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Some successful tips for cooking with kids

Some Successful Tips For Cooking With Kids

Children are often enthralled with the idea of cooking, often at an early age. All of the toy kitchen utensils and foods that they love to play with serve to fuel this interest because of their uninhibited imaginations.
There are lots of mini toy kitchens to be found, along with cute little plastic imitations of everything you’d find in a normal kitchen. You’ll see just about anything, from frying pans to kettles, and condiments to hamburgers. Pretending to cook is a great learning experience for little ones who enjoy the culinary arts in their mini kitchens. For more help go to www.cajuns-recipes.com .Nothing makes cooking more fun and fascinating than an Easy Bake oven. Girls (and boys) for several generations have been able to create all sorts of yummy treats in the comfort of their own rooms.
Giving mom or dad a hand with dinner isn’t usually a chore for kids. Actually, cooking with the additional helpers can be very rewarding for the parent. There are lots of ways to let them help out, and if you’ve been baking, you can reward them by letting them lick the mixing bowl when you’re done.
Lots of kids like to play around in the kitchen occasionally. Yet there are some who seem to have a natural affinity for cooking at a young age, well beyond the ability to sprinkle colored sugar on top of iced cookies.
You can make cooking simple and fun for these future chefs. Frequently, they want to create an entire meal, not only the dessert. They might find that taking up cooking is even more enjoyable than playing computer games or watching TV.
Why not have your child decide what’s for dinner that night, and help him along in the preparation. There are a lot of cookbooks and instructional videos available today that are targeted to kids, and they’re loaded with simple, fun recipes. Don’t be surprised if you find that many of these yummy recipes are actually quite good for you. For more help go to www.apples-recipes.com .It’s essential that you are very aware of what your kids are up to in the kitchen. A stable stepping stool is a better option than the kitchen chair if your little one wants to see what’s happening on the countertop. An adult needs to be in charge when dishes and pans are placed in the oven and when they’re removed, and also when anything’s being cooked on the stovetop.
Be sure your kids learn that there is always the possibility of harmful accidents in the kitchen. They not only need to know safety procedures, they must be taught what to do when an accident causes injury. Always err on the side of caution when it comes to your kids’ safety in the kitchen.

Captains need experience

Captains Need Experience

My live in girlfriend and I eat fish for dinner at least three times a week. Our favorite fish is Flounder because it does not take long to prepare and it tastes great. We buy our fish at the local market and trust the dates on the package to know if the fish is fresh. One day after shopping I opened up my package of Flounder and it smelled awful. There was something wrong so I returned to the market and asked for a refund. The manager offered me a replacement and explained that occasionaly a spoiled batch gets thrown in with the fresh fish and it is impossible for him to control. He said the only way to be sure that the fish was fresh is to catch it yourself. I thanked him for the advice but refused the exchange and had my money returned.

After both deciding that it was wise to catch our own fish,the next weekend we both were at the boat dock at six in the morning. There we saw two fishing boats that were going to spend the day searching for Flounder.One of the boats was brand new and had a sign up saying that this was going to be its maiden voyage. We marveled at its beauty and start going abroad. On the boarding plank stood the captain. He was dressed in whites and wore the most impressive cap. It had a gold eagle broadly displayed on the brim. He introduced himself and spoke about his ivy leauge education and his top grades but he admitted that he was never out to sea. My girlfriend was so impressed with him that she was ready to sign on. but I said before we do that lets check the older fishing boat and find out why it seems to be getting more fishermen going on board. We then spoke to the other captain who was an old man with over fifty years of fishing experience. He said that his boat may be old but it was sea worthy. I spoke to some of the fisherman on board and they told me that they never returned from a fishing trip with less than twenty five fish. I was sold and ready for a fishing trip on the old boat. But my girlfriend insisted on going on the maiden voyage with the handsome new captain. We compromised and decided she would have her choice, but I would stay with the experienced captain and we would meet on the dock at six on the return of the boats.

