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Grilling chicken a great meal to be had

Grilling Chicken | A Great Meal To Be Had!

Although we grill a few steaks, here and there, I would say that grilling chicken has a tremendous priority because it is lean, taste super good and probably better for you than any type of red meat. 

Personally, I grill only chicken breasts. You can grill cutup chicken parts, but I like to barbecue and slow-cook whole chickens on indirect heat. It is just easier and comes out  better and more moist than grilling chicken parts. 

I grill chicken breasts all year around, and I use the barbecue to do so. Outdoor grilling just gives meat an extra and pronounced taste that’s hard to beat. 

I always use frozen chicken breasts. In my neck of the woods, you can always find them on sale. 

You can use fresh chicken breasts, but I find them uneconomical when compared to the frozen ones.

 Always, buy the best frozen chicken breasts you can find. If possible buy 99 percent fat-free. Always buy the highest quality you can find and/or afford. 

Before defrosting put the chicken breasts in a glass pie plate. To unthaw, put them in the microwave for about 20 minutes, of course on the defrost cycle. Defrosting times depend on how many and how thick. 

But, let’s first try to defrost a half dozen thick ones at a time. Make sure you turn them over after ten minutes or so. 

When defrosted, rinse the chicken with water and pat dry. Next, apply quality Extra-Virgin Olive oil. This gives us a base to adhere what is aptly termed a “rub” on.

 Hey! Now, you are going to get our hands messy, but it is fun to do so! 

Grilling is enhanced by adding a rub. If you are not familiar with what a rub is. It is a combination of dry spices that you literally “rub” onto the chicken, or for that matter, any type of meat or vegetable. 

Rubs add a dimension to almost anything that you grill or cook. They bring out unbelievable tastes, texture and help to keep moisture in. 

You will find that it is really neat to make your own rub. Almost all rubs have some of these same ingredients: Kosher Salt, Pure Chile powder, brown sugar, granulated garlic, paprika, celery seed, ground cumin, black pepper. 

Mix those ingredients in equal proportions…add New Mexico ground red pepper, or hot cayenne pepper for those who want to really “kick it up”. 

Try not to use regular table salt or regular granulated sugar in a rub, as they both have a tendency to draw moisture out of meat. 

I do not marinate chicken breasts. If you want to add BBQ sauce, I recommend that you do so only in the last few minutes of grilling.  If you brush it before grilling, chances are that it will burn and you won’t like that. 

You need to use only one burner on a gas barbecue, of course depending upon the number of chicken breasts. I use a high medium heat 375-400 degrees. Use direct medium heat on a charcoal grill.

 Grilling time can be around twenty minutes or longer depending upon the size of the chicken breasts. You should turn the chicken only once, but I turn after five minutes of grilling one side. 

Then, I keep repeating the five minute intervals until the chicken is done. I also, rotate their positions on the grill so they are all uniformly cooked. 

I hope you have the same excellent results I have when grilling chicken.  Especially breasts, since they turn out real moist, you can eat them by themselves, or you can easily cutup and throw into a soup or salad.

