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Easy healthy recipes left on my doorstep

Easy Healthy Recipes Left on My Doorstep!

Want to make some easy healthy recipes and ensure that your kitchen is only producing healthy cooking? Then you are going to love the idea that I’m going to share with you today. I just received my first Produce Box! The Produce Box is filled with healthy, fresh ingredients that practically guarantees that I will be cooking light recipes all week.
Why The Produce Box?
Growing your own fresh vegetables can be fun and rewarding. I think it’s a big pain in the neck. The second best thing is going to your local farmers market to buy the most wholesome fruits and vegetables that are grown in your community by your local farmer. However, I’ve discovered the next best thing to THAT! It’s a produce box that is delivered to my front door each week.
The Produce Box is an excellent example of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) that is now becoming very popular, and may now be available in your area.
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
CSA is a way for the farmer to cooperate directly with his customers, as we all agree to purchase whatever is freshest and best from his farm this week. Each week’s box will contain different items based on the local conditions, not the national conditions and price futures, you work directly with the farm and farmer.
Healthy Cooking
Besides having the best ingredients with the most nutritional quality and flavor, I love the Produce Box because of the serendipity of opening the box. I don’t know what surprises I’ll find, but I’m always up to the challenge of being ready to cook whatever is in the box. The Produce Box makes it easy for me to cook light and healthy. I bet it will help you too!

Growing culinary herbs is so easy that anybody can do it

Growing Culinary Herbs is so Easy That Anybody Can Do It!

A great way to have a continuous supply of herbs for cooking is by growing culinary herbs in your own garden. There are many great herbs have been used for thousands of years to add flavor to a variety of dishes. Herbs can have a tang to them, or they can be spicy or even salty, or they can be simply delicious. For any recipe out there, there is the perfect herb.
Parsley is an herb best applied to a fish dinner but this popular herb can be bestowed upon a variety of meals with appetizing results. For more details go to: www.cooking-chinese-style.com do not downgrade your parsley to a simple decorative role with your meal; enjoy it in your chosen recipe for the day.
One popular herb is thyme, the leaves of a small woody-stemmed plant. Thyme works well in meat sauces, delicate soups, or hearty everyday dishes such as tuna casserole. Whether grilled meats or gourmet cheeses, nearly every imaginable food can benefit from a little added thyme.
One beautifully pungent herb used as a common addition to Italian dishes — Basil — is used for good reason. It adds what many chefs like to call the ‘right’ touch. This is an herb of many uses, whether used for varieties of recipes from colorful pastas to cheesy pizzas, and is recommended greatly when preparing one’s tomato sauce for sophisticated, delicious pasta dishes.
Use aniseed for a spicy kick. Aniseed is related to Tarragon. The narrow leaves of the herb leave a delightfully spicy flavor to fish and mayo. Anise oil has a licorice-like flavor that compliments many dishes and is used to make artificial licorice.
Growing culinary herbs is so easy that anybody can do it. They are actually one of the easiest plants to grow and need only sunshine, water and soil.
For can visit to: www.delicious-candy-recipes.com they are very resistant to disease and can endure adverse conditions well.
Another popular favorite is coriander seeds, which are derived from the cilantro plant. Porks and curries taste fantastic with a little zing from the citrus coriander seed. Their mild and sweet zest creates delicious chutney, as well. Another herb with a bit of kick is dill. It lends itself perfectly to dressing up a plain old salad or for use in pickling. Added to chutney in combination with olive oil, it can’t be beat.
The most popular herbs for cooking come from the mint family. These include sage, rosemary, peppermint, and others. These herbs offer a unique flavor to meats, potatoes, soups and jellies.
Less commonly used, but highly recommended for those seeking a little culinary adventure, is saffron. Reminiscent of a mildly sweet and pungent honey, it can add flavor to a dish you cannot get from other herbs. It is used to make the traditional Turkish rice pudding, yet can also add amazing flavor to fish or poultry.
Growing culinary herbs can benefit you in a number of ways. They can be an excellent addition to your cooking plus growing them can be a fun hobby in and of it. Adding them to your cooking can transform an everyday meal into a culinary delight.

