears cheaper because some essential expense is excluded. It is better in such cases to go for the apparently costlier option.
If you are still not sure about the exact cost of the products, you should visit other restaurant equipment stores and find out the price of the items. There are also the websites of the freight companies. They will give an idea about the freight of the shipping of the product from the shop to your location.