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Discover easy ways to decorate your christmas cake

Discover Easy Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Cake

For many people Christmas time is a hectic round of shopping, cooking, writing cards and wrapping presents. And very often decorating the Christmas cake is left to the last minute, so here are some tips to help you along the way.
One of the quickest designs is a pattern using any of the following: semi-dried fruits, glace fruits, angelica, cherries and different types of nuts. But keep to three or four varieties, otherwise the design becomes too cluttered. If the top of the cake is rounded, cut off, and upturn the cake so the base becomes the top surface. Boil half a jar of apricot jam and press through a sieve. Brush the top surface of the cake with the jam, and cover with a design of fruit and nuts — a circular design for a round cake and straight lines for a square cake. To give the decoration an attractive shine (and to hold the fruit and nuts in place) brush over with jam, and lastly, tie a wide, red or green ribbon around the cake. A similar decoration can be made with marzipan fruits.
If you wish to spend slightly more time, decorate the top of the cake with soft icing, and as before, use ribbon, a cake frill, or a strip of Christmas paper to place around the sides. Again use the base of the cake as the top surface. Roll out sugarpaste (rollout icing) or marzipan, until it is slightly larger than the top of the cake — make sure the paste moves freely. Brush the top of the cake with apricot jam then upturn the cake onto the sugarpaste, and cut away the surplus paste. Place the cake on a cake board. Roll out a length of paste, approximately half inch deep, and cut a strip the same size. Moisten the paste around the edge of the cake and carefully position the strip on the moist surface. Make a design on this edging with cake crimpers — if you have them. Failing that, press the decorated handle of a spoon into the paste. Make an unusual decoration for the centre of the cake by colouring some marzipan red and modelling it into a candle shape. Use a flaked almond for a flame, and then surprise everyone by lighting the almond on Christmas Day — as nuts contain oil the almond will flame for a few moments!
Make Christmas trees from a cone-shaped piece of green marzipan. Use sharp scissors and beginning at the top, make small snips all around the tree. Make snowballs from balls of sugarpaste, very slightly moistened and covered in castor, or granulated sugar. To make holly leaves, roll out the paste and cut into a diamond shape. The sharp points are made by cutting out sections from around the edge of the leaf, with either an icing nozzle or the tip/handle of a small spoon. Mark veins on the leaf with the back of a knife.
For those who wish to venture into the field of royal icing, a quick way to use this icing is by making a ‘snow scene’. First, apply a layer of marzipan to the cake and leave to dry for two days. The traditional way of making royal icing is with egg white and icing sugar, but icing sugar is now available which already contains the correct quantity of dried egg white — however, the icing still needs a good beating!
Test the icing before applying to the cake. Using a palette, or table knife, apply the icing about half an inch deep to the cake. Then, using the flat surface of the knife makes a slow ‘bouncing’ movement on the icing. The icing will stand in peaks if it is the correct consistency. Leave until firm and sprinkle with edible glitter for a sparkling cake. HAPPY Christmas

Traditional indian food from northern regions of the country

Traditional Indian food from northern regions of the country

Indian is not only renowned for its spicy foods of which curry is just one popular example, but each region of the country has its own special cuisines to offer with their own flavor and cooking methods. The dishes from northern part of the country have wide ranging varieties in terms of their ingredients like vegetables and spices and each cuisine has its own way of preparation. Traditional Indian food from the region is most liked for its varied taste and spices.
You can enjoy the food from northern region of Indian in several restaurants of London. Gourmet Indian food is available in most of the food restaurants in London in amazing varieties.
Curries that are prepared in the north Indian regions usually are creamy gravies. Such curries have moderate amount of spice in them, meaning that they are not always hot as is generally believed. Dried fruits and nuts are frequently used in several traditional Indian food on daily basis. These regions of the country are also known for rich vegetarian cuisines. This is because of dazzling varieties of vegetables produced across the northern parts of the country. Another feature of the daily foods in these areas is that milk, cream, cottage cheese; ghee and yogurt are frequently used as part of preparation of many cuisines and sweets.
The North Indian cuisines are prepared in vegetable oils. Regular oils used in cooking include canola and sunflower, though mustard oil has its own significant role in many cuisines. Ghee also is an option for cooking but usually for some special occasion.
Spices are essential ingredients of cooking in traditional Indian food in the northern regions like other parts of India. Though almost every spice has found its place in the North Indian food preparations, still some of the spices used on daily basis in the kitchen include coriander, cumin, chilli powder, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, cloves, fennel and garam masala.
As far as popular dishes of this region is concerned you can enjoy foods like pulao, Mutter Paneer (a curry made with cottage cheese and peas), Daal Makhani, Fish Amritsari, Samosas (snack with a pastry case with different kinds of fillings), Chaat (hot-sweet-sour snack made with potato, Biryani, Pulaos chick peas and tangy chutneys), Dahi Gosht, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Motichoor laddoo etc.
There are several authentic restaurants in London where you can visit for traditional Indian food of your choice. Not every such food is highly spicy as you can settle for cuisines that are less spicy.

