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Different outdoor cookers

Different Outdoor Cookers

Cooking outdoors is a good way to socialize and bond with the whole family of friends. There are many cooking equipment made especially for outdoor use.
Cooking food outdoors is a welcome change away from the confines of your kitchen. The basic kitchen utensils can still be used but there are cookers made specifically for outdoors.
There are several kinds of outdoor cookers available to make outdoor cooking comfortable and fun at the same time. The tasty recipes which may be set off in the open field seem helpless without proper cooking tools.
Barbeques and grilled food are the most common food cooked outdoors. Take a look at the different equipment you bring outside for your cooking session with friends and family.
Single Burner Cooker
This kind of cooker is appropriate for small groups and families. This is a basic cooker that contains a hose, a burner, and a regulator. The regulator is responsible for fast and comfortable adjustments. The burner section is big to allow users to put huge pans and pots.
Single burner cookers are generally small and portable so that they can be carried to any place. it can be brought along in hunting and fishing trips. You could immediately cook your catch to capture the freshness of your food. It can also be brought in the backyard to camp overnight with your family.
Double Burner Cooker
This type of outdoor cookers is perfect for a bigger group of people and many families. The cookers are provided with one hose, two large burners, and a regulator for simple adjustment. The benefit of two burners permits the user to cook huge meals in less time. Two different meals can be cooked simultaneously. The huge pots and pans can be placed on the big burners. These cookers are handy which can be brought on weekend hangouts or week long fishing tours.
Triple Burner Cooker
It has three burners, and this means that it can prepare three different meals at the same time. This is very useful when cooking for a big group or large gathering. It is often used in parties or any social gathering.
These cookers come conveniently with brass regulators. This makes simple and fast alterations. The same with the usual outdoor cookers, these equipments may also be brought along hangouts or can be utilized for cooking in the backyard. It may be a bit bulky but it can be loaded on a truck or big car.
In addition, the outdoor cookers are offered with handy burners. These are truly perfect for almost all kinds of cookers. These involve crawfish boiling cookers, fish cookers, fish frying rigs, and seafood boiling burners.
The equipments utilized in outdoor cooking are the suitable medium for tailgaters. The basic ones are created of strong steel with settled designs, high pressure regulators and hoses, cast iron burners, movable flame switches and the most significant point is that they are simple to prepare. Outdoor cookers with folded stands may also be acquired by a person for comfortable storage.
Great features of outdoor cookers supplement the outdoor dishes. These adaptable cookers will also assist the cookers to fry, grill, barbeque, boil, and smoke the meal while putting a special ingredient to each dish.
Having a camping or an excursion outside is one of the favorite past time of many people. So, different outdoor cookers are purchased depending on the largeness of the family members or friends that will eat the dishes. These cookers really benefit all especially when cooking outside. Therefore, it is better to choose a burner that is heavy duty to last for a long time.

Various types cooking classes for everyone

Various Types Cooking Classes for Everyone

Whether you are a seasoned pro when it comes to the fine art of cooking or an utter novice there should be some cooking classes or resources in your area that can help you learn and improve your existing skills. Surprisingly few people manage to utilize the many wonderful opportunities that are available to them when it comes to cooking classes.

If you are considering a cooking class you should be glad to know that many communities offer them for a nominal fee at night and sometimes on the weekend. These classes are rather basic and often designed to help women learn the basics of a few economical and healthy meals to prepare for their beginning families. If you fit the bill for this, then you should check out your local library for possible leads for these sorts of classes in your area. For more resources visit us at cat-head-biscuit.com. Even if they do not have the information available it is quite likely that they can point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for cooking classes that you can take with your children, check out your library once again for the first resource. There are also many gourmet food shops that offer cooking classes for parents to take with their children. This is a great opportunity to bond with your child while you both learn to prepare a new dish or two together. It is quite likely that you will be quite surprised by the things you can learn from your child as well as the things you can learn by simply taking the class.

For those among us who are seeking culinary experience with very specific cuisines you will have to search a little more for the perfect cooking classes in which you can achieve your goal. They do exist however, though your chances of learning Thai cooking are much greater in a larger city than in smaller towns throughout the country. If you are really interested in learning some exotic cooking techniques perhaps you should consider a vacation in which you can try out a few new cooking classes while you are there. If you prefer other things on your vacation to cooking you could make a point of attempting one basic class in the cuisine of your choice for each vacation you take. You can also login to july4-recipes.com. This will give you a little more than the same old souvenir to bring back from your trip and an experience that in many cases is quite memorable.

