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The soy of cooking

The Soy of Cooking

(ARA) — Soy foods have grown in popularity as consumers learn more about associated health benefits — soy food sales are expected to reach $4 billion for 2003. Several studies have shown that soy products help lower cholesterol and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms, as well as reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, such as breast and prostate. Soy products are also a great way for consumers to get high quality protein in their diets with less fat and cholesterol than animal protein.

For consumers who want to add the benefits of soy to their diet, the good news is that the wide variety of soy products available today makes it easy. Crum Creek Mills, a Springfield, Penn.-based soy foods company, specializes in making everyday food items healthier with the addition of soy. No more trying to figure out how to make tofu palatable to your family — they’ll be eating foods they already like, made healthier with the addition of soy.

“We focus on products everyone knows and loves,” says Rich Rothman, general manager. For example, the company’s soy protein pancake mix or soy protein muffin mix would be a great addition to any brunch menu. Choose from buttermilk or blueberry pancake mix and from three muffin varieties: Bold Banana Walnut, Bountiful Blueberry and Brilliant Bran.

Another easy way to add the benefits of soy to your meals is to opt for soy protein pasta as a base for your favorite sauce. Fast, filling, nutritious and delicious, these pastas provide between 70 and 90 percent more protein and up to 20 percent fewer carbohydrates than regular pastas. Every 2-ounce serving packs 13 grams of protein and only 36 grams of carbohydrates. This better balance of protein to carbohydrates provides the body with consistent energy over time. Crum Creek has pasta for every need — Passionate Penne, Savory Spaghetti, Fabulous Fettuccine, Heavenly Angel Hair and an all-time favorite made healthier, Marvelous Mac and Cheese.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fun way to sample a variety of soy foods, the Soy to the World gift pack is just the thing. It includes three boxes of soy protein pasta in assorted shapes; one box of soy protein macaroni & cheese (the kids will love it); two packs of Soy Bites Breadstick Snacks in assorted flavors; one bag of soy protein muffin mix; one bag of soy protein pancake mix; one bag of soy nuts; and one bag of soy nut mix. All this soy goodness comes attractively packed and can be shipped directly to friends, family, business associates, neighbors — anyone who enjoys good eating and good health.

Party invitationsall eyes on the guest list

Party Invitations-all Eyes on the Guest List

* If you are doing one big uniform meal, assign your guest certain groceries to purchase and bring with them. This keeps the costs down for you.

* If you are doing different food themes (Mexican, Italian, Chinese, etc.), then assign one person to be in charge of each theme and have that person assign the grocery list within each group.

* Whatever dishes, pans, or utensils you don’t have that you need, assign someone to bring instead of you buying. Keep the costs down.

Cooking Party Invitations

Why not whip up some invitations that you’ve created and personalized to match your cooking party theme? You can easily and for free through Events Listed. For more details please login on to www.atkins-diets-recipes.com. With over 60 multi media tools available for you to completely personalize your web page, it’s the perfect recipe. You create the web page first so it can act as your invitation.

All of the tools are in a simple to use Web 2.0 environment, ready for you to completely personalize your page to your cooking party theme. Include pictures, videos, audios, surveys, and more. Pop in video of Rachael Ray or Gordon Ramsey. Add some music and even put up a timer that counts down to the party.

Be sure to post the date and time of the cooking party and any special instructions for your guests, such as “no MSG.” Just kidding. You can also post a poll for your guest to vote on which dishes they’d like to create. How about adding a map and directions to the cooking hot spot?

Once your page is complete, you then invite your guests to go to your page by sending electronic emails with electronic links to your page. They click the link and arrive on your page. They’ll have eyes on the guest list and they’ll be able to respond to your invitation as well as seeing how others have responded. They’ll be able to see who’s ready to cook, who has 86ed themselves, and who hasn’t responded yet.

Your guests can also start networking together online as soon as they wish and you can even promote more networking by cross referencing other cooking unique party online groups. You can know more by login on to www.cheese-cake-recipes.com. Get great recipes and cooking tips right there on your own web page.

Take advantage of the task manager to assign who is bringing what groceries and/or cooking supplies and post what group they are in. Send out preset, automated email reminders about the party date and time as the date draws nearer.

What about posting a budget for each person or each group right on the web page and manage it from there? There’s so much you can do with you web page, why not do it? It will make your life a lot easier. And again, it’s free, from Events Listed. Spot on!