The increasing popularity of indian recipes

The Increasing Popularity of Indian Recipes

Among the top cuisines of the world, India cuisine is becoming increasingly popular these days. Indian restaurants all over the world get good number of guests every day. Not only do people frequent visit Indian restaurants, they have also started trying many Indian recipes at their homes. One of the reasons for this increasing popularity of Indian recipes, Indian cooking and Indian food can be attributed to the internet and to good Indian recipes sites such as Indiantastebuds.com.

People today have very easy access to all top Indian recipes. They need not have to depend on expensive recipe books. People from east and west very easily recognize names such as Murgh Makhani, chicken Tandoori, Chicken Kurma and Mutton Kurma. The easy to follow instructions and recipe tips helps everyone try these Indian recipes. It is just not the internet and the recipe sites that make Indian food and Indian cooking popular, it is irresistible taste of Indian food that gives exquisite gastronomic pleasure to the food lovers.

The wide range of options that we have with Indian food is yet another reason for its increasing popularity. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, there are hundreds of dishes to try. Even within India, there is a wide variation in the cooking styles between east and the west, north and the south. This makes India cooking all the more interesting because you always have something new to try. You can never exhaust the long list of Indian recipes.

Indian food is known for its spicy nature. It is a known fact that spices are added in Indian food not just for gastronomic pleasure but also for health reason. The common ingredients of Indian food, ginger, garlic, cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, fennel, etc., have many health benefits.

If you want to get the real flavor of Indian food, you must find the best online recipe sites. Only well established Indian recipes sites will be able to give you authentic recipes. Such websites not only help foreigners try these recipes but many Indians especially the newly married women rely on these recipes sites to impress their family members.

You will be able to make out whether an Indian recipes site is a good resource or not by taking a quick look at the recipes. Reputed Indian recipes sites will have all the popular Indian recipes listed. They will have the information very neatly categorized so that users will be able to find the recipes they need quickly. All the instructions will be very clear and it will be written in clear language. You will find step by step procedures for very recipe and it will be easy to follow the recipes. You will also find important tips for each recipe.

On the other hand, if you happen to end up with a poor quality recipes site, you will find confusing instructions that make the entire process difficult. Using poor quality Indian cooking site will make you lose interest in cooking if you are new to it.

