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Gourmet cooking learn more about it

Gourmet Cooking — Learn More About It

Those who excel at gourmet cooking and food preparation have many options available to them. From catering to opening up their own restaurant these talented individuals who are entrepreneurial in spirit often do quite well in the world of business if their talent is sufficient.
When it comes to cooking gourmet food the two rules mentioned above are the only hard and fast rules. Everything else is purely a matter of adventure and taste. Now this doesn’t mean that any and everyone can become a gourmet cook simply by going out and purchasing the finest and freshest of ingredients and throwing them into a pot. There is some degree of art involved when it comes to gourmet cooking and a large degree of skill that is necessary in order to achieve these culinary masterpieces.
You should also understand and be prepared to discover that fresh ingredients are not always available so there are times when compromises must be made when cooking gourmet meals. For this reason you capitalize on what is in season and plan your meals accordingly whenever possible. One important quality when it comes to cooking gourmet food is the layering of flavors. You should be able to taste the meat or seafood as well as the vegetables, herbs, and spices that comprise your skillfully prepared meal.
You should not however rely on taste or aroma alone when cooking gourmet foods. As I mentioned above gourmet cooking is a large degree skill but there is some degree of art involved. For this reason, presentation is a key component of the gourmet dining experience. Through a few freshly chopped herbs on the plate before placing the food or top the food with appealing and aromatic herbs that will compliment the flavor of the meal you have prepared. Present the fruits and vegetable sides in a visually appealing fashion rather than simply tossing them onto a plate.
With proper presentation even foods that were simple to prepare can take on the flavor of a gourmet feast. This is something you should keep in mind whether your cooking plans for the evening involve the gourmet or the every day. The thing about gourmet cooking is that it is to some degree more art than science. This means that there is always room to improve your skills and stretch your limits as a cook. There will always be the next great challenge or the ‘what if’ when it comes to flavor combinations.
In fact, some of the greatest foods began with someone asking, «What would happen if I added this?» Always ask what if and always seek to improve your skills. The good news if this is an avenue you wish to pursue is that there are often gourmet cooking classes offered at gourmet food shops in your area. Some colleges or local community programs will also offer these sorts of classes for a few if you are interested. This means that there are almost always opportunities to broaden your experiences with gourmet cooking and expand your horizons.
Whether this is your first time considering gourmet cooking or you are an old pro, keep in mind that skills can be learned over time with the proper motivation and an open and honest desire to learn. If you want to learn more about gourmet cooking there is really nothing to stop you from doing so other than yourself. The Internet, your local library, and many bookstores across the country have countless volumes of information that can help you get started on your journey to gourmet cooking bliss.

The joy of cooking is not in the preparation of the food

The Joy of Cooking is not in the Preparation of the Food

If you have never done it before then you must be thinking what the joy of cooking could be. The joy of cooking is the time you spend in the kitchen to prepare a meal for those people that you care for and love. Cooking for your friends and family is for many people a way of telling them that they have a special feeling for them, and maybe that is the reason your parents got angry when you didn’t finish your dinner. It was not about, not eating your food, it was all about you rejecting that one thing which they use to express their feelings for you. The joy of cooking is a feeling you have when you know that almost everyone loves food and you are the one preparing it for them.
Maybe strange to some, but the joy of cooking is not in the preparation of the food, but it’s at the moment that the people you prepared the meal for sit down and start to enjoy the different flavors you have put together. It is a long standing tradition that friends and family sit down together and have a good meal, recipes.com relax and forget for a short time all the worries of the world. Those moments are the ones you should savor and when you all feel the joy of cooking by enjoying the meal you eat that will always be a trigger to think about those good times you had together.
Can the joy be thought?
When you want to learn to cook a meal it is not to hard to find a good teacher who can teach you how to cook various recipes
.  However, the joy of cooking is something that is passed from one generation to the next because it involves learning specific family recipes. Sometimes watching your parents or grandparents cook is enough to see what the joy of cooking entails. And before you know it you the one who once didn’t know that there was such a thing a «the joy of cooking», are the one spreading the joy and leaning others the true joy.
Learning to cook is not the same as learning the joy of cooking as we showed you. First you have to notice that there is even such a thing as joy in cooking and when you see the difference between «enjoy» and «joy» then you are ready to start learning. Watch and learn from others like friends and family members. If you ask them they will love to show you what it is they do with certain recipes just to generate a special effect with the people eating the resulting meal.
If you enjoy cooking for others it won’t be hard to find the joy in cooking. The joy others create towards you when you see them eating you meals and enjoying them. The time you have, with those people you love, at the dinner table and knowing that it was your dinner that brought them all together.

