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You can cooking live lobster right

You Can Cooking Live Lobster Right

There is nothing more exciting than having a live lobster delivered to your doorstep. Especially when this lobster is alive and kicking! For starters you may be wondering if this is even possible, unless of course you live in the New England area. Well, it definitely is. With both Fedex and UPS offering overnight services you can receive live New England and Maine Lobsters at your doorstep within the continental US.
So what do you do with this lobster once it arrives, after all it needs to prepare for the dinner table? For starters the best thing to do is leave it in the package that it arrived in.
For more details go to: www.cajuns-recipes.com most likely it is an insulated foam box that also has frozen gel packs. This serves one primary purpose which is to keep your precious lobster cool and comfy during transit. Whatever you do, don’t put it in fresh water, this will actually kill the lobster and we definitely do not want that to happen, at least not yet!

Lobster is best cooked alive, however if it doesn’t arrive alive as long as it was kept cool it will still be okay to cook and to eat. The next thing to do is prepare the cooking area for you freshly delivered live Maine lobster.

Let’s move forward with the preparation which will ensure you are cooking your live lobster correctly.

Prepare a large stock pot by adding water and bringing this to a boil. It is also important to know what size the lobsters are in order to ensure the proper cooking time. Generally speaking an invoice will be included that lists the contents and will specify the size of the lobsters. Also, if you ordered the lobsters online then just make a mental note of the size when ordering. Lobsters are measured in pounds vs. inches or some other measurement. The following chart lists the different weights and the accompanying cook times for each weight range:

1 lb. to 1-1/4 lbs. 15 minutes
1-1/2 lbs. to 2 lbs. 17-20 minutes
2 lbs. to 3 lbs. 20-minutes
3 to 6 lbs. 24-28 minutes
6 to 7 lbs. 28-30 minutes
8 lbs. & up. 4 minutes per pound

Once the stock pot has come to a boil it is now time to cook the lobster! Make note of the time for cooking and either set a timer or mark the time when cooking was started as well as when the lobster will be done.

Grab the lobster firmly around the body, behind the two main lobster claws. Put the lobster head first into the boiling water. To make sure you don’t burn yourself you can simply release the lobster as it is entering the water. Their is the possibility that the lobster will kick a little so make sure that the lid to the lobster stock pot is put on immediately. For help visit: www.atkins-diets-recipes.com the lobster is cold and will most likely stop the water from boiling as the temperature adjusts. This is normal and the water will begin to boil again momentarily. Leaving the lid on the stock pot helps to get the water boiling again quickly and ensures proper cooking throughout your fresh lobster.

Once the timer has gone off it is time to remove your cooked lobster. Use heavy duty utensils to remove your cooked lobster. They can sometimes be heavy so simple salad tongs most likely will not be sufficient. Once removed be careful not to grab or touch the lobster with your hands, they are extremely hot and will burn your skin. Let the lobster cool a little and then place it on the serving tray for presentation.

If the detailed directions are followed properly then there is no question that you will have cooked your live lobster properly. It is not a difficult process and anyone can pull this off with ease. Even if this is the first time you have ever cooked a live lobster is confident that armed with the correct information you can cook your lobster like a master chef.

Tips almost guaranteed to improve your barbecue cooking

Tips Almost Guaranteed to Improve Your Barbecue Cooking

Now, to the wood to use for smoking. There is a bewildering variety of different types, beech, hickory and oak are generally readily available and will complement most foods, meat, fish, game, poultry. For a strong flavor use hickory or for more subtle flavorings use oak or beech. Maple imparts a sweet and mild smoky taste and is reputed to be good for smoking vegetables. For more details www.tailgating-recipe.com .Mesquite is popular in the southwest states of the US and gives a strong flavor. It burns hot and is usually used for beef dishes. For sweet flavors, use pear, peach and apple wood chips, these work well with white meats and small game birds.

Smoking on a grill or barbecue can be disappointing at first, the problem usually lies with the type of food used. If the food is likely to be in contact with the smoke for under half an hour — forget it, the smoke will smell nice while you cook but that’s about all! Large pieces of fish or meat that will take a good while to cook are the best.

