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Common baked cheesecake recipe problems

Common Baked Cheesecake Recipe Problems

My Aunt Wendy was one of the greatest cooks I’ve ever known. Any time we went to her house, even just for a quick visit, there was something great to eat happening in the kitchen. She made chicken and dumplings with dumplings that were like little clouds, never gooey or floury like so many are. She made cakes, pies and cookies that were the winners of blue ribbons at every contest in town. And her holiday dinners were the most sought-after invite in the entire family.

However, Aunt Wendy until the day she died could not make a cheesecake that didn’t come out of the oven with a top that didn’t look like a topographical map of California. Cracks, big and little, narrow and wide, shallow and deep would crawl all over the top of the cheesecake, often endangering the structural integrity of the whole.

Cracks in the top of the cheesecake are one of the two major problems home cooks encounter, and they can make your beautiful labor of love into the ugly duckling of the dessert tray.

However, there are two simple steps you can take to avoid cracks. First, place a water pan in the oven with the cheesecake while it bakes. The added moisture in the air will keep the surface moist and keep it from cracking, in much the same way that moisturizing cream will help your hands. You can also mix a teaspoon of cornstarch into the batter before putting it in the pan. This natural thickening agent will guard against the separation that leads to cracking.

The other major hurdle most cooks encounter from time to time is the lumpy cheesecake. Unlike cracks, which don’t affect the overall flavor, lumps indicate poor or incomplete mixing, which will affect flavor. To guard against this, bring the cheese and the eggs to room temperature, to make the fats in the two mix more readily and completely.

Remember those tips and you’re on the way to baked cheesecake recipe success!

Putting delicious finishing touches on popcorn

Putting Delicious Finishing Touches On Popcorn

Perhaps you associate caramel corn with something you have enjoyed at carnivals and fairs. Perhaps you recall having chocolate popcorn at Halloween or on another holiday. Whatever your associations, you have the opportunity to enjoy these exquisite treats in your own house any time you want with just a little preparation!
Closely follow the steps in the following recipes, and you’ll be on your way to making a great break. Don’t hesitate to make one of these presents for a party ; you will find them a reasonably cheap treat and fairly easy to produce.
This succulent treat includes three different nuts, and it’s certain to please you and anybody you know who likes the wealthy flavour and crunch of caramel corn!
Nutty Caramel Corn
Preparation time : 20 to 30 minutes and 20 to half an hour for cooling
Yield : 8 servings
10 cups popped corn
11?2 cups granulated sugar
1?2 cup dark brown sugar, packed
1?2 cup corn syrup
1?2 cup water
2 large spoons butter
one cup raw entire almonds
1?2 cup whole raw cashews
3?4 cup raw pecan halves
two little spoons salt
two teaspoons baking soda
1 wash a large stainless steel bowl with hot water and dry well ( this step is to heat the bowl ). Put the popped corn in a bowl.
2 mix the granulated sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, and water in a heavy 6-quart frying pan and cook on middle heat with occasional stirring till the batch comes to boiling point ; place a lid on the pot for one minute to allow the sugar crystals to bathe down within the pan. Remove the lid, and clip a candy thermometer to the side of the pot without permitting the tip to touch the base of the pot. Continue cooking and stirring.
three When the temperature reaches 240 degrees, add the butter and almonds and continue stirring. At 270 degrees, add the cashews and continue stirring. At 285 degrees, add the pecans and cook to 300 degrees. Take away the mixture from the heat.
4 mix in the salt and baking soda ; then decant the mix over the popcorn in a stainless steel bowl and mix thoroughly with two hard rubber spatulas to cover absolutely. Spread the popcorn mix over aluminum foil, and break the clumps apart with your hands while wearing leather application gloves.

