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Italian cooking schools the mama mia of pasta

Italian Cooking Schools — The Mama Mia Of Pasta!

Are you interested in learning more of cooking? Has it been your aspiration to be a chef?
You may or may not be prepared to take the jump yet? Are you aware of your cooking skills? Are you interested in learning to cook like a chef? Have you always loved and enjoyed Italian food and can prepare excellent spaghetti dish that leaves your friends craving for more. If any of the above points a finger to you, then Italian school for learning cooking would be the ideal next step for you!
Schools teaching Italian cooking offer well thought-out lessons from expert professors, who can teach you every method, give you specific tips to make your dishes mind-blowing.
.Actually one can always learn a new dish from a cookery book or from word of mouth. But learning a new dish from a live demonstration and getting an opportunity to learn the right way of making it is possible only if you join one of the many Italian schools where they teach cooking. By this way you not only learn the dishes the authentic way but also can clear your doubts if any and get a prompt feedback immediately.

By joining cookery schools you get an opportunity to meet other students from varied backgrounds. Amongst them some could be professionals and may be they can teach you the lovely and enticing art of cooking and give tips. In this regard, joining Italian cookery schools can be a very useful experience in more ways than one. Apart from these benefits, you will most likely make lots of friends; you may find that some of them might be sharing your hobbies too. You will be elevating your life by joining Italian cooking schools, at the same time you will be helping others enriching their lives by sharing knowledge and friendship with others. You may be surprised but you never know, you could be the best student in the class whom others might like to follow. You might invent a dish that will inspire the professor for years to come.
To put it differently, mustering up courage to do something new might bring about thrilling changes in your life as well as your outlook towards life. You will also realize that acquiring new knowledge gives you an opportunity to know yourself better as also the world. Thus joining Italian cooking schools can open the door to various things you never even imagined till now. Who knows there might be an Italian Chef or Cooking teacher hidden inside you?

Healthy cooking with kids is beneficial to both parents and kids

Healthy Cooking With Kids is Beneficial to Both Parents and Kids

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable activities that parents can do with their kids. Every child should experience the fun of creating healthy meals in the kitchen and it should not be a place reserved just for mom.
Healthy cooking with kids is beneficial to both parents and kids. Children can learn essential living skills such as how to cook and how to be organized. They can also apply the knowledge that they have learned in school; for example addition and subtraction in math. Moms can ask simple questions such as, «If we are serving one muffin per guest and we have five guests, how many muffins should we bake?» This type of question is fun for kids and they get to use math in a real world way. As the kids get older they can learn about ratio, weight, and even science in the kitchen.
When kids are given simple tasks like spreading jam on bread using a blunt knife, it lets them practice using their eyes and hand and helps improve their motor skills and coordination. For more details www.bread-bakers-assistant.com .By completing each task, the kids will gain more confidence and they will become independent because they know they can do anything if they put their mind to it.
Parents who practice healthy cooking with their kids are spending quality time with them while doing something fun. This is a great opportunity for parents to communicate and interact more with their children, thus strengthening the family relationship. Encourage the kids to ask questions during the cooking activity so they can understand better the process of cooking.
After the kids have completed their tasks; such as cutting vegetables or peeling potatoes, remember to compliment them for doing their jobs well. We adults love compliments and kids feel the same way too. This will definitely boost their confidence.
Children are more likely to eat what they have prepared or cooked. This is a chance for parents to introduce new food to their children who are picky eaters. If they do not like their greens, let them pick a salad recipe and prepare it. Give them options to add things like dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, small goldfish crackers, etc. Make fun, colorful desserts together such as berries with yogurt.
Your kids will be so proud of the food they’ve prepared so keep that in mind when you eat it, even if it looks a little «funny.» Parents can also encourage their children’s inner chef to prepare their own lunch box for school. For more details www.tailgating-recipe.com .Steer them in the direction of interesting ways to prepare healthy food when they’re young and they may learn to love their veggies. In other words, they can learn healthy eating habits through learning how to cook healthy food.
Parents cooking with their kids can be a weekly activity. By having our kids help us in the kitchen, they will learn some of the necessary skills to succeed in life and who knows, they may become the best chefs in the world.