The wood chips will not produce any smoke if they are added to the barbecue or grill as they are. They need to be well soaked before hand. Put them in a container of water for several hours before you intend to cook and let them really soak it in. Take them out of the water and leave them to drain for a while, they should not be dripping when you add them. For more details www.apples-recipes.com .This will prevent them from setting fire and they will smolder — smoldering wood gives the all-important smoke.

The chips can be added to the barbecue when the coals have settled and immediately before the food is to be cooked. Adding them earlier is a waste of good smoke! For a gas grill, you will need to purchase a smoker box which prevents the ash from damaging the burners (or make one from foil, remembering to pierce holes the top of the foil to release the smoke. In order to get the wood to produce smoke, it must be close to the heat source, which itself must be high. Smoking foods using a gas grill can work well if you can cook the food with the lid down.

Simple recipes cooking to impress

Simple recipes — cooking to impress

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. However, this saying is equally true for women.

If you can cook just a few delicious and simple recipes, you will soon find that this is a wonderful way to impress potential partners.

Indeed, preparing a tasty three-course meal is the ideal way to show someone how much you care about them. They will probably appreciate it even more if the dishes appear more complex than they really are.

That doesn’t mean you should needlessly throw ingredients around the kitchen or clatter pans together. Just spend time in the kitchen making sure that everything is perfect.

Depending on the time of year, a hearty soup or a crunchy salad make a delicious starter. Both of these can be served with fresh bread, which should be lightly heated for that extra special touch.

When preparing a salad, you should consider the colour of the vegetables. Yellow or orange peppers look wonderful mixed with cherry tomatoes or courgettes, served in a lettuce-lined bowl.

A little drizzle of olive oil or other dressing will help draw out the flavours and add to the dish.

As for soup, the list of potential recipes is almost endless. Whatever your favourite meat or vegetables may be, you will almost certainly be able to make a warming soup using them.

Desserts are the perfect way to treat your partner, particularly if he or she have a sweet tooth.

Many people buy desserts when cooking a meal, rather than preparing their own. However, with the right accessories making a delicious dessert can be hassle free.

Homemade ice cream tastes wonderful, and is deceptively simple — especially if you own an ice cream maker.

All you have to do is heat a saucepan of milk and add a vanilla pod so the flavour can infuse. Add sugar and cream then remove the vanilla pod, slice it open and scrape the inside into the mixture.

You can then pour the mixture into your ice cream maker, which will freeze and continue to mix the ice cream.

Within a few hours, you will have delicious homemade ice cream, with minimal effort.

If you learn a selection of simple recipes, you can use these as a basis for other dishes as you grow more confident and your cooking ability improves.

Soon you will be happy experimenting with ingredients, which will open up a feast of new possibilities when you are cooking.

Quick tips on low fat cooking

Quick Tips on Low Fat Cooking

Fatty foods may as well be the roots of a number of diseases. Medical experts conclude that people who eat fatty foods are more likely to suffer from heart related diseases compared to those who don’t. With this in mind, low fat cooking is gaining popularity for health conscious people.

Aside from that, low fat food can also help you keep your weight down and remain fit. Recommended daily fat intake should be kept at 30% at a max. With reduced fat on your body, you have the ability to fight off stress and you’re your body away from illnesses.

Low fat cooking need not to be coming from boring recipes. You can still spice up your meal and create delicious food even when keeping your foods low fat.

To get you started with your low fat diet, here are some cooking tips:

Non-stick frying pans

Avoid using oil any way you can possibly can. You can use non-stick frying pans so you can avoid adding fat to your food. It would be best to fry food at a minimum.


Woks are great utensils for low fat cooking. You can make a lot of stir-fried meals using woks.


When preparing stir-fried foods, cut on the amount of meat and add more vegetables. To bring out the flavor in your food, you can add beef, chicken or vegetable broth.