Free barbecue tips ten of the best tips for your garden barbecue

Free Barbecue Tips – Ten of the Best Tips for your Garden Barbecue

These free barbecue tips are designed to help you enjoy your forthcoming garden barbecues during the warmer months, and will help to improve both the safety and the quality of your garden barbecue with very little effort.
1) Oiling the grill.
Prior to cooking, spray or brush on some vegetable oil onto the grill surface, avoiding adding too much. This will reduce the chances of your food sticking to the grill resulting in exposed flesh, and tough food.
2) Aluminium foil BBQ tray.
Use kitchen aluminium foil, doubled over, to line the base of your barbecue. Turn up the edges of the «tray» 2-3 inches, and then cook on your barbecue grill as usual. During cooking, the juices and fat drippings will collect with the rest of the residues from cooking and be easy to remove afterwards. This will help to reduce the time it takes to clean up your garden barbecue afterwards.
3) Barbecue sauces.
If you are basting your food during cooking with a barbecue sauce, make sure that you do not place the meat too close to the heat too early on during cooking. If you do, it will result in charring and bitter tasting food.
Adding BBQ sauce early on does nothing for the flavour, instead, add a little sauce to food during the end of cooking, around 5-10 minutes before serving so that the sauce sticks to the meat properly and provide a tasty coating.
4) Barbecue marinades.
Marinades improve the flavour and texture of all barbecue food, so use them often. Preparing for a barbecue the following day using a few minutes of your time in the evening will result in more succulent food with additional taste. Marinades take a few minutes to prepare, and when finished, you can cover the marinaded food in cling-film and place in the fridge overnight for excellent results.
5) Cooking small pieces of meat.
If possible, cook smaller pieces of meat indirectly, and if not, cook on a low heat around the edges of the grill while you cook the larger pieces in the centre of the grill where the heat is higher.
If smaller pieces of meat, such as chicken wings and sausages are cooked before a whole chicken, or beef brisket, remove them from the grill, wrap tightly in kitchen foil, and place in the bottom of the oven on 120f until you are ready to serve.
6) Cooking large pieces of meat.
When cooking larger pieces of meat, apply a seasoning, known as a barbecue rub, prior to cooking. This will enhance the flavour greatly at the end. If time allows, cook the meat for an extended period of time, using a much lower temperature than may be used normally. Ensure that meat is cooked properly at the end by using a temperature probe.
Chicken is cooked through at 165f, steaks and chops at 165f and ham at 160f. Using a barbecue thermometer to test your cooked meat is both a sensible safety precaution and is a great investment for the kitchen as well.
7) Make a dry rub or barbecue seasoning
To maximise the flavour from barbecue food, you can use a «dry rub», also known as a seasoning on the meat prior to cooking. Dry rubs can consist of as little as salt and ground black pepper, to much more flavoursome varieties that include dry spices such as ginger, cinnamon, garlic, thyme, sage, paprika, ground cumin and many others.
Try experimenting with dry seasoning’s, and remember that a little goes a long way. If you have any seasoning left over afterwards, seal it in an airtight container and store in a dry, cool place for several weeks.
8) Use Barbeque wood chips.
If your barbecue grill has a lid, or cover of some sort, consider using BBQ wood chips, remembering to prepare them properly before use. Moisten the wood chips before use by placing a handful or two according to the manufacturers instructions, into a bowl of water, allowing them to soak for at least half an hour before use in your BBQ smoker or garden barbecue.
Avoid placing unprepared wood chips directly onto charcoal or near a direct heat source as they will burn quickly and release a bitter tasting smoke that could ruin your food.
9) Eating healthily.
Avoid drinking milk during the course of a barbecue as this slows down digestion of food. Instead try drinking other beverages that complement the food you are cooking, such as imported lagers and ales, white and rose wines, spritzers and fruit cordials for younger guests.
Ensure that excess fat has been trimmed away from all meats before cooking, and once cooked, food may be gently patted down with kitchen towel to remove any excess surface fats before serving. The food will look more appetising and result in healthy BBQ food at the same time.
10) Safety first.
Ensuring your friends and families safety at a garden barbecue is paramount, and a few basic precautions will go a long way if an accident should occur.
Always have a bucket of water near the grill when cooking. This is fine for use on a charcoal or gas barbecue, and remember to use sand on an electric barbecues should a fire occur.
Fire blankets are an inexpensive and versatile piece of safety equipment that can be used in both the kitchen and the garden, and are readily available at most D.I.Y. stores.
Use tongs when handling food over a hot grill to avoid burns, and use oven mitts when handling hot griddle plates and other items that are too hot to the touch.

