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The soy of cooking

The Soy of Cooking

(ARA) — Soy foods have grown in popularity as consumers learn more about associated health benefits — soy food sales are expected to reach $4 billion for 2003. Several studies have shown that soy products help lower cholesterol and reduce the severity of menopausal symptoms, as well as reducing the risk of certain types of cancer, such as breast and prostate. Soy products are also a great way for consumers to get high quality protein in their diets with less fat and cholesterol than animal protein.

For consumers who want to add the benefits of soy to their diet, the good news is that the wide variety of soy products available today makes it easy. Crum Creek Mills, a Springfield, Penn.-based soy foods company, specializes in making everyday food items healthier with the addition of soy. No more trying to figure out how to make tofu palatable to your family — they’ll be eating foods they already like, made healthier with the addition of soy.

“We focus on products everyone knows and loves,” says Rich Rothman, general manager. For example, the company’s soy protein pancake mix or soy protein muffin mix would be a great addition to any brunch menu. Choose from buttermilk or blueberry pancake mix and from three muffin varieties: Bold Banana Walnut, Bountiful Blueberry and Brilliant Bran.

Another easy way to add the benefits of soy to your meals is to opt for soy protein pasta as a base for your favorite sauce. Fast, filling, nutritious and delicious, these pastas provide between 70 and 90 percent more protein and up to 20 percent fewer carbohydrates than regular pastas. Every 2-ounce serving packs 13 grams of protein and only 36 grams of carbohydrates. This better balance of protein to carbohydrates provides the body with consistent energy over time. Crum Creek has pasta for every need — Passionate Penne, Savory Spaghetti, Fabulous Fettuccine, Heavenly Angel Hair and an all-time favorite made healthier, Marvelous Mac and Cheese.

If you or someone you know is looking for a fun way to sample a variety of soy foods, the Soy to the World gift pack is just the thing. It includes three boxes of soy protein pasta in assorted shapes; one box of soy protein macaroni & cheese (the kids will love it); two packs of Soy Bites Breadstick Snacks in assorted flavors; one bag of soy protein muffin mix; one bag of soy protein pancake mix; one bag of soy nuts; and one bag of soy nut mix. All this soy goodness comes attractively packed and can be shipped directly to friends, family, business associates, neighbors — anyone who enjoys good eating and good health.

Very useful cooking tips

Very useful cooking tips

Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap after handling raw meat or eggs.

Cook by the appearance of the meal over what the cooking time is. Look for it to be «golden brown» before «done in 30 minutes». This is known as «common sense» cooking.

Cook healthier foods by using a little less salt, a little less sugar, and a little less butter. Bake instead of fry when possible and use whole grains and fat-free milks.

Leftovers — Hot foods should be refrigerated within 2 hours after cooking. Be careful with leftovers. Remember; when in doubt, throw it out! Do not «taste test» something that you think might be bad. Even just a small taste can make you ill if the food is bad.

Be extremely careful not to drag your sleeves over the burner. Wear tight fitting clothes while cooking. Also, put your hair up so that it doesn’t catch fire while leaning over the stove.

Are you planning an outdoor camping trip? Plan your meals at home before you go. This way you’ll have everything you need ahead of time for cooking and there won’t be any surprises.

Make sure your knives are sharp. A dull knife not only does not cut well but it can be dangerous to work with. Keep in mind however that although a sharp knife is preferrable, you must handle it with extreme caution.

Cooking outdoors: For outdoor barbequing, add hickory or mesquite wood chips to the coals. It will add much more flavor to the meat.

Safety Tips: Keep the handles of your pots facing inward so they aren’t grabbed by children. Teach your children to stay far away from the stove while you’re cooking.

Try sea salt instead of regular table salt. It tends to have more flavor.

Be aware of what type of stove top you are using. Gas stoves heat instantly, but electric stoves take time to warm up. When using an electric stove allow about a minute for the range to heat up before cooking. When using gas, be aware that things will cook faster. Also, for safety purposes remember that electric stove tops will remain hot for a while after you turn them off, so don’t touch them or place anything that can melt on them until they are cool.

Be careful not to ruin your non-stick cookware. Do not use metal utensils or anything sharp on non-stick cookware. Be careful not to use overly abrasive cleaning tools as well. The non-stick coating on is fragile and can easily be scratched off by harsh treatment. Once a scratch occurs the non-stick coating will quickly chip away and you’ll end up with specks of it in everything you cook. And worst of all your food will stick to the bottom of the cookware because the coating is gone.