Reeses peanut butter pie

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

My mom was a southern woman and wow she could cook. She would make fresh bake cakes and pies all from scratch. Yup none of that box stuff she was from the old school. One of her favorites was cocoanut pie the hole family would fight over them, I remember when we would have family get together or we found out she was baking every one would try to be the first to get those pies. But one Pie mom never made it was a Reese’s peanut butter pie, I think those pies came latter and if she knew about them I know they would have been great. Most people have never heard of this pie when I mention it during a conversation about cooking for the holidays or a birthday. This pie is a real crowd pleaser and it can be done with reduced fat ingredients. This recipe is a great one, but if you know what Nutter Butter cookies are, you’ll want to try the crust with this recipe. I have also added a layer of dessert fudge to the bottom of the pie and it went over very well. Very yummy pie, but the way to make it totally irresistible is to make a Nutter Butter crust. Substitute splendor sweetener for the granulated sugar, substitute a low sugar graham cracker crust or make your own no sugar chocolate cookie crust like I did using store bought chocolate cookies crumbs with melted butter and pressed into a pie plate. The whipped topping from the store is already low sugar and then top with pieces of sugar free Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and drizzled with sugar-free chocolate sauce my family and friends never knew when I served it up that it was low sugar until I told them. Also you can chop up peanut butter cups and fold them into the pie mixture. I used Whey Low powdered sugar, low fat natural peanut butter, skim milk, and Neuch?tel cheese. I love peanut butter pie with graham cracker crust and fudge layer. This peanut butter pie has a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of fudge, and a cream cheese — peanut butter filling. Beat lightly for a few minutes, pour into bottom of pie crust. In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with peanut butter, powdered sugar and milk. At you annual church dinner this will be the first to go, it’s that good. Once you sink your teeth into one of these pies you will keep coming back. This is such a good combination of a big cookies and peanut butter. Directions in a large bowl, mix cream cheese, peanut butter and powdered sugar until creamy. Fold in whipped topping Pour into prepared pie crusts. Garnish this pie with chocolate curls, chopped nuts or chocolate syrup and enjoy — it’s a creamy and flavorful dessert or snack. You can have the cookie wrapped around the peanut butter cup it’s perfect. There are many different toppings you can use, peanut butter, chocolate chunk,Macadamia Nut Cookies. Top it any way you like, but mini chocolate chips seem to go so well with the peanut butter. For more recipes and great gifts continue to shop at http://www.Teegoes.com

Raw food can you feed your children raw food

Raw Food: Can You Feed Your Children Raw Food?

Every mother wants the best for her child.  You want your child to look healthy, grow proportionately, feel energized and have a great immune system.  So, why do most parents in America feed their children junk food by the time they start eating table food?  Why do most restaurants serve French fries or macaroni and cheese for side orders and not steamed broccoli?  It is really a sad situation to watch young children who are obese.  Even schools offer peanut butter and jelly or ice cream for lunch. 
To ensure that your child is eating correctly you must feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables.  But the trick is to make it delicious and fun.  For instance, for breakfast, arrange a platter of fruit, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, they will love it!  Make faces out of the fruit.  Have them drink only water and no sugar 100% fruit juice that you juice yourself.  Get them used to eating vegetables that are uncooked.  Whenever they get hungry, offer small baby carrots, or celery, they will grow to love the taste just the way it is.  You can introduce a new vegetable each week and learn how to hide it into your food.  For instance, chop up Portobello mushrooms in a chopper and add it to your pasta sauce and watch them gobble it up, barely noticing the mushrooms.  Make blanched broccoli (plain) and eat that for dinner.  If they see you eating healthy, they will learn early on to eat that way.  Do not let them eat packaged foods, such as macaroni and cheese, or fried chicken fingers, or anything fried for that matter.  Make sure that they eat vegetables at every meal and be careful when you go out to eat. 
Offer natural desserts that you have made at home, such as homemade sorbet, or fruit smoothie, or peach cobbler pie (all natural).  Stay away from cakes, cookies, etc that have preservatives and other unnatural flavorings.  Make it yourself and offer it occasionally.  You will find that they watch you and what you eat and if you incorporate a much healthier menu, so will they. 
The best part of raising your children to learn to love fruits and vegetables is that you will notice that they will turn down junk food when you are not around.  At that point you will know that you have done your part in raising healthy adults.

Budget recipes and cooking using leftovers successfully

Budget recipes and cooking — using leftovers successfully

A tight budget forces you to be more frugal. For example, slightly stale bread can be used in a myriad of dishes rather than being thrown out. It can be toasted and sliced up to make croutons, which can add a bit of crunch to just about every variety of soup.

Bread can also be used to make French toast — also known as eggy bread or pain perdu, which translates as «lost bread».

This is made simply by dipping bread in beaten egg and lightly frying it. The bread can then be served plain as a savoury snack or sprinkled with sugar to make a sweet dish.

Another use for leftover bread is to make breadcrumbs. All you need to do is crumble the slices in a food processor, blitz them for a few seconds and freeze until they are needed.

Breadcrumbs can be used to make mincemeat bind more easily when making homemade burgers.

Of course, budget recipes and cooking tips extend far beyond innovative uses for leftover slices of bread.

If you have roast lamb for the traditional Sunday lunch, the unused meat can be used the next day to make a hearty stew or a spicy lamb curry.

To make curry, lightly fry an onion, along with some sliced peppers and other vegetables. Add coconut milk and your favoured mix of spices such as garam masala, coriander, chilli powder, turmeric and black pepper.

If you want to bring a little colour to the dish, add a dash of tomato puree and mix well before adding the lamb to reheat.

When it is thoroughly cooked and the sauce has reduced slightly, serve with boiled rice.

Leftover meat from a Sunday lunch can also be used to make packed lunches to take to work or school.