At six oclock I was waiting on the dock for the return of the fishing boat with my girlfriend on board. My fishing bag was packed with ice and there was over fifty large Flounder in it. At nine there was no sign of the boat she was on. I asked some of the workers on the dock what had happened to the boat that was on its maiden voyage. They replied that it had run aground and was being towed in. At midnight I saw a broken down boat coming into port towed by a coast guard cutter. My girlfriend was on the deck and weeping. I welcomed her as she came down the plank. We then went home and had a great Flounder dinner. She promised that she would never go on a boat again with a captain without sea experience. Even if the captain was handsome.


Making kebabs at home

Making Kebabs At Home

Among the many varieties of kebabs, sheesh kebab and doner kebab are very popular. Kebabs can also be made at home which is also a great idea for a party! Kebabs are extremely filling so you don’t have to worry about the main course. Just a wide selection of kebabs and desert is all you need. Kebabs can be made out of chicken, meat, fish, lamb, beef and pork. The vegetarians don’t have to fret; you can also cook vegetables, mushrooms and cottage cheese in the same way. It tastes just as delicious and scrumptious. Making kebabs is a lot like barbequing so you can make all the preparation and ask your husband to take over while you relax with the girls. Kebabs are extremely simple to make and don’t take up much of your time. Here are a few things to keep in mind while making kebabs.

• Choose the right kind of meat from the vendor. If you’re opting for frozen meat, defrost it and make sure the meat can absorb the marinade. Wash all the meat, fish and vegetables well before adding it to the marinade.

• The marinade is another important aspect of making kebabs. The recipe is fairly basic and you can be your own master chef and create your own special marinade. You can try some curd and spices for chicken and vinegar or lime juice for meat. You also have readymade kebab mixes in the market that will help you a great deal.

• While choosing the meat, try and opt for the boneless pieces of meat from the ribs. The meat from the loin area is also very tender and juicy, apt for making kebabs. Make sure you trim off all the excess fat around the meat so the meat cooks faster.

• You then have to cut the meat into cubes. Make sure the cubes aren’t too big or too small. They should approximately be an inch or an inch and a half. You have to make sure the pieces aren’t too thick and chunky. The meat may not cook well from the inside and be difficult to eat. If the pieces are too thin they may just slip of the skewer so be careful. Place the pieces in the marinade for at least 24 hours so the meat can become tender.

• The next step is treading the marinated pieces onto the skewers. You have the option of bamboo and metal skewers. Bamboo skewers are a more economical option where as metal skewers last longer and cook the meat faster as the meat clings onto metal skewers faster.

• If you are cooking vegetables then parboil them before placing them on the skewers. Be creative with the combination of vegetables and meat. You never what you may come up with.

• While grilling the kebabs make sure the heat is enough, and spray some oil or butter so that the meat doesn’t stick to the skewer or each other, making it easy to remove from the skewer. Serve the kebabs with pita bread or yoghurt.

If you are a kebab fan and want to make the process easier you can invest in an electric or gas kebab machine. They are extremely easy to operate and clean. To find more about kebab machines you can visit http://www.pantechnic.com.au


Cooking games can be fun and educational

Cooking Games Can Be Fun and Educational

Cooking games can be fun and educational all at the same time. Cooking games can take you into the kitchen in a virtual way. This can be a great way to introduce your children to cooking prior to taking them into the kitchen to participate in the real thing.  We all know that children enjoy doing things that are fun. Cooking games are a way to get a little education out of all that fun.
There are a lot of different cooking games they can play too. Children can learn how to make their own pizza pie.  They can learn how to bake a cake.  They can learn how to grill meats.  There are no limits to the items that can make in cooking games on the computer.
What a way to get boys and girls excited about doing the real thing inside of a kitchen!  And both boys and girls can benefit from learning how to cook in real life.  So it is a good idea to use this as a teaching tool for both when thinking of utilising cooking games as an educational tool.
Imagine how much easier it will be for a parent to bring a child into the kitchen to help make a birthday cake for a sibling, for example.  They will see this as nothing more than an extension of the cooking games they are used to playing online.  And it will help the experience seem less like a chore and more like and exciting activity.  It also leads to more bonding time between parents and children, which is always a good thing.
So the next time you see your child playing cooking games, encourage them to continue.  And when the opportunity arises, call them into the kitchen and provide some live experience for them to test the skills they have learned while playing those cooking games.