As a general rule do not leave plastic containers, aerosol cans, or anything that is not oven proof on top of the stove. When the oven is turned on the stove top can become hot as well and cause plastic items to warp or even melt and aerosol cans to expand and explode.

Potato peelers aren’t just for potatoes. You can use them to peel just about any fruit or vegetable. Try using them on apples, carrots, cucumbers and even zucchinis.

They way you store your raw potatoes can effect how they taste. Never store potatoes in the refrigerator, they will become sweet and their texture will change. Never store potatoes in a hot place or a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. These conditions cause the potatoes to rot faster and develop a green film under their skin which is toxic if consumed too often. Store potatoes in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, such as a bin or a cupboard.  [url=http://www.planyourdinner.com]special recipes[/url].

Easy recipes for people on the move

Easy Recipes for People on the Move

Are you one of those busy people who never has time for a good, home-cooked meal? Do you tend to grab a burger or taco instead of a real meal because the fast food joint is «on the way»? If you’re one of the millions of people who never seem to have time to cook, a repertoire of quick and easy recipes and a single great appliance can make a huge difference in your life.

The GT Xpress 101 is an indoor grill that bills itself as a sandwich maker, dessert maker and meal maker. The ads for the countertop grill say that it will revolutionize the way that you cook. For the busy, on-the-move individual, that claim is not far from the truth. Here are just a handful of recipes for busy people who skip breakfast, eat fast food for lunch and pull a microwave meal out of the freezer for dinner. Just wait till you see what you can do in just eight minutes.

Breakfast — the most important meal of the day

Too many busy people skip breakfast in the rush to get out the door to work in the morning. The GT Xpress can make it easy for you to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast to fuel your workday the right way. Because there’s no need to stand over a skillet to flip pancakes or stir eggs, you can preheat the grill, add ingredients, and hop in the shower. By the time you get out, breakfast will be ready to eat — and you’ll still be out the door on time.

Parmesan Bagel Bake

Much tastier than the usual fast-food breakfast bagel — and a whole lot less expensive

  • 1 mini onion bagel
  • 1 egg
  • salt to taste
  • pepper to taste
  • ? tablespoons tarragon
  • 1 teaspoons grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tablespoons shredded Provolone cheese

Preheat the GT Xpress. Place one half of the onion bagel in one well in the GT Xpress. Scramble egg and beat in salt, pepper, tarragon and Parmesan cheese, then pour over bagel. Top with Provolone cheese and cover with other half of the bagel. Close top and cook for 10 minutes. Take the opportunity to put on your makeup or run a brush through your hair — it’s easy to multi-task.

Breakfast Burrito

1 egg, beaten

2 pre-cooked breakfast sausages, sliced or broken into pieces

1 slice American cheese

? cup diced peppers

? cup diced onions

1 flour tortilla

Cooking spray

Spray top and bottom cooking surface with non-stick spray. Fit tortilla into one well in the GT Xpress allowing half the tortilla to lap over the side. Add onions, peppers and sausage. Pour egg over vegetables and sausage. Top with cheese slice. Fold tortilla over. Close cover and cook for 8 minutes.

Take-along Lunches

Instead of running through a drive-through for lunch, take a few minutes to make a quick sandwich in the GT Xpress to pack and take along. Or get a little fancy and bring something to heat in the office microwave. Try one of these recipes for something special at lunch.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Wrap

? boneless chicken breast

1 slice Swiss cheese

1 slice baked ham

1 tortilla wrap

Cut a slice into the side of the chicken breast to create a pocket. Fold swiss cheese and slice of ham into the pocket. Press the chicken breast together and fit into one well in the GT Xpress. Close top and cook for twenty minutes. When done, wrap burrito style in tortilla wrap and pack for lunch in insulated lunch bag.

Bacon and Swiss Stuffed Baby Bella Mushroom Caps

2 slices cooked bacon

? ounce of shredded Swiss cheese

1 finely chopped scallion

1/8 tsp ground pepper

1 tablespoon Ranch dressing

6 Baby Bella mushroom caps

Combine everything but the mushroom caps and mix well. Place 3 mushroom caps in each well. Top with bacon mixture. Close cover and cook for five minutes. Open and allow to cool before wrapping for lunch. Add a six ounce cup of yogurt and a bottled water or juice for a gourmet lunch at the office.