Finally, if you are looking for a romantic idea, how about signing up to take a couples cooking class? Believe it or not, these classes are often offered in both big and smaller cities. They seem to be all the rage around Valentine’s day, perhaps the hint is that the other partner in a relationship can share some of the cooking responsibility or perhaps the idea is that there is more than one way to steam up the kitchen.

Regardless of the reason for taking cooking classes they can bring not only a great deal of enjoyment to your dining room, but also increase your ease in your kitchen. If you’ve never taken a cooking class, there is no time like the present to do so. No matter how skilled you are in the kitchen there is always something that can be learned.

Do a lot of people know what raclette grill is

Do a lot of people know what Raclette Grill is?

There are actually a lot of people who DO NOT know what Raclette Grill is and how fun Raclette Parties are!  I am personally a HUGE fan of Raclette Grill and Raclette Parties! Trust me it makes your dinner so personal and cool when your friends and family are over. It is just amazing! Raclette Parties create that atmosphere that helps people to connect and bond.

I am sure everybody knows what fondue is. Fondue came from Switzerland. It is a very social add-on to any party. Raclette dinner Party is also a Swiss-Style Dinner, but MUCH, MUCH better with more options. With Raclette Grill you are not limited only to cheese or chocolate. Raclette Grill can grill litreraly anything, excluding chocolate 🙂 Raclette Grill itself has two levels. On the top level you can grill bread, vegetables, meat or seafood. On the lower level there are individual raclette cooking pans. Depending on what type of Raclette Grill you can have minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 cooking pans. You can use those to grill for example chopped vegetables and then finish it with melting cheese on top.
The whole idea of Raclette Grill is to eat togeher, grill together and have fun together. Really, you do not have to do any major cooking. Just chop up ingredients that you and your friends like and set it on the table around the Raclette Grill.

It’s that easy! I truly believe that any household should have the Raclette Grill. Check out this link, maybe you can find one for you.

Well, now you know what Raclette Grill is!!! There is so much more to Raclette Grills than I just mentioned. You can explore the endless cooking experience by purchasing your own Raclette Grill.

John boos butcher blocks

John Boos Butcher Blocks

The John Boos Company has been manufacturing hard maple butcher block products since 1887. The Boos products including butcher blocks, cutting boards and kitchen furniture are made to professional standards and are found in most restaurants, butcher shops and even the kitchen of the White House.
Boos, a blacksmith was asked by a butcher to make him a wooden block when he saw how the block had absorbed the shock of Boo’s hammer. That was the first of millions to be produced by the Boos Company. With nothing but the best, John Boos cutting boards offer an array in style from the simple butcher block maple wood cutting board right on up to kitchen furniture.
By the 1940s, butcher blocks were found in every restaurant, food store and butcher shop in America. Then came World War II, which was instrumental in changing the manufacturing philosophy of the management at John Boos and also the course of the business. The John Boos plant operated from a blacksmith shop until 1892 and then it moved across town, and began producing the Boos blocks, cutting boards and kitchen furniture as we know them now. Along the way they also become known as the Mercedes of wood cutting boards and butcher blocks.
End grain butcher blocks are built from short solid wood elements glued in such a way that only the end grain shows on both the top and bottom sides. As these elements are usually rectangular in shape, the whole board gets a mosaic or chess board pattern. End-grain butcher blocks are more durable, feature a harder surface than regular chopping blocks, and are easier on knife blades. The end-grain construction absorbs the knife between the fibers of the wood.
Made from only the highest quality American maple, the Boos Broadway Butchers Block offers charming country kitchen design alongside premium space and performance. Built to withstand the rigorous demands of a commercial kitchen, the thick end grain block, with ‘Varnique’ finish, provides a work surface that is extremely durable yet easy on knives and resistant to nicks and gouges. The maple butcher-block bench top is kiln dried, electronically glued, then cured, sanded smooth and finished with a penetrating mineral oil for protection.
John Boos expands the highly popular Cucina Rustica line of butcher block island work tables with two offerings featuring added shelf space. This distinctive line of butcher blocks and kitchen work tables is constructed using only the finest in hard rock maple and features a wide variety of sizes and configurations designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s chefs. Naturally beautiful and durable, the work surface is constructed in classic butcher-block style, with bonded squares of select end-grain Northern hard maple sawn horizontally, sanded smooth, and finished by hand. The butcher block’s resiliency and shock absorption protects knife edges while standing up to even the heaviest cleaver. The end grain gives a true butcher block nostalgia.
A past recipient of the Gold Medal for Excellence in Foodservice Equipment, The John Boos Company is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial chopping blocks, cutting boards, butcher block counters and furniture, and stainless steel tables and countertops.