Very useful cooking tips

Very useful cooking tips

Wash your hands thoroughly with hot water and soap after handling raw meat or eggs.

Cook by the appearance of the meal over what the cooking time is. Look for it to be «golden brown» before «done in 30 minutes». This is known as «common sense» cooking.

Cook healthier foods by using a little less salt, a little less sugar, and a little less butter. Bake instead of fry when possible and use whole grains and fat-free milks.

Leftovers — Hot foods should be refrigerated within 2 hours after cooking. Be careful with leftovers. Remember; when in doubt, throw it out! Do not «taste test» something that you think might be bad. Even just a small taste can make you ill if the food is bad.

Be extremely careful not to drag your sleeves over the burner. Wear tight fitting clothes while cooking. Also, put your hair up so that it doesn’t catch fire while leaning over the stove.

Are you planning an outdoor camping trip? Plan your meals at home before you go. This way you’ll have everything you need ahead of time for cooking and there won’t be any surprises.

Make sure your knives are sharp. A dull knife not only does not cut well but it can be dangerous to work with. Keep in mind however that although a sharp knife is preferrable, you must handle it with extreme caution.

Cooking outdoors: For outdoor barbequing, add hickory or mesquite wood chips to the coals. It will add much more flavor to the meat.

Safety Tips: Keep the handles of your pots facing inward so they aren’t grabbed by children. Teach your children to stay far away from the stove while you’re cooking.

Try sea salt instead of regular table salt. It tends to have more flavor.

Be aware of what type of stove top you are using. Gas stoves heat instantly, but electric stoves take time to warm up. When using an electric stove allow about a minute for the range to heat up before cooking. When using gas, be aware that things will cook faster. Also, for safety purposes remember that electric stove tops will remain hot for a while after you turn them off, so don’t touch them or place anything that can melt on them until they are cool.

Be careful not to ruin your non-stick cookware. Do not use metal utensils or anything sharp on non-stick cookware. Be careful not to use overly abrasive cleaning tools as well. The non-stick coating on is fragile and can easily be scratched off by harsh treatment. Once a scratch occurs the non-stick coating will quickly chip away and you’ll end up with specks of it in everything you cook. And worst of all your food will stick to the bottom of the cookware because the coating is gone.

As a general rule do not leave plastic containers, aerosol cans, or anything that is not oven proof on top of the stove. When the oven is turned on the stove top can become hot as well and cause plastic items to warp or even melt and aerosol cans to expand and explode.

Potato peelers aren’t just for potatoes. You can use them to peel just about any fruit or vegetable. Try using them on apples, carrots, cucumbers and even zucchinis.

They way you store your raw potatoes can effect how they taste. Never store potatoes in the refrigerator, they will become sweet and their texture will change. Never store potatoes in a hot place or a place where they are exposed to direct sunlight. These conditions cause the potatoes to rot faster and develop a green film under their skin which is toxic if consumed too often. Store potatoes in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight, such as a bin or a cupboard.  [url=http://www.planyourdinner.com]special recipes[/url].

Secret ingredients for bread makers

Secret Ingredients for Bread Makers

In today’s fast paced world, many of us sacrifice quality food for expediency’ s sake. When it comes to fresh bread, it doesn’t have to be that way. Bread maker machines are one of the greatest inventions sitting on the modern kitchen counter.
I love my breadmaker (a.k.a the bread machine, a.k.a. The Great White Wonder Cube!). It makes great bread, with less than half the work and time of conventional methods. There are a few things they don’t tell you in the provided recipe book, though. The moisture content in flour can vary, depending on age and environment, and no matter how rigorously you follow the recipe, sometimes it’s not going to work out perfectly. There are a two ingredients we can add, though, that will ensure they turn out wonderfully, every time.

Vital Wheat Gluten
Gluten is grain protein and not all flours have the same protein content. Bread flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour and cake flour has less. Bread flour costs more than all-purpose flour, but it will work just fine for making bread if you supplement the gluten content. Instead of buying several different kinds of flour for every little thing you do, buy all-purpose flour and add wheat gluten when making bread. It’s not expensive and you need to use very little, about two teaspoons per loaf, so a single can will last you a long time.
When adding wheat gluten to a breadmaker recipe, you’ll get the best results adding it to the pan with the flour. The manufacturer of my bread machine recommends adding the water before the flour, so I add the wheat gluten right after I put in the flour to keep it away from the water.