Gourmet Dinner on the Fly

How often do you skip dinner or order a pizza because it takes too much time to cook something fancy? The GT Xpress makes it easy to cook delicious, fresh dinners for one, two or a crowd — without heating up your kitchen or dirtying pots and pans. Next time you’re in the mood for something healthy, fresh and delicious, try one of these recipes.

Seafood Stuffed Salmon

2 salmon fillets

2/3 cup shredded crabmeat or chopped shrimp

? cup shredded spinach

salt and pepper to taste

Slice partway through each salmon fillet to create a pocket for stuffing. Mix crabmeat and spinach together. Season with salt and pepper. Fill each salmon pocket with stuffing mixture. Brush the well and top surface of grill with olive oil and fit one salmon fillet into each one. Cook 6 to 8 minutes.

Choosing healthy cooking oils tips to identify the best oils

Choosing Healthy Cooking Oils — Tips To Identify The Best Oils

As it is rightly said, health is wealth. Maintaining the right health calls for several precautions & decisions, the most important among them being food. Healthy eating habits are a must to keep fit and have the apt body weight. As the statistics reveal, obesity is the most common ailment across the globe these days.
Oil — the name itself sounds terror for those who want to cut down their weight. But does that mean that you stop taking cooking oils in your diet? No!
There are many healthy cooking oils available in the market. These are quite good and beneficial for the individual due to varied reasons:
1. They improve your skin quality.
2. They allow healthy growth of your nails and hair.
3. The body needs oils in order to replenish the internal functions.

Consuming oil on a weekly or daily basis can work wonders. You would be able to see the positive changes in your hair texture and nails very soon.
With n number of researches and studies being announced almost every week, how do you decide which cooking oil is healthy enough for you? Sounds like a mystery to solve, right? Well, oils after all are inherent fats.
For instance, a study says peanut oil, olive oil and canola oil contain good fats. Here, understands that fats are classified in to two broad categories — good and bad. The benefits of fats come form good fats. Now, studies say that good fast of these cooking oils supply our body & the palate a pleasing blend of taste & nutrition. However, another lot of dieticians argue these qualities of these oils.
Hence, it becomes more of an individual’s choice & decision. You yourself must be sure of the results of the food you are having. Blindly trusting each and every study or reports you come across won’t help, any which ways. Do your research well and test the results. Then choose what is best for you.
Rule of thumb explains that anything in excess needs to be watched carefully. Better avoid the excess and moderate it aptly. In short overdoing is never good. Even consuming apples that are so good for the health is major amount would be harmful.
It is important to understand your body type. The same food gives different experiences to different people. Set your diet plan and see how it works for you. Adding healthy cooking oils in your life can be fun if handled with care.
At the end, use your common sense & research in order to keep fir and healthy for ever.

Facts about olive oil

10 Facts About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fabulous ingredient with many uses, from medicinal purposes such as preventing heart disease and cancer to beauty benefits such as providing anti-aging properties, amongst the most popular form which is using in cooking and baking.

1. History

The olive tree is a crop native to Asia Minor that spread to Iran, Syria, Palestine and the rest of the Mediterranean basin around 6,000 years ago. It is among the oldest cultivated trees in the world and began growing long before the written language existed.

2. Family

The olive family, also known as the Oleaceae family, comprises of 600 species and which are situated on all continents.

3. The Olive Tree

There are many variations of olive trees which have many similarities and equally a lot of differences. Growing characteristic and appearance vary, as well as the size, taste and quality olives that they produce.

4. Harvesting

One of the most debated questions among growers is when to harvest. Harvesting can be done in many different ways, from hand-picking to completely mechanized harvesting.

5. Maturity Stages

Immature olives are green and quit firm – they produce oil that is bitter and grassy. These oils are high in anti-oxidants. When the olive fruit matures, it turns yellowish and starts to soften and then the skin turns re-purple in colour (veraison). The olives are often considers to be at their peal for olive oil production. A the fruit completely matures, the skin turns from purple to black – oils produced from these olives usually have a shorter life span and are often described as sweet oils.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade olive oil. It is made without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. High quality oil is ideal as a condiment — whether it’s drizzled over meat, fish vegetables and as a dipping sauce for bread.