Cooking oil sprays

Cooking oil sprays are great alternative to using fat. You can use vegetable oil sprays or olive oil sprays. Using this method can also lessen the amount of oil that you use compared to the typical way of pouring fat to pans. A light mist from cooking oil sprays would be enough to keep your food from sticking to cooking pans.

Meat and chicken

Lean meats are best for low fat cooking. If you were to use meat and chicken, trim off the fat and skin. Make sure to prepare a low fat marinade if you intend to grill any kind of food. If you are to cook them with sauce cut down on pan juices and add thicken the sauce with corn flour. Skim milk is recommended for white sauces.


Whipped cream can be replaced with a mix of yogurt and ricotta. Most recipes would require using two or more eggs. You can replace one whole egg with two egg whites to cut on fat.


Fish is one of the foods that are very low in fat that you can turn up to a hearty meal anytime. See to it that you prepare a fishmeal at least every week. Fish contains Omega3 fatty acids that are good for the heart.


Vegetables are low fat and are good for your body. Steaming and putting your vegetables in the microwave are two of the best ways that you can enjoy your vegetables. You can also toss your vegetables for a delicious salad but remember to use non-fat or low fat dressings.

With the tips above, you are free to eat delectable foods and you are assured of good health as well.

A extra deep pie packed full of pecans and mini chocolate chips

A 9″ Extra Deep Pie Packed Full of Pecans and Mini Chocolate Chips

Pecan pie is a type of pie made with pecans as the main ingredient. Conventional pecan pie is thick, very rich, and fairly sticky and can be extremely sweet. There are several ways to make a pecan pie and many people take pleasure in experimenting, to discover their perfect recipe. This dessert is closely linked with the American South, where the pie is very popular, particularly during the winter season.
The origin of the pecan pie is vague, but various people say that this dessert began in New Orleans and where it is popular today. Other people imply that it may be from farther south than that. Pecan pie might even be a completely invented creation, selected to promote a brand of corn syrup, as one such company claims. Wherever it originated, pecan pie did not start appearing in cook books until the 1920s.
The addition of corn syrup in a pecan pie is still a debate. Many people say that in order to make an authentic pecan pie, this dish should always have corn syrup, and several recipes include different brands. Other people argue that the presence of corn syrup makes the pecan pie much sweeter and somewhat distasteful, so they use alternatives, such as brown sugar combined with water or maple syrup with a bit of molasses. The option of course is yours, but if you have tried pecan pie and found it to be too sweet, you might try to exclude the corn syrup.
Typically, pecan pie has a conventionally flaky light crust, almost like shortbread. Usually the crust is sweetened just a bit, since the pecan, pie is already sweet enough and the faintly savory flavor offers another dimension to the sugary dish. This kind of crust is known as pate brisee fine or pate brisee, and it is very versatile.
To create a typical pecan pie, take a cup of sugar, combine that with two thirds cup of maple syrup or corn syrup, together with one tablespoon of rum and 4 tablespoons of butter. These ingredients should be boiled, then permitted to cool before one-quarter teaspoon of salt, one-quarter cup of cream and three beaten eggs are added to the mixture. Two cups of lightly chopped, roasted pecans may be added to this mixture, or can be used to cover the base of the baked piecrust, and then pour the filling over them. You then bake it at three hundred degrees Fahrenheit or one hundred eighty degrees Celsius, for about forty-five minutes, then allow the pie to cool.
Pecan pie can be served with shaved chocolate or whipped cream, flavored whipped cream, with some added maple syrup, rum or whiskey. This will make a very pleasant and decadent pecan pie.
For an alternative, without using corn syrup, you could take one-teaspoon rum, which you add to the filling, consisting of a half cup melted butter, three eggs and one pound of brown sugar. Whip this together with a cup of chopped roasted pecans, place it in a piecrust, and bake in the oven the same as before.

Three tips to get poland cooking

Three Tips to Get Poland Cooking!