Cooking schools and culinary academies can give you whatever level of education you want

Cooking Schools and Culinary Academies Can Give You Whatever Level of Education You Want

For me, cooking has always been fun. I started cooking in my younger day back in Nebraska. Luckily, my mother was patient enough to teach me. For my wife, she’s glad I have fun doing it. What is your vote? Do you cook for pleasure, or necessity? If you have the right equipment, a comfortable kitchen, and are willing to try different things, cooking can be fun. Having someone to clean up after you helps, too. Most ovens are self-cleaning now, so being a little sloppy pulling your cooked item out of the oven isn’t quite so critical. You just wipe up what you can, and self-clean sometime in the future.
You can take only a Dim Sum class or get a degree in Culinary Arts. You can login us at www.cheese-cake-recipes.com. There are online courses and courses by mail. The choice is yours. There is a Catering and Gourmet Cooking class which is online and through Penn Foster Career School. There are many methods of cooking. Dry-heat cooking methods without fat are broiling, roasting or baking, grilling, barbecuing, griddling, and pan-broiling. Dry-heat cooking methods with fat are saut?ing, pan-frying, and deep-frying. Moist heat cooking methods are steaming, boiling, simmering, poaching, and blanching. Broiling is a method using high heat. My favorite is outdoor cooking. There is also crock-pot cooking, which is an easy way to prepare a full meal. As I said before, having the right culinary equipment makes the task of cooking a lot easier. I use the nonstick pans versus the stainless steel variety. They are easier to clean up. Other materials used for cookware is copper, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, glass, ceramics, plastic, and enamelware. Pans lined with enamel should not be used for cooking. The enamel may chip or crack. Having a variety of sizes for cookware makes the cooking process much easier. A good set of kitchen knives is a must, also. They should be kept sharp for both safety reasons and easier to use. For further details login on to www.fair-recipes.com. Use the correct knife for the specific job being done. A paring knife wouldn’t work to well trying to cut through bone. Being educated in food safety should also be a consideration. You don’t want your family to get Vibrato parahaemolyticus Gastroenteritis from eating raw oysters. (Spelling or pronunciation is not a priority for cooking.) You don’t need to get a Selvage Food Safety Manager Certification, but a basic understanding of food safety should be learned. Some foods are more likely to become unsafe than others. Some potentially hazardous food would be milk, eggs, shellfish, fish, and baked potatoes.

<a href=»http://www.cooking-groundbeef.com»>www.cooking-groundbeef.com</a>
<a href=»http://www.book-of-cookies.com»>www.book-of-cookies.com</a>

Captains need experience

Captains Need Experience

My live in girlfriend and I eat fish for dinner at least three times a week. Our favorite fish is Flounder because it does not take long to prepare and it tastes great. We buy our fish at the local market and trust the dates on the package to know if the fish is fresh. One day after shopping I opened up my package of Flounder and it smelled awful. There was something wrong so I returned to the market and asked for a refund. The manager offered me a replacement and explained that occasionaly a spoiled batch gets thrown in with the fresh fish and it is impossible for him to control. He said the only way to be sure that the fish was fresh is to catch it yourself. I thanked him for the advice but refused the exchange and had my money returned.

After both deciding that it was wise to catch our own fish,the next weekend we both were at the boat dock at six in the morning. There we saw two fishing boats that were going to spend the day searching for Flounder.One of the boats was brand new and had a sign up saying that this was going to be its maiden voyage. We marveled at its beauty and start going abroad. On the boarding plank stood the captain. He was dressed in whites and wore the most impressive cap. It had a gold eagle broadly displayed on the brim. He introduced himself and spoke about his ivy leauge education and his top grades but he admitted that he was never out to sea. My girlfriend was so impressed with him that she was ready to sign on. but I said before we do that lets check the older fishing boat and find out why it seems to be getting more fishermen going on board. We then spoke to the other captain who was an old man with over fifty years of fishing experience. He said that his boat may be old but it was sea worthy. I spoke to some of the fisherman on board and they told me that they never returned from a fishing trip with less than twenty five fish. I was sold and ready for a fishing trip on the old boat. But my girlfriend insisted on going on the maiden voyage with the handsome new captain. We compromised and decided she would have her choice, but I would stay with the experienced captain and we would meet on the dock at six on the return of the boats.

At six oclock I was waiting on the dock for the return of the fishing boat with my girlfriend on board. My fishing bag was packed with ice and there was over fifty large Flounder in it. At nine there was no sign of the boat she was on. I asked some of the workers on the dock what had happened to the boat that was on its maiden voyage. They replied that it had run aground and was being towed in. At midnight I saw a broken down boat coming into port towed by a coast guard cutter. My girlfriend was on the deck and weeping. I welcomed her as she came down the plank. We then went home and had a great Flounder dinner. She promised that she would never go on a boat again with a captain without sea experience. Even if the captain was handsome.


Why go to a culinary school

Why Go To A Culinary School?