Authentic indian recipes

Authentic Indian Recipes

India cuisine has become popular in the United States. It is known to be cooked with many herbs and spices.
Indian cuisine involves the use of numerous herbs and spices. It differs slightly from one city to the other. It is reflected in the demographics of various ethnical Indian subcontinents. It is influenced by other cuisines in the world particularly those from the Southeast Asia.
The usual spices used are garlic, coriander, ginger, asafetida and fenugreek, turmeric as well as cumin, black mustard and chili pepper. Garam masala is a famous spice mixture of India. Goda masala, on the other hand, is the famous spice mixture of Maharasthra. Most of these are naturally grown around them.
The East Indian cuisine is popular for desserts, particularly for sweets like kheeri, gaja, chhena poda, rasabali and sandesh. Most of the sweet dishes are now famous in Northern India, primarily originating from Orissa and the Bengal regions. Aside from sweet dishes, East India cuisine also offers posta delights.
Bengali cuisine is also part of East Indian culture. The common ingredients of their curries are cumin seeds, mustard seeds and cumin paste as well as black cumin and chilies. Cashew paste, poppy seed paste, curd nuts and mustard paste are cooked in mustard oil.
South Indian cuisine is an ubiquity of rasam and sambar, also known as «rasa and saaru.» Sambar is prepared in different ways. South Indian favorites are the bajji, bonda, vada, idli, poori and dosa. Western Indian cuisine has some main food groups such as the Goan, Maharashtrian and Gujarati.
Indian Cooking Recipes
Aloo Ki Puri
2 teacups of maida
2 pinches of pepper powder
2 boiled potatoes
2 pinches of saffron
2 tablespoon of melted ghee
½ teacup of milk
½ teaspoon of salt
Ghee for deep frying
Grate and peel the 2 boiled potatoes. Create fine paste. Mix the salt, ghee, pepper and flour properly. Place saffron in the milk and bind with flour or place a small amount of saffron color in the milk and dough. Knead it properly. Leave it for about an hour. After an hour, roll it into small purees and then deep fry it in hot ghee until it puffs up.
Subzi Ka Paratha
Ingredients for the dough:
1 ½ teacups of maida
1 ½ teacups of gehun ka atta
1 teaspoons of melted ghee or butter
½ teaspoon of salt and milk
Ingredients for the stuffing:
2 teacups of finely chopped boiled vegetables like capsicum, French beans, green peas, cauliflower and cabbage
1 chopped onion
2 mashed and boiled potatoes
2 chopped green chilies
2 tablespoons chopped coriander
2 tablespoons of ghee
Directions for the dough:
Combine butter, salt, gehun ka atta and maida in a large bowl. Put in the milk and create soft dough. Knead the soft dough properly. Keep the dough for about 15 minutes. Divide the soft dough into 15 or 20 equal portions. Apply enough flour and roll it into rounds. Cook it very lightly in the tava and keep it in a folded wet tissue or napkin.
Directions for the stuffing:
First, heat the ghee for about 3 to 5 minutes and then put in the chopped onion. Cook it until it becomes soft. Put the salt, chili powder, coriander, garam masala, green chilies, potatoes and vegetables in the heated ghee. Cook it for about 2 to 3 minutes.
Amla Pickle
5 amla
4 green chilies
2 teaspoons of turmeric powder
1 teaspoon of mustard seed
3 teaspoons of oil
1 teaspoon of hing
Cook the 5 amlas in the cooker with a small amount of water. Grind the green chilies with the cooked amla. In kadai heat oil, add tumeric powder, hing and mustard seeds. After adding all the ingredients, add the paste of green chilies and amla. Cook it for 3 to 5 minutes.