Looking for a soup recipe how about a slow cooker soup

Looking For a Soup Recipe? — How About a Slow Cooker Soup

A nice bowl of hot soup is so good at the end of a long day. It warms and comforts you, making you feel cared for. Some people are afraid to try making soup at home that does not come in a can, but it is pretty easy once you give it a try. If you use your slow cooker, it is even easier.
Soups for the Slow Cooker
Almost any kind of soup can be made in a slow cooker. Whether you prefer simpler soups like vegetable beef or lentil soup, or if your favorites include fancier soups like vichyssoise or pot-au-feu, your slow cooker will come in handy. You can even create delicate soups such as trout chowder or crab soup in a slow cooker while you attend to other tasks. If you like ethnic soups like Indian Dal or Italian Wedding soup, they also turn out perfectly in a slow cooker.
It does not matter what your favorite soup is… you can probably make it in your slow cooker. Leftovers work, too. If you have a ham bone left, toss it in with some split peas for yummy pea soup, or add some navy beans to make a hearty bean soup.
Even soups that seem more complicated, like cheddar cheese or clam chowder, can easily be made in your slow cooker. Whether it is something simple like chicken soup or more complicated, you can make all your favorite soups. Use your favorite ingredients like noodles, dumplings or rice… whichever you prefer.
Try Something New
You can also try a soup recipe that is new for you. Trying new recipes is always fun! A new slow cooker soup will give you something exciting to look forward to for dinner. Have you ever tried a garden cabbage soup? What about deviled chicken soup? Have you ever heard of a cheesy meatball soup or a taco soup? You are sure to find new favorites.
With a little inspiration, you can create your own slow cooker soup recipes. Why not give it a try? The slow cooker lets you make a few mistakes. It will tenderize a tough piece of meat. Adding different vegetables and herbs add a delicious, complex flavor to your soup. If you like a creamy soup, add some milk or cream towards the end of your cooking time. Let your imagination run wild.
Traditional soups like chicken and dumplings, beef noodle and potato soup are great, too. For something a little different, mix up the ingredients a bit. Try adding bacon or ham to your potato soup, or put brown rice in your beef soup. Adding a new twist can be a lot of fun.
If you have a lot of leftovers, such as after a major holiday, use the slow cooker to make a nice soothing soup. Add in some leftover turkey or ham to make a great soup. Add rice, noodles, or potatoes if you wish. Do not forget the leftover vegetables like corn, peas, carrots… and do not leave out the gravy. You will have a sumptuous holiday soup that lets you enjoy your meal all over again with very little work. Using slow cookers is a great way to relax.

Food processor pasta

Food Processor Pasta

We have a fall tradition that fills in the void between summer and winter holidays. We have a pasta party, or sometimes even two during September and October. The weather cools down and we can open up the house and invite friends over to make pasta from scratch. We start out with a light brunch and planning our pasta ingredients and break up into groups for each flavor. Each couple or individual brings a salad or meat to go with the finished pasta.
If you’ve never had homemade pasta, you need to give a try. The basic recipe is very simple, here is a quick list of ingredients for making one pound of homemade pasta:
·2&1/4 Cups of unbleached flour
·3 large eggs
·Pinch of salt
·Water, or Oil, or milk (3 to 4 tablespoons)
·A minced vegetable for flavor (optional)
We prefer to use oil since it keeps the dough from dying out and adds a good flavor but some people like water. We also use spinach, broccoli, zucchini, or other vegetable for flavor but plain is good too. This is where the party really starts since many people bring their own special vegetable to create whatever flavor they like. And we have had some real unusual ingredients since anything goes.
We use a food processor but you could also mix this by hand. Use the plastic dough blade if you have one but the metal chopping blade will work. You combine the dry ingredients in the bowl and pulse a few time to mix well. Beat the three eggs to combine the whites and yolks. Turn the food processor on and slowly pour the eggs in and continue to process until the dough becomes a ball and works away from the edge of the bowl.
This part only takes about 5 minutes. Now the kneading begins and continues until the dough becomes smooth and elastic. Be sure to powder the working surface with flour and work quickly if you used water rather than oil since it will dry out quicker. Depending on your ingredients and effort, this part can take about 10 to 15 minutes.
We roll the dough back into a ball and cover with plastic wrap to «rest» for about an hour at room temperature. At our parties we spend this time making our sauces for each of the different pasta flavors. Pesto is always a standard but many fresh vegetable flavors are popular, some cooked and some not.
We use hand crank pasta machines (they cost about $10-$13) since they are quick and easy. Always make sure you run some test dough through any new pasta machine to clean out any residue of manufacturing (every single one I’ve ever bought had grease, oil, or even metal filings). Either make or buy several pasta-drying racks since the pasta will need to hang dry for about 2-3 hours before cooking (some people don’t dry very long but we’ve found it to really enhance the flavor).
The first process with the pasta machine is to flatten portions of the dough into about 1/16 inch thick, 4 inch wide, and maybe 12-inch long lengths (the length is how thick and long the strand of pasta will be). Once you like the size and thickness you then run these slabs through the cutting section. You can have different shapes and sizes depending on your available blades. The standard fettuccine style is the most popular at our parties but you can also just cut shapes out of the dough slabs (like cookie cutters) for any shape you can make.
It’s hard to describe the antics that occur when first timers go through this homemade pasta routine. Throw in a couple of glass of wine and before you know it, wet pasta is hanging everywhere. It’s a good time and the reward at the end is well worth the work. We usually will find some group games to play while the pasta is drying. Sometimes there might be a football game on or some movie to watch.
When the pasta is dry, the boiling begins and within about 30-40 minutes there is a wide variety of pasta flavors and sauces to try for dinner. Out come the salads and meat dishes, and then everyone mixes and matches to their choice. Trust me when I say no one goes home hungry after one of these parties.
You could have these parties anytime of year, spring would be good too since many fresh vegetables would be available. We just started doing it in the fall and it’s kind of stuck. You can always find quite a few good recipes that come with your food processor or pasta machine to try. Or just experiment on your own. It’s fun and quite an economical way to throw a party any time of year.