Food catering service must be perfect

Food Catering Service- Must Be Perfect

If you are getting married then it means that you are lucky because you have found your perfect lady with whom you can spend your whole life. This is a very special occasion of your life and it’s obvious that you want to keep the sweet memories of your wedding. And for this you start planning the things many weeks before your wedding to make it a perfect occasion.
There are many things which you must consider such as wedding dress, invitation card, guest list, florist and decoration. Generally couples prefer selecting a theme for their wedding ceremony. Asian theme wedding is very popular among the modern couples. It is a symbol of love, happiness and fortune. But the most important part of wedding parties planning is the food. Hiring a wedding caterer is the most important and difficult job. It is very essential to choose a right wedding caterer because you will never want your guests complaining about the food in such a special day of your life.
Before hiring a wedding cuisine caterer you must make sure that the ingredients used in the dishes are of high quality and fresh. Ask the caterer that will they prepare the food in your home or order them from some other company. The quality of food and service must be of high quality. You can discuss your menu with your caterer. If you are planning for Asian themed wedding then you can select Asian cuisine for your wedding menu.
Before selecting a company you can discuss with your friends, family or your wedding planner. You can also browse the internet and read the reviews online for selecting right Wedding Caterers. There are many companies which give you the opportunity of tasting the dishes before signing a contract. Before signing the contract you can taste their dishes. If you want then you can take your friends, relatives or your soon-to-be-bride for second opinion. If a company which you are selecting is a restaurant then you can go there and have a dinner.
It is good to hire a reputed and reliable company and which is in a business for a while. A good caterer is always sensitive to the needs of the wedding ceremony. Ask your caterer to have something creative for your guests so that your guests do not get bore by the inflow of food.
The most important thing which you have to consider in selecting a wedding caterer is your budget. The best way to control your budget is to create your guest list before hiring a food caterer. You can control the size of your guest list. Invite only those people who are very close to you. There is no need to send invitation to all those people who are in your company.
Never take the responsibility of hiring a caterer lightly. It is very important to hire a wedding food caterer who offers the best service in the city if you want your day to be memorable for everyone.

Top tips on how to use vacuum bag sealers to help you save money

top tips on how to use vacuum bag sealers to help you save money

In todays economic climate it is important we try to make savings where possible, the family food budget is one larger cost we face in our daily lives.

One great way to reduce the family budget is by using vacuum bag sealers, we often have with left over food from cooking the daily meals which just goes to waste when we realize it will not keep for any length of time in the fridge.  By using a vacuum bag sealer with vacuum sealer bags you will be able to store your left over food items and keep them fresh for a much longer period of time.

The sealer bags are designed in such a way that they remove all the air out of the bag that surrounds the food, this creates an air tight seal for your food items and helps to preserve them. This is especially useful when doing a lot of cooking with fresh vegetables and fresh fruit, to use vacuum your vacuum bag sealer is a really simple way of preserving food and saving you money in the process.

You only have to check the walkways in your local supermarket to see how many items are vacuum sealed, this is a good indication of how effective this process can be. The good news is that the manufactures of vacuum bag sealers realize there is an ever growing home market for this product, and have started to produce high quality affordable machines for us to buy.

The type of bags that are used with a bag sealer are not just ordinary plastic bags, they are made from a different material that allows you to freeze any food item you want, this is really helpful when freezing meat products as the process  prevents freezer burn of the meat. The manufactures have also developed vacuum storage bags to help you save loads of space around your home, these are particularly useful for storing those seasonal clothes when not needed.

Because the vacuum storage bag removes all the air from your clothes and provides a perfect seal, you will not get that moldy odour you get with items just stored in your garage or basement in a cardboard box. Using  vacuum storage bags are an extremely easy process today, all you have to do is put your clothes or bedding inside the storage bag and seal it, then use your vacuum cleaner and suck all the air out of the bag.

This dramatically reduces the size of the bag which makes it a lot easier to store your clothes and save loads of space at the same time, all storage bags come with manufactures instructions on how to use them, but it really is a simple process that saves you space and one you will wish you had bought years ago.

When buying a vacuum bag sealer i would always look at the middle of the range for bag sealers and bags, some of the more cheaper ones tend not to last as they should in my opinion. Do your research online to find the best value vacuum bag sealers before you decide to buy, you will find the medium priced sealers are of a high quality and provide you with excellent vacuum sealing capabilities.