Fun and easy with bundt cake pans

Fun And Easy With Bundt Cake Pans

This page contains an overview of bundt cake pans, which are beginning to take a baker’s world by storm.
Baking cakes and breads are not as easy as you think. If you have made one, chances are you ended up with either burnt sides or the cake is still uncooked in the inside. You see, mastering the art of baking entails a number of things: the preparation, transfer to the pan or mold and the material used for cooking. Consumers have continually been dismayed with the hundreds and thousands of bake ware out in the market because it did not give the end result most users wanted. Little did the public know that there actually existed a product, which addresses this concern.
Recently, bundt cake pans have become a popular choice for both professional and amateur bakers. This is so because aside from the wide range of designs you can choose from, purchasers are guaranteed that their cakes and bread will turn out just right. What makes it different from other baking pans is that it is made especially for the cake or bread to cook evenly in the inside and outside. Due to this, bundt pans have become a staple in every home.
A broad selection of these pans is available in the market but be sure to look for authentic Bundt Cake Pans. You may search for it in the net to ensure that what you’re getting are the original ones. Due to its popularity and increase in demand, imitations of the bake ware are being manufactured. Nordic Ware and Calphalon are two leading makers of these famous bundt cake pans. There are different types of cake pans and they cater to each baker’s needs. Mini Bundt pans are crafted so that you can produce cupcakes and miniature versions of your favorite breads and pastries. You might be surprised that non-stick pans are not only used for cooking great meals rather manufacturers have also developed some particularly intended for baking. This kind requires precision care, as they are very delicate. Keeping them in good condition will guarantee a longer shelf life for your baking equipment. Apart from boasting of its unique designs, bundt pans are 100% made from the best materials such as cast aluminum and silicone. The latter has been discovered to deliver optimum results and is now being tapped as the key element in producing more of these phenomenal cooking and baking paraphernalia.
Now that you know what you need, here are other useful tips, which you can use in order for you to impress your family and friends with your baking skills: 1. When buying your first bundt cake pan, take into consideration size and versatility, meaning to say how often and for what types of cakes and breads do you intend to use it. Choose what best for you according to your preferences. 2. Learn to take care of your purchases. Be sure to read on or ask for special cleaning instructions if needed. 3. Look for designs that you can use regardless of occasion. You can find pans, which are for specific seasons such as Christmas or thanksgiving. 4. Like most consumers, you would want value for your money. Purchasing a good quality cake pan is an investment so be sure it’ll last for a long time.
With all of these tips for sure one would have his first bundt cake at it’s best. So take the initiative to bake your very own bunt cake now.

Frigidaire appliances the best appliance warehouse in ontario

Frigidaire Appliances | The Best Appliance Warehouse In Ontario

When you are about to buy kitchen appliances and fixtures for your new home, it becomes obvious that you have to be wise in spending and carefully plan to keep your costs under control. These items are such that they consume more money if you do not make a wise decision and finally at the end of the day you will find that you have crossed your budget. One of the smart way is to decide before you begin your shopping is to make a proper list of what are your requirements and what is your budget. People tend to spend more as they go to the big malls where the products are lined up in such a way, that it can attract anyone who are on a shopping spree. When you see all those high tech gadgets lined up, it is difficult to stop the temptation from buying. Unfortunately, the heart often takes over when looking over the latest high-tech gadgets and features on the item being considered and results in the purchase of a much more expensive item than is truly needed. So take some time to decide exactly what your spending limit is before you even begin to shop and then stick to your guns on that decision all the way through the buying process.
I have a better idea, to refer to the internet as the guide to make your choice, the current portals on appliances such as Canada appliances, offers you prices as that of warehouse and features of the various models of appliances that you can choose from and make a comparative study to fit your needs. If you are tired of the entire days hard work at your job or business and you cannot bear the endless wait at the malls, then this website can certainly help you to make the right choice. More over information provided on the website also helps you to decide, which model will be perfect for you. In other words, invest your hard-earned money into essentials not features. Always opt for better quality over more features too.
Last week, we were in requirement of a good refrigerator, since a old refrigerator was not working properly. I remember going to many shopping malls looking a perfect one for us. We did our survey for three consecutive weekends and still we were not coming to any conclusion. At some places, price was a matter of concern and some place they did not had the desired model. Then some one told us about this website Toronto appliances, where I simply logged into this website and went to columns where they had lined up different refrigerators. I asked my wife to join me and then we did our comparisons and finally we concluded that we will go for a refrigerator from Frigidaire. We ordered the product online and it was shipped on to our doorstep within two days. The website helped us in giving entire information on issues such as payments, after sales service, warranty issues and so on. We were really happy with the kind of prompt sales service that we were provided with, that we decided not to just lay your hand on the nearest dealer or home depot. Be smart to make an online purchase at Toronto appliances. to avoid the sales tax and get it shipped at your home for a marginal amount. The end of season sales generally involve long queues and you can benefit from the sales benefits of this portal right in the comfort of your home.
Finally, consider the warranty on the items you want to buy. In the traditional shopping way you will have to ask so many questions pertaining to the warranty and then, will you have to send the appliance out to be repaired under warranty? or is home repair covered under the warranty contract? But when you have your order shipped from Toronto appliance, they give you full assurance of the quality of the product and the service that they render once it needs any repairs is remarkable. We had a minor problem with the compressor of the refrigerator and the service men were very prompt to reply and handled it within a week. Now that’s what I would term as giving customer satisfaction like the way they promised it at the time of purchase

Maori hangi

Maori Hangi

Hangi is a traditional Maori cooking technique utilising hot rocks and water to steam food underground. The technique originated from early Maori settlers and is still practiced today because of the unique flavour it gives to the food.  The methods used to prepare a Hangi are truly unique. Preparation usually takes up to 1-2 days but is well worth it.  This article briefly explains exactly how a Hangi is prepared in the traditional way.