Discover the experience of cake decorating

Discover The Experience Of Cake Decorating

Most of us have to hold back a breath when we first take a glance at that beautiful wedding cake on the table at the reception. It is always the centerpiece, and aside from the bride, the center of our attention. The details are so intricately done, and it seems as if each movement of the icing was made by an artist. It crosses our mind that we could never create something so lovely, but how wrong we are. All you need are the right tools, perhaps a book, some practice, and you would be surprised what you are able to create. Continue reading and discover the experience of cake decorating.
Preparing that beautiful wedding cake is not nearly as hard as you might first think, and starting with a book will put you on the right track. For all of those precious little flowers, do not be afraid, you can buy them if you cannot make them right away. There are patterns used to make them, and it will be easier than you think. The materials with which to make them are also available in several colors.
There are several different books available and each one can teach you how to do something different. If you know something already, purchase what you do not know, or buy them all and start from scratch. There are books on fondant, sugar paste and gum paste decorating, and books on decorating cakes for holidays, weddings and cakes in general.
Not only are the patterns available to make the lovely flowers, but they are also available for all of the decorative moldings that adorn the cakes. If you would like to do a simpler cake to begin with, you can start with a lace mat to decorate the top of a cake for a holiday or special occasion. These lace mats can be used with chocolate or royal icing and come with complete instructions on how to use them.
If you have any type of special gathering, there is a plastic plan cake mold to fit it. There are any number of pans to choose from including holidays, baseball, baby’s arrival, animals, congratulations, etc. These pans are made of a durable plastic and can be used in the oven and the microwave oven. Each pan is meant to hold one cake mix.
To make a permanent impression in your cakes, there are several different kinds of decorative rolling pins. These designs vary and can create patterns in your cake. For instance, they can make bubbles patterns, fabric texture and scroll pattern, etc. It seems there is no limit to how you can design a cake.
Decorating cakes can become an enjoyable experience for you, a way that you learn to relax. You can create a masterpiece each time you enter your kitchen. Think of all of the things that you can do for parties and holidays.

What everybody should know about preparing your kitchen for daylight savings time

What Everybody Should Know About Preparing Your Kitchen For Daylight Savings Time

If you have a love of cooking like I do, you’re excited about the days getting longer. Honestly, with the exception of cooking for the holidays, cooking in the winter seems more like a chore to me. However, cooking in the spring and summer is cooking for fun. In fact, I can’t wait to start grilling outside! But, before we all explore our love of cooking in the spring and summer, we need to address the art of cooking and prepare the kitchen.