Best steakhouse usa can develop long lasting client relations

Best Steakhouse USA can Develop Long lasting Client Relations

When the question of the best comes, then everything has to be perfect. Be it the interiors, choice of furniture, food court, drinks or the lighting, the best steakhouse in USA or anywhere else has to have everything of the highest quality. Do you love eating beef meat? If you are, then finding out the best steakhouse will not be a problem for you. You may be eating everyday at home, but sometimes eating in the best steakhouse can be a very good dinning experience. This is because you tend to dine in the special environment.
Steakhouses are famous all over for providing the best cooked steak to customers. Steak is one of the most inviting and the best features of a steakhouse. The best steakhouse owner has to take care that different variety of steak food should be a part of their menu card. It is because the more and more delicacies available for the customers will enable them to gain more recognition. The beef products and the sea food have to be prepared in different styles, so that the customers can have so many dishes to choose from.
People residing in USA have a special liking for beef products. The juicy and lip-smacking dishes attract customers. Suppose the food court is great in your best steakhouse and its interiors are shabbily done. There are numerous customers that are quite fussy about the d?cor of the steakhouse they are visiting. They might think that they have come to enjoy the food in such an awful restaurant. Now, the impression of the owner of the steakhouse will be completely destroyed. It is because he or she will get bad remarks and may tend to loose the business also.
Customers want that the dining experience that they have at the steakhouse be a memorable one. Even the steakhouse owner has to think that, he has to cater to a wide group of people and he has to offer everything of excellent quality. A best steakhouse acts as the base for profitable client’s relationship. The owner and the client develop a special kind of bonding due to the outstanding quality of services. It is the specialized features of the best steakhouse that compels the customers to come again and again. Obviously, the customer will visit the steakhouse on a regular basis only, if he or she is satisfied with its products and services.
The best steakhouse can be the idol place not only for having quite luncheons or dinners. They can be the best place for partying also. Well, the word partying calls for celebrations, music, dance and good food of course. In the matter of party, the best steakhouse owner should taka care of including some of the rare specialties of their restaurant. This will lend distinctiveness to your steakhouse. Apart from being adding distinctiveness to the party, the best steakhouse owner has to arrange for the best decorations. After all, the party has to be wonderful and the most memorable day of your life.

Stainless steel cookwarewhat exactly is ply

Stainless Steel Cookware—What exactly is Ply?

As a vendor of waterless stainless steel cookware, a question that we encounter frequently is «What is Ply?» and it is almost always followed by «How is that different from element?» Ply or element (the two terms are used interchangeably) refers to the number of layers in the bottom of the encapsulated pan. Many believe the more ply the better! These layers are important because they allow even heat flow and durability. The aluminum conducts the heat well in the inner layers. However, it is not desirable on the outside because it corrodes and comes off on the food. The multi-layers spread the heat evenly, insuring that there are no «hot spots.» The thickness of the cookware also reduces chances of the piece warping. Stainless steel protects the food and the cookware itself.

Recently there has been an increase in the number of layers or ply added to the cookware. For cookware to be classified as waterless, it must be at least 5-ply or have five layers. Many companies now feature cookware that has 7-ply, 9-ply and even 12-ply construction. While extra ply will slightly increase the weight of the pan, it does not mean that your food will cook any better or taste any different because of the extra layers. The weight difference in the 7-ply versus the 9-ply, for example, is so slight that if you were blindfolded and picked up the two different ply pans, you would not be able to make a distinction between them. When considering the purchase of cookware, use other factors, such as the number and type of pieces included in the cookware set, rather than multi-ply feature to determine which set is the best choice for you.

The construction of Maxam’s 7-ply KT17ULTRA set was initially made for induction-top stoves. If you have an induction-top stove, you must use this type of cookware. This set, however, may be used on any stove-top, including gas.

The KT17ULTRA 7-ply Layer Construction

Layer-1 304 Surgical Stainless Steel

Layer-2 Carbon Steel

Layer-3 304 Surgical Stainless Steel

Layer-4 Aluminum Alloy

Layer-5 Pure Aluminum

Layer-6 Aluminum Alloy

Layer-7 AISI 430 Stainless Steel

Maxam also offers a KT17 set that is similar to the KT17ULTRA set. Both sets offer the same pieces as part of the set and have many of the same features, such as ability to stack cook, steam-control knobs, phenolic handles, and encapsulated bottoms. The extra ply simply adds more bonding agents in the layering process. Because the KT17 does not use carbon steel in its layering, the cost of this cookware set is typically about $100 less than the KT17ULTRA induction set.

Encapsulated (Warp Resistant Bottoms)

The special design of the bottom of each our pots provides extra strength and rigidity that will always prevent warping. The pans stay flat and hug the burner for maximum heating efficiency during the entire cooking process. A flat bottom is important because it allows as much of the surface as possible to be in contact with the heating surface. The thickness of the (encapsulated) bottom inside the stainless steel shell is also necessary for even heat distribution. Not only will hot spots be eliminated that can often result in burnt foods, but the flat cooking surface also sends out heat evenly in all directions.

It is important to note that all pans (not lids) are oven safe up to 350°. However, they should not be used under a broiler. There are many reputable vendors on the Internet that offer quality waterless stainless steel cookware at affordable prices. Before making that purchase, shop around. Most importantly, learn all you can about waterless cookware and waterless cooking. Once you’ve made an informed decision, I can assure you that you will absolutely love preparing meals for you and your family. To learn more about waterless cooking, you can visit our site-www.thegourmetscookware.com