By filling a wrap with the meat, some mixed salad leaves and a little salsa not only do you get to enjoy a delicious snack during the day, but you can also save a lot of money.

Fruit that is approaching the «use by» date can be given a new lease of life by blending it with a little yoghurt and honey to make a healthy breakfast smoothie.

Learning to use leftovers rather than throwing them away is a great way to cook when you are on a budget. Not only can you save money, you can create some wonderful food.

Best ways to improve your cooking skills

Best Ways to Improve Your Cooking Skills

There are many specialty shops that offer creative cooking classes and on occasion your local upscale grocery store may even offer them. Learning to use a variety of fresh ingredients instead of canned, packaged or frozen can not only make your meals taste better but they will also be healthier. A cooking school also teaches how to properly slice, dice, and chop (without loosing a finger!) A cooking class will add to your vocabulary many new words such as «demi glace,» «gratineed,» and «braising» etc. If you have the right tools and techniques you can serve up some top notch dishes. Won’t your family and friends be surprised?

World renowned chefs have opened creative cooking schools to help everyday cooks develop fine cooking skills. They also have cookbooks and their special recipes listed online with step by step instructions on the preparation involved. Actually attending a class will give you hands on experience.

Many of us do not have all day to prepare dinner for our families because of work and other obligations. A cooking class provides you with new shortcuts and other techniques to use to help improve the quality and taste of the food and the time it take to prepare it. Instead of marinating all day on low heat, you could use a crock pot and set it on low when you leave for work in the morning. There is very little to do to finish preparing the meal when you arrive home.

Cooking classes also offer you a way to learn how to shop for and prepare many different ethnic foods. Recipes from far away places are a great way to bring your family together while enjoying preparing and trying them right in your own home. Save the money that would have been spent at an ethnic restaurant and cook together as a family with the tools and techniques taught at a culinary class.

By attending a local creative cooking school you will meet men and women in your area who share your love of cooking and desire to develop fine cooking skills.
working close together in a large shared kitchen will add to your social skills if you are considering opening a restaurant. There is another added bonus to cooking classes and schools that you may want to consider. If creative cooking is your passion, these classes could open you up to a new career or business idea. I have met people that came for a specific purpose which had nothing to do with a business, ended up taking what they learned in class and put it to work for them. While at first they did it part-time, they eventually found they had their own very successful business.

What would your friends and family pay to have a cake decorated? How much for a professionally prepared meal for an important dinner party in their home? The possibilities are endless when we look at the benefits cooking schools and classes have to offer.

Cake mix cookies

Cake Mix Cookies

When I am writing articles I am always thinking of ideas or ways to make life a little easier. Cooking can be very time consuming but enjoyable and I know that America is changing it’s thinking on the what we eat. We are becoming a more health concern country and that is very good we need to make some changes for the good. But I must say we have to have our goodies or snacks from time to time. It’s nothing like a good treat that’s bake right in our homes. Cookies are always a snack that most people enjoy. Have you ever thought about making cookies from cake mix, yes cake mix and it’s very good and doesn’t take a lot of time to make. Moms can make a batch of cake mix cookies for the kids to take to school or for little snacks at home. Now remember we are changing the way we eat so we can’t eat to many of these good cookies. I know once the smell is in the house it’s very hard to resist but we have to be strong or all the cookies will be gone. (Smile) Today we are very busy people and it’s good to be able to wipe up a quick snack for the family or kids and there friends. It’s nothing like having a nice cup of milk with these cookies. And you can do them in so many different flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange frosting and so much more. I know they sound so good but remember only a few at a time or the kids will be upset at you. Baking cake mix cookies gives you home baked cookie flavor without the effort of baking cookies from scratch. You can even make sandwich cookies, your own soft chocolate cookies sandwiched together with a creamy filling.


Rip open a box of cake mix, plop in two eggs and a little oil, mix together cake mix, eggs and oil in a large bowl. Just follow the recipe and make » little balls» and you’ll be good to go. I made these the next night with lemon cake mix. I’ve tried several variations so far yellow cake mix, with a chocolate drizzle this were ok. Then I tried chocolate cookies, rolling some of the balls in powdered sugar, and some in cocoa powder. I followed the recipe exactly choosing a butter yellow cake mix. Then I rolled the balls in a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon. They were DIVINE! I think they’re my favorite cookie of all time, even better than chocolate chip cookies. These are great cookies when you don’t want to mess with a lot of ingredients.I used a cookie scoop, patted the cookies flat and dipped them in a mix of cinnamon and sugar. From cooks.com 1 package of cake mix (any flavor) 1 large egg 1/4 cup of oil 1/4 cup of water 1 cup of chopped nuts, raisins, oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chips, M&M’S® etc.(anything you like in cookies)Heat oven to 350 degrees. Combine cake mix, egg, oil, and water. Beat until well blended. Stir in remaining ingredient (s). Drop by teaspoon about 1 inch apart onto greased cookies sheet. Bake for 15 minutes or until done. Makes about 4 dozens. Yummy! Submitted by: Jan White For more tips on cooking go to http://www.Teegoes.com