Dough Conditioner
The second secret ingredient is dough conditioner. Different commercial dough conditioners contain different ingredients – commonly a combination of wheat gluten, yeast and other chemicals such as ascorbic acid (a form of vitamin C), ammonium chloride, DATEM (an emulsifier), different calcium salts and sometimes soy.
It’s a common problem with bread makers that have vertical pans to have a lighter crumb at the top of the bread loaf and a denser crumb at the bottom. Dough conditioners help solve this problem by strengthening the texture and giving a more consistent rise, leading to a more consistent crumb.
As with wheat gluten, you don’t need much. Very little in fact. For a 1 1/2 pound loaf, I find that a mere 1/4 teaspoon of dough conditioner is enough to give me excellent results.
Whether it’s wheat gluten or dough conditioner, you’ll want to check the suggestions on the package for suggested amounts. With the dough conditioner, different brands will give you different results.

Find more bread maker recipes and tips or other free recipies from John.

Nonstick cookware sets tips on how to protect your nonstick cookware

Nonstick Cookware Sets — Tips On How To Protect Your NonStick Cookware

There is nothing like having at least one good nonstick pan in your kitchen. However if you don’t take proper care of your nonstick cookware they basically could become useless to you in a very short time. The most common problem is that they get scratched or the non-stick coating begins to peel off the pan.
There are some simple guidelines you can follow to insure that your nonstick cookware set stays in good working condition for a long time. Exposing your pans to high heat can damage the nonstick coating causing it to peel or vaporize and degrade.
Some of today’s nonstick coatings can withstand high heat but if you’re not sure whether you have this newer coating on your pans a good rule of thumb is never use them on high heat and never use them above medium high heat.
Another good tip is to add just a little oil to the cookware before putting it on the heat. This will help you to judge whether the pan might be getting too hot. Once the oil begins to smoke the pan or pot is getting to hot.
Always use the right utensils when cooking with nonstick cookware. Heatproof utensils like nylon spatulas, wooden, or silicone coated utensils are perfect for nonstick surfaces and will not harm them.
When washing your nonstick pots and pans never use anything abrasive just use a soft sponge. If you stack your nonstick cookware when storing them you should place a paper towel between each pot or pan. This will help to prevent the surfaces from getting scratched.

Popular brands of belgian waffle makers and waffle irons determing the best belgian waffle makers a

Popular Brands Of Belgian Waffle Makers And Waffle Irons: Determing The Best Belgian Waffle Makers And Waffle Irons That Best Suit Your Needs