The history and style of barbcue

The History and Style of Bar-b-cue

Barbecue, in the southern and Midwest parts of the United States, consists of slow-cooking meat over indirect heat. Chicken, beef, pork, sausage, ham, and ribs can all be barbecued — even mutton is sometimes barbecued, at least in Kentucky. With so many ways to make so many dishes, the perfect way to make barbecued meat can be a regional «bone» of contention.
In Memphis, Tennessee, barbecue is almost a religion. Barbecue ribs — most often pork, are cooked for long hours, until the meat is so tender that it is ready to fall off the bone. If you want to know more visit us at www.cooking-chinese-style.com. The city bills itself as the pork barbecue capital of the world, and has over one hundred barbecue restraints to back up that claim, many of whom participate in the annual pork cook off that is listen the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest pork barbecue contest anywhere.
The contest, part of the celebration called «Memphis in May», draws some 90,000 cooks and spectators. Competitors come from fifty smaller cook offs sponsored by the main contest. It even runs a series of training seminars for potential barbecue judges. Good barbecue, they say, is all about being tender, without being too mushy, and being smoky, without being overpowering.
Ribs commonly come «wet» that is, with barbecue sauce of some kind, usually mild and sweet in Memphis and basted on before and after cooking, or «dry», with a dry rub of herbs and spices that is applied during or right after cooking. Regardless of which style is favored, the taste of the meat should come through — this is what separates good barbecue from something lathered with barbecue sauce and put in the oven for a few hours.
In Missouri, there is not one, but two predominant styles of barbecue, both of which favor beef, which is not surprising given the history of both Kansas City and St. Louis as «cattle towns». They share a tomato-based sauce that is added after cooking, and can be replicated by mixing ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce. Interestingly, Missouri’s Ozarks are the source of almost half of the charcoal briquettes produced in the United States.
Kansas City, like Memphis, has a large number of barbecue restaurants and hosts several annual competitions. However, it is particularly famous for its sauces, which are thick, rich, tangy, and spicy. You can also login on to www.cooking-groundbeef.com. The sauce is basted on during the last few moments of cooking, and more can be added thereafter. Dry rub, too, is common on Kansas City style barbecue.
In St. Louis style barbecue, ribs are the flagship dish. These famous spare ribs are a rack of ribs with the chine bone and brisket bone removed. They are cooked with a sauce that is less vinegary, tangier and thinner than its cross-state equivalent, closer, in fact, to that served in Memphis.
Whether sweet or spicy, dry or wet, slow cooked or grilled over an open flame, barbecue is one of the most diverse of all American foods, and one to which many cities lay claim. Each has its own unique character, so get some bread and crackers, or some Cole slaw, or even beans, (all traditional barbecue side dishes) and give them a try.

Facts about olive oil

10 Facts About Olive Oil

Olive oil is a fabulous ingredient with many uses, from medicinal purposes such as preventing heart disease and cancer to beauty benefits such as providing anti-aging properties, amongst the most popular form which is using in cooking and baking.

1. History

The olive tree is a crop native to Asia Minor that spread to Iran, Syria, Palestine and the rest of the Mediterranean basin around 6,000 years ago. It is among the oldest cultivated trees in the world and began growing long before the written language existed.

2. Family

The olive family, also known as the Oleaceae family, comprises of 600 species and which are situated on all continents.

3. The Olive Tree

There are many variations of olive trees which have many similarities and equally a lot of differences. Growing characteristic and appearance vary, as well as the size, taste and quality olives that they produce.

4. Harvesting

One of the most debated questions among growers is when to harvest. Harvesting can be done in many different ways, from hand-picking to completely mechanized harvesting.

5. Maturity Stages

Immature olives are green and quit firm – they produce oil that is bitter and grassy. These oils are high in anti-oxidants. When the olive fruit matures, it turns yellowish and starts to soften and then the skin turns re-purple in colour (veraison). The olives are often considers to be at their peal for olive oil production. A the fruit completely matures, the skin turns from purple to black – oils produced from these olives usually have a shorter life span and are often described as sweet oils.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade olive oil. It is made without the use of chemicals or excessive heat. High quality oil is ideal as a condiment — whether it’s drizzled over meat, fish vegetables and as a dipping sauce for bread.

7. Flavours

Flavours of olive oil depend on range of factors including the type of olive, ripeness at harvest, growing conditions, crop maintenance and the handling of the olives. When tasting olive oil, much of the oils characteristics are perceived through the sense of smell. A trained taster can identify negative elements within the oil which can be a result of improper handling, poor storage, and wet and weather conditions.

8. Beauty Benefits

The polyphenols found in olive oil have also been found to slow the process of aging and help prevent degenerative diseases. When used on the hair or scalp, olive oil can be used as a deep conditioner and a dandruff controller.