Excalibur tray food dehydrator worth every penny

Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator — Worth Every Penny

Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator

I have almost all dehydrators on the market, and even some versions at home. Believe me when I say that this is the best dryer you can get money. The type of drainage around the tower are cheap for good reason: it does not apply. «The drawers are fragile and break facilidades.» The holes in the shells are used to big for the use of herbs or dry food, you have the stakes Malla. «About 1 / 2» space between the plates, you can dry bulky items — such as flowers or breakfast cereals.

«If it is to make the skin of the fruit of the only thing that is still less efficient than the round shape is the hole in the middle.

Yes, I know that the fruit leather trays, but have you ever tried to roll the fruit skin of the subject and peeled keep? A cheesecake and start a sticky, if you time.’ve saved, with the engine on the bottom of the food or fruit juices that fall through the cracks reduces the life of the machine.

«The drying of this type of tower is not uniform — the floor pan to dry faster than the drawers above the center faster Bordes dry. Some models have only recently begun to add the controls in the temperature. However, it is little good because more Superior heat to low. The engine is too loud — I had a model that was launched on the portal, because it was so strong. Both models use dead Tours purchased half a year. The next one is best dehydrator on the market L Eqip. And «much quieter and comes with a guarantee for good health and 10yrs temperature control. But it is a hybrid model with many failures and some of the benefits that a form of squares Excalibur. He always has a hole in the middle. However, it dries unevenly.

It has more shelves, but the flowers are not dry yet. He still has a motor on the ground. I have a girlfriend, the fruits of L’Equipe dried. And «a leak in the engine died and use the first summer. Now granted, held the men their machines, «The team» and replaced by regular, but how often do you want this summer backed dehydration, until it is replaced next? The Excalibur is ideal for those serious dehydration. Features I like: «A source of heat and the fan on the back, forcing air to circulate evenly throughout the room. In addition to foods is not a reason secado irregular spots.» I love timer. Yo, I think I can come and go. It turns off automatically when it to me.

Excalibur 9 Tray Food Dehydrator, This means that «the whole day during the drying of the amount of their harvest in the summer. Feeding when you go to bed, wake up dry food and put another group of thumb temperature control lets you choose the herbs and flowers for over a low flame temperature increase fruit and meat-seca. Love square board. The line of fruit leather trays with plastic wrap and spread the mashed fruit. Once dry, I cut the skin into 2 «wide strips, roll and secure with the tail of the film. The plastic shells with ease, when it’s time Big Corner. Chainrings — a lot, can pack that food. It is particularly important in summer when It is the harvest continuous flow of nutrients they need drying. (This is also the only thing that is negative in my column — ferries are not covered in my apartment kitchen sink This will make it a little difficult to wash.

I can this problem by washing sink outside in my garden — the old baths to solve on one leg. I like it because the big stages and should not complain really.) «net feed into each compartment. I dry herbs finely diced onion and chopped fruit, without falling below the trays. dry cross-contamination of foods containing more than one thing can at a time. removable trays. If you bulky items — flowers, herbs, grains, etc. — I can only delete all the other courts, and another 1 / 2 «or more space. «It is a large box of baking test. It is also good for the growth of yogurt, especially if you put in large containers such as. For both the yeast and yoghurt, you will be covered securely, so that the flow of dry air. -10 year warranty.

I was almost 15 years and still good. saved each year, the money on the lawn only what it cost originally paid. This means that this team has recouped more than 15 times. If you are at all severe dehydration You do not waste your money, as I got the best from the beginning .. -. This is the Excalibur

Julia child betty and me

Julia Child, Betty and Me

Have you watched the movie Julie & Julia yet?  I honestly didn’t know if I would enjoy it because I am kind of domestically challenged.  Instead of inducing visions of sugarplums, my culinary arts created more of a Nightmare on Emerson Street. Hand me a word processor and I tear it up, but put me in front of a pot of boiling water and I break into a cold sweat.  It’s a case of PTSD, I’m sure of it.  