Best steakhouse usa can develop long lasting client relations

Best Steakhouse USA can Develop Long lasting Client Relations

When the question of the best comes, then everything has to be perfect. Be it the interiors, choice of furniture, food court, drinks or the lighting, the best steakhouse in USA or anywhere else has to have everything of the highest quality. Do you love eating beef meat? If you are, then finding out the best steakhouse will not be a problem for you. You may be eating everyday at home, but sometimes eating in the best steakhouse can be a very good dinning experience. This is because you tend to dine in the special environment.
Steakhouses are famous all over for providing the best cooked steak to customers. Steak is one of the most inviting and the best features of a steakhouse. The best steakhouse owner has to take care that different variety of steak food should be a part of their menu card. It is because the more and more delicacies available for the customers will enable them to gain more recognition. The beef products and the sea food have to be prepared in different styles, so that the customers can have so many dishes to choose from.
People residing in USA have a special liking for beef products. The juicy and lip-smacking dishes attract customers. Suppose the food court is great in your best steakhouse and its interiors are shabbily done. There are numerous customers that are quite fussy about the d?cor of the steakhouse they are visiting. They might think that they have come to enjoy the food in such an awful restaurant. Now, the impression of the owner of the steakhouse will be completely destroyed. It is because he or she will get bad remarks and may tend to loose the business also.
Customers want that the dining experience that they have at the steakhouse be a memorable one. Even the steakhouse owner has to think that, he has to cater to a wide group of people and he has to offer everything of excellent quality. A best steakhouse acts as the base for profitable client’s relationship. The owner and the client develop a special kind of bonding due to the outstanding quality of services. It is the specialized features of the best steakhouse that compels the customers to come again and again. Obviously, the customer will visit the steakhouse on a regular basis only, if he or she is satisfied with its products and services.
The best steakhouse can be the idol place not only for having quite luncheons or dinners. They can be the best place for partying also. Well, the word partying calls for celebrations, music, dance and good food of course. In the matter of party, the best steakhouse owner should taka care of including some of the rare specialties of their restaurant. This will lend distinctiveness to your steakhouse. Apart from being adding distinctiveness to the party, the best steakhouse owner has to arrange for the best decorations. After all, the party has to be wonderful and the most memorable day of your life.

Square plates there are many to pick from

Square Plates: There Are Many to Pick From

Square Plates have invariably been a spectacular way of carrying your taste in dinnerware, and have perpetually drawn out contrastive responses from individuals. Well for virtually persona, they show a driving and out of the box way of recalling and living. They have an fluid feel to them, yet at the like time, they are so out there. Square plates are as real as spherical plates, but they fling so much more on an cosmetic level. Here at Fishs Eddy we share your rage for great dinnerware and especially Square Plates. That is way, we have a run of square plates to take from, whether it’s a standardized evening meal or an out of control party with your closest friends.
There are many to pick from, just to give you a experience, here are some of them. For those with a more architectural dip towards life, we have the floor project square plate collection. We have the idyllic square plate for you, whether it be the studio or the bench, your sumptuosity apartment or the duplex. All Floor plan square plates come with complete illustrations of the brought up rooms, and are really interesting to look at, expressing the type of person you are, and representing your warmth, for really getting into the center of things.
On the other hand, if you happen to be someone with more of an creative spark in your eye, we have the errorless line up of square plates to cater to your structural juices. How about taking a trip with Alice down the rabbit hole? Yes, we have two square plate designs specially committed to Alice in Wonderland! With flawless informative versions by John Tenniel, the Alice in Wonderland Square Plates truly are works of art. You can prefer between Alice looking at up at Chester the Cat or her being dazzled by flying cards, both these square plates are available in 9 inches.
At Fishs Eddy there is no shortfall of choice, we make sure we provide to all sensuous tastes, so that no one finds left out. If you are more inclined towards something more old school, how about our wood square platter and wood square sauce dish? These wooden square plates go dead well nigh everywhere in the house; close to the fire place, in the kitchen, on the table with the wooden floor, and so on, practically anywhere wood can be found. This makes the wood square plate the virtually applied option to pick for your home.
Do you love the big Apple? Well here at Fishs Eddy we can not get enough off New York. That is why we have three several New York themes to select from, including Brooklyn, Take 5 and the Times Square hotel. So you can fall in love all over once more with the big Apple, and make it division of your home. These are some of the umpteen particularized square plates that are easy here at Fishs Eddy. So the next time you want to see how leaky you can be through your dinnerware and dishes, Fishs Eddy is the place you’re looking at for, because We Do Dishes.