Prior to every fine purchase on any merchandise, there are tons of things that consumers usually think about so as for them to avoid from spending a large sum of money for something that does not worth its price. Because of the said reason, factors such as the durability of the product, its features and price tag are often meticulously scrutinized by consumers in order for them to favorably gain helpful information about the product which they are going to procure; otherwise, they will end up buying something that lasts only for a week of use.
The same is definitely true for consumers who are searching for Belgian Waffle Makers and Waffle Irons having good quality and worth spending for. Picky consumers do not simply rush in on making a product purchase because they basically believe that the dictum ‘haste makes waste’ is always true. Clinging on that dictum, they avoid, as much as possible, from perpetrating indiscriminate squandering of money lest they end up broke.
When consumers always want a rewarding procurement, it is of great significance for them to thoroughly examine the features of the Belgian waffle maker or waffle iron they want to buy. It is highly recommended that one should inquire immediately for the warranty of the waffle makers or waffle irons. This is because, generally, there are instances in which items or products newly bought would easily get damaged right after a week of use or just at the very first moment of using it. As there were cases shown in customer reviews about their dissatisfaction of their newly bought waffle makers and waffle irons, one should therefore find out immediately the waffle maker or waffle irons’ warranty and guarantee lest one will be in trouble in the future searching for costly remedies or solutions upon sorting out the problem.
Indeed, it is a nightmare when your newly purchased waffle maker or waffle iron gets busted during the first try. Because unwanted and upsetting situation, like products accidentally ruined, is truly inevitable, one should have the foresight of looking ahead of things. See to it that the product has one year warranty at the very least and can be repaired for free on some terms and conditions. Checking a product’s warranty is perhaps the first and useful step in deciding what to buy. When you would buy something that has a dubious guarantee and has no warranty at all, then prepare yourself for dismal consequences.
Next, check the features and determine them yourself if the waffle maker or iron is really effective and efficient for fast waffle making that will cater your specific needs. Since the waffle iron is brand-new, double-check its parts, which ought to be in perfect condition. Double-checking on products’ condition is necessary as some brand-new items have factory defects.
And finally, ponder upon the customer reviews on the products. These genuine reviews are posted online to facilitate consumers in fast decision-making. However, some reviews might be untruthful and thereby mislead you from procuring the desired waffle maker or iron. In cross-examining products, consumers can alternately follow their preferred procedures aside from those mentioned earlier.
Moreover, the following shows the catalog of some popular brands of Belgian Waffle Maker and Waffle Iron which are widely recognized to have top quality:
•    Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Iron
•    Waring Pro WMK300A Professional Stainless-Steel Belgian Waffle Maker
•    Oster 3874 Flip Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker
•    VillaWare V2002 UNO Belgian Waffler — Round
•    Cuisinart WAF-100 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Iron
•    Calphalon HE400WM No Peek Belgian Waffle Maker
•    Krups 654-75 WaffleChef 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Iron
•    Chef’s Choice 830B WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker
•    Black & Decker WBM500 Belgian Waffle Iron
•    Proctor-Silex 26500 Morning Baker Belgian Waffle Baker
•    Sensio 13124 Bella Cucina Belgian Waffle Maker with Drip Tray

The chinese cooking wok the traditional way to prepare authentic chinese food

The Chinese Cooking Wok — The Traditional Way To Prepare Authentic Chinese Food!

Since ancient times, the Chinese have been known to be hung up on tradition, especially where cooking methods are concerned. They are equally concerned about nourishing food cooked in proper sanitary conditions. It is with this view in mind that the Chinese cooking wok has found its own niche in every Chinese kitchen around the world. In addition, the Chinese realized that cooking in utensils handed down from ancient times have helped their dishes to retain their exact, original flavors.
With Chinese food being so popular, it is no wonder then that the Chinese cooking wok is making its way into American households and other parts of the world. Many international stores today stock this main Chinese utensil along with others.
Why is the Chinese cooking wok so unique? To get an answer to this question, we will have to delve into its design.
The wok is basically prepared from carbon steel or iron. The round-bottomed utensil is hammered into shape by hand. The wok therefore becomes delicately flared at the edges, enabling food to be thrust inside with ease. When the perfect shape is attained, the wok is flipped from outside or inside. The rounded bottom of the wok helps it fit over the stove perfectly. Bare metal handles are more commonly used for the Chinese cooking wok. Such handles are known as loop handles. Another type of handle is the stick handle which is formed from carbon steel and resembles Teflon. Thus, the vessel is now ready for anything such as stewing, braising, steaming, deep frying, or preparing soups.
In an attempt to copy the Chinese cooking wok, yet make it more suitable for Western styles of cooking, Westerners have developed woks looking like flat-bottomed frying pans. For more compatibility, woks with double handles are more popular than those with single handles. The bottom of the wok is fitted with an adaptor ring. This helps to retain the wok’s grip over the top of the stove (western ranges).
The very design of the original Chinese cooking wok itself should be enough to convince anyone that it is better than a frying pan any day! Oil intake is very less, food can be tossed properly, and best of all, there is uniform distribution of heat. So copies can never take the place of the original.
In conclusion, the size of the Chinese cooking wok is designed to suit the purpose. A small family can make do with a wok measuring 36 centimeters, while a still larger one is suitable for a bigger household. The largest-sized ones are used only in restaurants for large-scale cooking.