7. Flavours

Flavours of olive oil depend on range of factors including the type of olive, ripeness at harvest, growing conditions, crop maintenance and the handling of the olives. When tasting olive oil, much of the oils characteristics are perceived through the sense of smell. A trained taster can identify negative elements within the oil which can be a result of improper handling, poor storage, and wet and weather conditions.

8. Beauty Benefits

The polyphenols found in olive oil have also been found to slow the process of aging and help prevent degenerative diseases. When used on the hair or scalp, olive oil can be used as a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller.

9. Health Benefits

Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, while raising HDL (good) levels. No other naturally produced oil has a large amount of monounsaturated as olive oil. Olive oil has also the ability to reduce the effect of an oncogene- a gene that will turn a host cell into a cancer cell.

10. Storage

Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place and not in the refrigerator as it will become cloudy and will eventually solidify.  If it’s properly stored it can keep for at least two years, however, it has it is most flavourful in the first two months

Learn how to cook the perfect pasta recipes made simple

Learn How To Cook The Perfect Pasta Recipes Made Simple

It is desirable to delay until the main meal is prepared and near able to serve before cooking pasta. A common mistake when cooking pasta is that people leave it sitting around whilst they then think about making the remainder of the dish. The biggest problem with this, is the pasta will likely be rubbery, sticky and cold. Which makes it most unappealing. Use an appropriately sized pot that’s high and wide enough, and ensure to only fill up the pot not more than three quarters full with water.

Too much water will cause the pot to overflow across your cooktop, and it’ll result in pasta that isnt properly cooked and normally, stuck on the base of the pot. Adding salt into the water also needs to be done prior to adding the pasta to make sure it’s mixed totally.
Observe The Golden Rule of Cooking Pasta
Be sure you follow the «ten, hundred, thousand» principle. This guideline is ideal when cooking pasta. 10g salt for 100g Pasta for one litre of water.

Always bear in mind so as to add the salt prior in the pasta. By adding salt to boiling water, it improves the texture of the pasta. By forgetting to include the salt before the pasta, you might cause the pasta to require additional cooking time. And don’t fret if you ever add too much salt, because a common technique is to include a potato into the cooking water. The potato acts like a sponge and soaks up much of the excess salt. And do not despair that the potato doesnt soak up all of the salt,because you can always rinse the pasta under hot water after it is cooked.
If you’re thinking that you haven’t put enough salt into the water, then dont stress because you can always add additional flavour that reinforces the pasta by utilizing sauces. After the salt is dissolved within your water, you can actually continue to turn up the warmth in the ideal boiling point. If you are cooking long pasta something like spaghetti or fettuccine, using a long fork will give great results. If however, you are cooking shorter pasta, then you are better to utilize a wooden spoon. Try to resist the urge to break the pasta in pieces when adding it to the pot. It’s a lot better to permit the pasta to soften before stirring it.
If using a lid during cooking, allow some steam to escape, stirring the pasta every three minutes or so. There are various kinds of pots that have special nonstick coating and will allow your pasta to be al dente. Still, a person should stir the pasta on a regular basis to best achieve even cooking.

Cooking times rely upon everybody’s taste. Some pasta requires less cooking time, for example Angel hair spaghetti, whilst other pasta takes much longer. To create perfect pasta, you should definitely check the cooking time that’s written over the pasta’s packaging. Failing that, you’re able to always taste test the pasta throughout the cooking process. The ideal cooking point for pasta is when it is spongy on the outside and hard within the inside. This variety of cooking is commonly called «al dente» by Master chefs.
When it’s time to drain the pasta, leave two tablespoons of cooking water while in the pot along with the pasta. This may allow you some breathing room to dilute sauces if need be. If you’re planning on adding sauces to your pasta, then coat them lightly only after sufficiently warming the sauce. The pasta may also be reheated in the pot along with the sauce in order to achieve perfect serving temperature. Many people don’t realise the pasta will continue to cook long after it is drained, so serving quickly is best advised.
When it pertains to pasta salad recipes, after rinsing and draining the pasta thoroughly, give it a slight coat of olive oil.. Then leave it to cool whilst stirring occasionally. Once the past has cooled, then you definately can add additional sauces and serve.
By using these suggestions when cooking pasta, it is possible to create perfect al dente pasta dishes your family and friends will love.