There is absolutely NO taste similar to a Hangi anywhere in the World. Hangi food is steamed underground atop hot rocks.  No, that wasn’t a misprint. The food IS actually buried in the ground and totally covered with earth. If you ever come to New Zealand, trying a Hangi is an absolute MUST try. You can’t honestly say that you’ve visited New Zealand if you haven’t tried a Hangi.

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1: Special volcanic stones are found as a source of heat  for the cooking. Regular rocks won’t usually do the job because they can splinter during the heating process.  Finding the proper classification of stones for this job is absolutely critical to the successful outcome of ANY Hangi.

Step 2: These stones are positioned in the fire and heated for quite a few hours until they are white hot. The wood used can change the taste of the Hangi for good or bad. Natural wood is best and there are few special types which give a lovely smoky taste. On the other hand, treated timber or chemicals in the wood will most likely make you sick or poison your hangi.

Step 3: Dig the Hangi Pit. Try to get as many people around for this step as possible.

Step 4: Fill your Hangi basket with a mish mash of raw, but thoroughly defrosted, meat, vegetables, stuffing and 1-2 steam puddings. Hangi baskets are usually made out of of wire or steel. The base of the basket is normally lined and the food has to be filled in a certain way for optimum cooking.

Step 5: Transport the hot stones into the hole. This job requires speed and skill. This is where most Hangi’s are undone, as the longer the stones are exposed the colder they will become. Once this transfer has happened quickly put the basket on top of the hot stones.

Step 6: Wrap the basket with wet sacking cloth.

Step 7: Use spades to cover the Hangi again with soil until there is no steam escaping.

Step 8: Wait 2-3 hours and dig up the Hangi and ‘Hey Presto’, you’ve just cooked your very own Hangi!

Hangi food is typically served as a communal buffet. The food is spread out on a table and people generally help themselves as they please. Good Hangi accompaniments include Fried Bread or Rewena Bread (Traditional Maori bread). If you wish to cook your own Hangi there is a lot more precise information you need with regards to your equipment, preparation and timing. If any one of these aspects is off your Hangi may well be a complete disaster. If you need more information about this truly unique cooking technique visit www.howtohangi.co.nz for photos, specific information and video footage.

Steps to avoiding the food police

4 Steps To Avoiding The Food Police

By avoiding cooking healthy and not eating nutritious foods, you have been committing crimes against your stomach. I used to be a repeat offender until I came up with 4 steps that have kept the food police away.
Here’s how you can work off the crimes against your stomach:
1. Eat Purposely: Stop, sit down, and it’s time to eat.  Bring back actual meal time, even if it’s at your desk. Don’t eat on the run, stop eating in your car, don’t eat while you are trying to accomplish other tasks. By not focusing on your food, you are making it easier to eat unhealthy foods. Slow down and you will begin to appreciate better foods as you pay more attention to what you are putting in your mouth.
2. Better Breakfast: Start eating a breakfast of whole grains, granola and fresh fruit every morning. Stay away from the one-handed, on-the-go breakfast as these are usually very heavily laden with salt and calories.
3. Grocery Store Lunch: Go to the grocery store, that’s where the food is! The real, whole food, nutritious food that your body needs. This is where you can get a freshly prepared sandwich, salad, Odwalla juices, nuts and granola bars. Stay away from the drive-thru, fast food restaurants, and the pizza place, all of which will keep you from eating healthy.
4. Methods vs. Recipes: At dinner time, practice basic, simple cooking methods, not complicated recipes.  Complicated recipes have ingredients that you may not be familiar with, are hard to find or may be difficult to understand. By practicing basic cooking methods, you could, for example, make pasta and cook a chicken breast  instead. That’s so much healthier than having someone ring your doorbell and deliver your dinner in a cardboard box or a paper bag!
The more you cook and eat nutritious, healthy food, the more you’ll crave nutritious, healthy food. You’ll sleep better, your anxiety levels will go down and your body will feel healthier overall. Remember, I’m talking from experience and I can tell you that I started craving better foods more, and bad foods less.
You can too! Get over your fear of cooking by learning basic, simple cooking methods. You’ll feel better too, and of course, you’ll get the food police off of your back.