Daylight savings time is the perfect opportunity to review all of the items in your kitchen, especially the herbs and spices. Of course, you have herbs and spices because you hope that they will give you flavor for all the wonderful fresh ingredients coming your way. However, as we will see, that isn’t necessarily the case.

So, let’s get started.

First, you should review all your spices. Go to your spice rack, chances are there are spices that have been in your cabinet for years! If you can’t recollect buying the spice within the last year, the potency of that spice has degenerated, so I would recommend that you throw it away. All of the spices that are left in your cabinet after this review, open them up and take a sniff. Does it still have some pungency or does it smell musty? Again, no point in putting stale spices on fresh ingredients! Get rid of it.

For the spices that are left in your cabinet after this review, place a sticker on each one with the letters: DST. When you return to standard time, you can review the spice and know for certain when it was inspected last.

Some of the spices that are left in your cabinet can be combined into new flavor combinations. And why not? It’s YOUR cabinet and your spices. Who said you can’t combine them? You do when you cook! Be daring and have fun. you never know, you may just come up with your own secret spice! Once you’re done, make a list of the spices that you need to purchase to refill your stock.

What else should you do?

  • Clean your oven
  • Remove the crumbs and brillo the racks
  • Review your plastic, Tupperware and utensils
  • Review serving wares for cracks and cleanliness
  • Have knives sharpened or sharpen them yourself
  • Clean pots and pans with brillo if needed
  • Clean cookie sheets for better reflection of materials
  • Clean out freezer of old items
  • Organize your pantry, throw away Christmas gifts

Beside turning your clock back, daylight savings time is a reminder of the art of cooking. Cooking should be fun, and if you are prepared for the season by turning your kitchen forward too, you will love and enjoy the fresh ingredients that the coming season will bring for your cooking pleasure!

Reeses peanut butter pie

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie

My mom was a southern woman and wow she could cook. She would make fresh bake cakes and pies all from scratch. Yup none of that box stuff she was from the old school. One of her favorites was cocoanut pie the hole family would fight over them, I remember when we would have family get together or we found out she was baking every one would try to be the first to get those pies. But one Pie mom never made it was a Reese’s peanut butter pie, I think those pies came latter and if she knew about them I know they would have been great. Most people have never heard of this pie when I mention it during a conversation about cooking for the holidays or a birthday. This pie is a real crowd pleaser and it can be done with reduced fat ingredients. This recipe is a great one, but if you know what Nutter Butter cookies are, you’ll want to try the crust with this recipe. I have also added a layer of dessert fudge to the bottom of the pie and it went over very well. Very yummy pie, but the way to make it totally irresistible is to make a Nutter Butter crust. Substitute splendor sweetener for the granulated sugar, substitute a low sugar graham cracker crust or make your own no sugar chocolate cookie crust like I did using store bought chocolate cookies crumbs with melted butter and pressed into a pie plate. The whipped topping from the store is already low sugar and then top with pieces of sugar free Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and drizzled with sugar-free chocolate sauce my family and friends never knew when I served it up that it was low sugar until I told them. Also you can chop up peanut butter cups and fold them into the pie mixture. I used Whey Low powdered sugar, low fat natural peanut butter, skim milk, and Neuch?tel cheese. I love peanut butter pie with graham cracker crust and fudge layer. This peanut butter pie has a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of fudge, and a cream cheese — peanut butter filling. Beat lightly for a few minutes, pour into bottom of pie crust. In a large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese with peanut butter, powdered sugar and milk. At you annual church dinner this will be the first to go, it’s that good. Once you sink your teeth into one of these pies you will keep coming back. This is such a good combination of a big cookies and peanut butter. Directions in a large bowl, mix cream cheese, peanut butter and powdered sugar until creamy. Fold in whipped topping Pour into prepared pie crusts. Garnish this pie with chocolate curls, chopped nuts or chocolate syrup and enjoy — it’s a creamy and flavorful dessert or snack. You can have the cookie wrapped around the peanut butter cup it’s perfect. There are many different toppings you can use, peanut butter, chocolate chunk,Macadamia Nut Cookies. Top it any way you like, but mini chocolate chips seem to go so well with the peanut butter. For more recipes and great gifts continue to shop at http://www.Teegoes.com