9. Health Benefits

Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, while raising HDL (good) levels. No other naturally produced oil has a large amount of monounsaturated as olive oil. Olive oil has also the ability to reduce the effect of an oncogene- a gene that will turn a host cell into a cancer cell.

10. Storage

Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place and not in the refrigerator as it will become cloudy and will eventually solidify.  If it’s properly stored it can keep for at least two years, however, it has it is most flavourful in the first two months

Famous halloween appetizers that you can prepare easily at any time

Famous Halloween Appetizers That You Can Prepare Easily at Any Time

You can try Halloween appetizers for any occasion such as a birthday party, of bridge or just as a crunchy snack in any of your get togethers. These Halloween appetizers are very easy to make and at the same time very easy to east. Try out some of these amazing Halloween appetizers.

* Black and Orange Pinwheels- mix cream cheese, bell pepper, black olives and Feta in a bowl thoroughly. Take 5 large wheat tortillas and spread the mixture evenly on them. Then top each tortilla with creamy cheese layer and a thin layer of tapenade. Then sprinkle chopped carrot in an even direction over the tapenade. Roll each tortilla tightly pressing the ends firmly. Wrap them in plastic and allow it to chill for a night in a refrigerator. Male slices of the rolled tortillas and serve them.

* Pumpkin Pancakes- take a mixing bowl and add one cup of pancake mixture, ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, egg white skimmed milk and pumpkin. Bea the ingredients well till they become smooth. Then bake it on a lightly sprayed griddle. Spray the coating, pour two cups of batter and bake it for 10 minutes till the top becomes dry and the edges become golden brown in color.

* Chocolate Jack-o-Lanterns- cut the top of the oranges and using a spoon clean the inside part of the orange as much as possible. You can carve your favorite funny faces on it. Then fill your orange or the jack-o-lantern with any of your favorite ice cream flavors. Put your «Jack-o-Lantern» in the freezer till you eat them.

* Pumpkin Bread- mix 2 cups of smashed pumpkins, sugar, shorterning, eggs, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cloves thoroughly in a mixing bowl. Pour this mixture in 2 bread pans. Put the pans in an oven and bake for an hour at 350 degrees C. then make two loaves out of it and your extra ordinary pumpkin bread is ready to it.

* Black Cats- take 2 cups of sugar, half cup of milk, cocoa powder, and margarine in a pan and boil it well. Cook the mixture and then add peanut butter and vanilla extract in it. Pour quick oats to this mixture and stir it again well. When the mixture is warm, roll crushed nuts in the pan. Keep the litter scoop besides it for people to help them serve themselves.

* Pita Pizza- cut the pita pocket bread in half by making a zigzag pattern on the bottom of both the edges. Place this on a baking sheet. Put some tomato ketchup on the bread and use mozzarella cheese, sliced black and green olives for its topping. Bake it in an oven till the cheese gets melted. For assembling the bat, the wings should be placed along the sides of the plate. You can also add an extra piece of the bread for making the head.

These are some of the famous Halloween appetizers that you can prepare easily at any time and any occasion to get a change for your normal and regular cuisine.