Many people are aware that a person who has studied in a culinary school can be called an expert in the field of meal preparation. But how easy is it to enter a culinary school, especially for those aspiring to become the best cooks in their fields?
A culinary school offers several programs and disciplines so before applying, you should have already decided on the specialty or the area that you are interested to focus on.
Future cooks can choose from a two-year associate degree program,  a bachelor’s degree program or from a variety of certificate or diploma programs.
A person who wants to be educated in the area of culinary arts but who cannot decide on a specialty can opt for an associate degree program since it involves the basics of culinary arts like proper nutrition, food presentation, kitchen procedures and the basic knife skills. Most schools offering an associate degree programs in culinary arts require their students to do undergo an internship program before they are allowed to graduate. A culinary arts associate degree holder can find work in hotels and restaurants and in private catering companies particularly in the areas of food production and management of the kitchen. The associate degree course can be credited when the person with an associate degree decides to pursue a four-year course.
Interested students can also choose an associate degree in restaurant and hospitality management where they will have hands-on training on the industry’s business aspects, pastry and baking or professional catering where they will learn the intricacies of food preparation and the business aspects of establishing their own catering businesses.
The Bachelor’s degree program focuses more on providing management skills as well as culinary arts courses to the students. Some institutions require students who take up the Bachelor’s degree to also take up business management to prepare them for managerial positions in the industry. Among the programs offered under the Bachelor’s degree include management programs for food and beverage, pastry and baking, culinary as well as for hospitality establishments.
Those who want to take up short term courses can choose from the certificate and diploma programs in the areas of pastry and baking, cooking, managing a restaurant and culinary arts. These programs can be easily completed in several weeks and is ideal for those who are already gainfully employed but who lack formal training.
If you enjoy cooking and other people also enjoy what you cook for them, then you may just have the potential of becoming a good cook or baker or perhaps, the owner of a restaurant someday. Learn the basics of culinary arts and restaurant management by enrolling in culinary schools. Who knows, this may be the beginning of a good business venture or a lifelong hobby.

Fashion inspires sleek colorful kitchen design

Fashion inspires sleek, colorful kitchen design

From the runway to the kitchen: Many houseware and kitchen design companies are looking to the world of fashion for hints and clues to inspire their lines.

«What we’ve generally found, if something is hot in the runways in fall it’s going to take hold and move into the home a few months later,» says Kristin Martin, brand manager for cast iron cookware at the cookware maker Le Creuset.

Le Creuset is just one example of a houseware or kitchen design company that gets design ideas from runway shows and fashion magazines. For example, Martin says, last fall Le Creuset designers noticed an eggplant purple color «all over the runway.»

This March, the company launched its new color: a purple called cassis.

«It definitely influenced our decision because it was a color people were excited about,» Martin says.

«Because people were excited about it in terms of fashion, they were going to be excited about it in terms of their homes.»

Cookware, she says, is «not just a tool, it’s a statement. And that’s the same thing with fashion — you are making a statement when you wear it.»

The subject intrigued the folks at faucet maker Brizo, which sponsored a panel discussion about kitchen fashion, form and function at the recent Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago. Brizo also sponsors New York fashion designer Jason Wu, who made first lady Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown.

«It seems all of us, although in different areas of design, look to each other for inspiration,» says Wu, who spoke on the Chicago panel.

Judd Lord, Brizo’s director of industrial design, says the company looks to fashion mainly for shape, form and pattern ideas.

«How it’s flowing, what the form it’s taking as it’s coming down the runway, where the belt line is being placed or the sleeves,» Lord says. «It’s things like that that will draw a designer’s eye.»

At the luxury Enamel Cookware appliance maker Thermador, whose ranges, refrigerators and dishwashers shine in stainless steel, designers look to fashion accessories such as watches and jewelry for trends, says company industrial design manager Graham Sadtler.

«Whether it’s a gloss metal finish or matte or a certain treatment on the metal, (that) is one of the biggest things we look at that influences our design,» he says.

Kitchen designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon of Pensacola, Fla., says she turns to fashion magazines for inspiration and rips out pages when she finds

striking textures or materials.

«It regenerates my enthusiasm for what I do,» says Clendenon, who has been a kitchen designer for 11 years and also was on Brizo’s panel. «I can look through fashion magazines and even though I can’t personally wear those clothes, it’s the idea part of it.»

Clendenon adds fashion to her designs in small ways, through layers, kitchen rugs or a backsplash, for instance. That keeps a kitchen from looking or feeling dated, she says.

«What we design needs to live for a while,» she says. «You can’t change your kitchen design as often as you can your clothing.»

Wu says he loves to cook and finds a sense of design in the way meals are plated. His own kitchen has an open design, gray palette and island cabinet.

«I think everything I do is a piece of me and what I’m about,» Wu said. «I think the kitchen is no different.»