If you’re looking for a new and fun experience, attending cooking school in Poland may be the perfect option. While it may not be everyone’s first thought as being internationally renowned for its culinary chefs, Poland offers an up and coming cuisine and a great cultural experience for someone looking for their culinary degree.
While there may be a school in your area that specializes in Poland cuisine, this is no match for the experience gained from attending cooking school in Poland. Not only will a student master the art of Polish cuisine, but they’ll also soak up the culture and tradition of this fascinating country. The experience gained there will lay the foundation for the rest of your culinary career. If you’re looking to go to culinary school in Poland here are a few things to get you on the path:
1. Consider all of your options. While Warsaw may be the most natural choice because of its huge size, some of the best opportunities are in the outlying rural areas. Much of the cuisine found in the cities of any country will be a modern take on traditional cuisine, it’s imperative, however, to have a foundation in the traditional cuisine before modifying it. Training in a small local restaurant can be some of the best experience and learning found in Poland. Also, consider smaller, private schools for more one-on-one training.
2. Check out the alumni. Research some of the famous faces that sought formal training at your school of choice. This can often be the very best indicator of a school’s success.
3. Finance your education. This is often the most important factor when choosing a school. Know that not only are there Polish grants available, especially to individuals of Polish origin, but there are also grants and scholarships that can be used from your own country to go to school in Poland. The biggest thing when searching for grants is perseverance; they’re not always easy to come by, but money is available to fund your way through school, so be patient and start researching.
Remember to follow your heart and your stomach. If Poland is where you see yourself going to culinary school, there are always options to get you there. Poland offers a varied cuisine and rich cultural experience to the aspiring chef. Remember to look outside the major cities to find the best little local places to teach you the art of traditional Polish cooking.

Your best guide to cookware sets

Your Best Guide to Cookware Sets

Cookware sets are one of the more essential items in a kitchen. One uses the right cookware depending on what’s cooking, and the number of people to serve.
Cookware is considered as one of the more important items in the kitchen. You use the right cookware for the right type of cooking. It makes kitchen procedures easier and more organized.
There are many kinds of cooking utensils, each serving different specified functions, to make cooking easy and more enjoyable. Different kinds of cookware are made from different kinds of materials, showcasing different uses. Always consider the appropriate utensil to use.
Here are some useful things about the different types of cookware and what you need to consider when buying the right cookware for your kitchen.
Take into consideration the kind of food you will be cooking and how often this equipment will be used. Consider the number of people you need to cook for. This will help you determine the size of the cookware you need.
Always select the sturdy utensils made of the finest materials. High quality items are more durable and lasting. Heavy duty pans may be more beneficial to you.
Cookware is so varied it can easily overwhelm you. Start with the basics and more essential purchases, like spatula, vegetable peeler, and wooden spoons.
In general, in deciding what to buy, choose cooking items made from very durable materials. For example, the thin, steel-coated type of finish looks shiny, more scratch-resistant and easier to clean. However, steels can sometimes cause uneven cooking, or can result to scorched foods.
Aluminum cookware on the other hand, is very lightweight and good conductors of heat. If you plan to buy aluminum cookware, make sure it is coated. Uncoated aluminum can contaminate food once acidic foods react to the aluminum.
Worn out aluminum cookware can cause splintering and mixing with the food being cooked. There have been reports that large volumes of aluminum in the body can cause Alzheimer’s disease. So be extra careful with aluminum cookware also. Dispose old ones if needed.
When frying or baking, using pots are enough. Raise the pot out of the heat source to better control your cooking.
Cookware lids are very important to close pots. Food cooks faster in closed pots. Heat is circulated inside.
For wooden utensils, make sure it has a smooth finish. For the cheaper makes with rough finish, sand them first before using. Otherwise, it could splinter on the food.
If you plan to buy non-stick types of cookware, choose the rubber-coated or wooden utensils. Those metal-based utensils can scrape off the coating of pans and pots.
Stainless steel and polished aluminum cookware sets are cheaper than copper and anodized aluminum cookware sets.
Most chefs prefer cast iron type of cookware because they are durable, perform efficiently and are good heat conductors.
Some cooks prefer copper materials because it conducts heat better than others. However, it requires periodic polishing and cleaning to maintain a shiny and clean appearance.