Oh don’t get me wrong, I owned Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  A gift from a loving friend to assist me in my homemaking challenges.  It had a revered place on my bookshelf.  I was mortally afraid of opening the darn thing.  My husband was fond of teasing me about the aftermath of my holiday baking spree, likening me to Lucille Ball more often than Julia Child.  The fact of the matter is he was more likely to be mistaken for the master of the kitchen than I was.  That was until I received an assignment to edit a cookbook.

“What?  Me?  You have got to be kidding!” I said.  “To me, a’ blanc sounds like a great name for a character in a French mystery novel.” 

I don’t enjoy writing about subjects that I don’t understand or know very little about, hence my hesitation in taking this job.  I knew I could get all the words to line up in a nice pattern and make sense, but I wasn’t “feeling” it.  I’m proud to say that I donned my big girl panties and took the assignment with the resolution I would make the recipes as I worked on the book, therefore “becoming the book” as I edited it.  

Oh my God!  Talk about a living nightmare.  The kitchen exploded in a “flour covered delirium”.  No one came near me for fear I would fling a stick of butter at them.  I found myself calling the author, Betty Lynch, on a daily basis, not to discuss the edits, but to receive instructions on how to clean petrified egg white off the ceiling. I feared she would belittle me or laugh at my mistakes, but I found that she was a warm and delightful human who never made me feel like a complete moron, although I heard her catch her breath a time or two (I mean, who could blame her).  We had such fun during those conversations that we decided to include them in the cookbook itself. 

I am sure there are thousands of women around the world who learned to cook watching and reading Julia Child.  As for me, I learned to cook from Betty Lynch, author of My Country Kitchen.  You can get to know Betty at her website www.mycountrykitchen.com

Cookingmany types of games are available on the internet

Cooking:-many Types of Games are Available on the Internet

These games are becoming a popular source of enjoyment and learning for kids. Many types of such games are available on the internet. Many are free of cost. There was a time when people couldn’t think beyond the conventional games or toys which were really expensive and did not lasted for a long time. The online games are easy to play and free of charge. Kids can find a variety of these on the net by themselves without any guidance. Most of the children like cooking and they may spoil something or endanger themselves unless there is someone who teaches them correctly. For more details  www.thanks-giving-recipes.com These games do this job of helping kids learn what they want. There are games which show how to prepare the breakfast in a particular sequence so that the kids understand and can remember. Kids can learn how to make a cheese sandwich in an easy process that shows preparing slices of bread and then crating the cheese and sprinkling black pepper and salt to it. The kids can also help their parents in cooking meals if not preparing the meal.
All this can be done while playing. If you wish to teach your kids something why not do it by the means of games since games are the best options to pour something into their growing minds. Some parents are worried that their children don’t eat some foods for example milk. They could easily make their kids drink or eat food items by the help of these games. The role of nutrients in the meal is very important and kids could be explained this by the means of games. These are so informative and suggestive that children can easily play, understand and then perform the same themselves. One can start cooking in the kitchen and the game on the computer simultaneously in order to give the child a practical idea of the game. Generally the girls are more interested in cooking and hence these are more popular among the girls. For more details www.camping-outdoors-recipes.com  It is a fun filled activity that involves learning and repetition. The young minds are innovative and they should be trained to get some creative outputs from them. Several questions arise in the mind that how to find these games, or where to find them? These are easily accessible and free of charge. There is a list of recipes to search for. One should find a recipe that is suitable according to the child’s age and get started.
Many people share their views and ideas about cooking including recipes for the convenience of others. Another doubt that keeps us confused is the language barrier. In reply to this, I suggest that these games are often in Asian languages but they are so informative due to the graphics involved that language doesn’t remain a barrier in the end. These games are easily downloaded and installed and hence it saves time. You can’t judge the fun involved in mountain climbing unless you climb the mountain yourself. So start playing and cooking.