Find best wedding or party caterer for better hospitality

Find best wedding or party caterer for better hospitality

Indian food is very popular in every part of the world. The preparation style and the use of ingredients in Indian food make it incredible in taste and fragrance. If you are going outside from India and you are worrying that you will not be able to get the authentic Indian food then you are wrong. The presence of several online stores offering Indian food delivery no matter wherever you are makes it convenient for you to taste Indian food. If you are going to the UK then search the internet to find some good online companies offering quality Indian food.
You can also find some cool Indian restaurants providing Punjabi cuisine. So try to ask from your contacts about the best Indian restaurant before visiting it. Indian food is not always spicy and you can prepare them with fewer spices also. Indian food varies by regions like south Indian has its own specialties and north India has its own.
Indian food is made with the help of some of the most common ingredients like salt, jeera, haldi, laal mirch(red chilli), dry mango powder, and many more. All these ingredients are known to make food more delicious and tempting. The use of Indian fruits and vegetables in the food preparation can differ from region to region. Berries are extensively used in the preparation of Indian food.
Fennel is usually added to deserts and some vegetarian dishes to give some flavor. Fenugreek seeds are also used to add some bitterness in the food. Onion seeds are also heavily used in the preparation of Indian food. Another fragrance agent which is being used in Indian food is saffron.
Indian snack foods are also great in demand you can find snack shop at every corner in India. The street food vendors offer snack food like pop corn, burger, Aloo chaat, brown potato cubes and other snacks. In fact some of the cities of India are famous for snack food like Jaipur is famous for its paapri chaat, Mumbai for its Pau Bahji and Delhi is being called as chaat capital of India. Chaats have wide variety including aloo chaat, samosa chaat, keema chaat and Tandoori chicken chaat. The ingredients used in the chaat preparation are usually spicy and that is why people love eating them.

Healthy living with steamed foods

Healthy Living With Steamed Foods

In order to stay fit, fresh fruits, vegetables, low fat meat along with poultry are generally what exactly you need. To keep the foodstuff wholesome, excellent cooking need to be considered. For example, boiled food is much better than fried ones. Food steamers can be a great help to keeping you healthy.

Steamed foods contained more nutrients than fried or boiled foods. If you boil your food, more nutrients are removed. That’s why food steamers have become a must in everybody’s kitchen especially for vegetarians. You can enjoy the benefits of steamed food even when not in macrobiotic diet.

There are several fits of food steamers you can choose from depending on your choice and lifestyle. These food steamers come with a tray and basically works the same manner as with each other. Food steamers may come in various types and style but functions in the same manner. It has holes that allow food to rise and be steamed.

Cooking your dishes all at once is possible with multi-compartment and tiered steamers. Cook your fish, bread and vegetables simultaneously with a 3-tiered steamer.

Dieters will enjoy steaming their favorite veggies like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and corncob with multi-compartment food steamers. Instead of baked pears, why not try it steamed? Steamed Cornish Hens and chicken breasts are good too. And so with julienned or sliced beef strips. Steamed seafoods are healthier and nutritious.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a food steamer now! It is ideal to get an inexpensive one for beginners. Before you realize it, you’ll be using your food steamer a lot more than needed!

Campsite cooking in the winter

Campsite Cooking in the Winter

Camping in the winter is a beautiful experience and a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors. What’s more, it need not be restricted to the seasoned hiker or camper alone. Anyone can do a spot of winter camping with the right gear and appropriate supplies.
The one thing that distinguishes winter camping from the summer experience is that campers require almost twice as many calories as in the summer. Even the chore of maintaining body temperature while you sleep in the outdoors takes more calories. When picking food for the camping, you will need to choose food that is rich in fats and carbohydrates.
While packing food that is high in fats and carbohydrates, remember that some of these foods freeze easily. Peanut butter, for this reason, is best avoided. Cheese freezes too, but it can be melted into the food you are cooking. Other food like pepperoni, salami, and different types of sausages can be eaten even if they are frozen.
Also, pick foods that need minimum preparation at the campsite. You will need more stove fuel in the winter, and you’ll be wearing gloves as well, so food that needs cutting and slicing is best left out. Look for frozen foods that are already sealed in a bag and need only to be put on a pan of boiling water. Carry plenty of soup packets as well. These are easy to prepare, and keep you warm and hydrated too.
Keep foods that can be cooked in a cup for breakfast. Options include instant oatmeal with hot milk and margarine, hot Tang, Granola with hot milk, or hot chocolate with extra milk and margarine. It is important to have enough sugar to start you off on your day’s activities and enough fats and proteins to keep you going.
Stock up on a variety of snacks – energy bars, health-food bars, cereal bars, chocolate, and nuts. Eat these when you are cold, tired, or just plain hungry. Bring along thermos bottles so that you have hot water at hand for quick coffee or hot chocolate. Nothing cheers you up quite as well as a hot drink before you turn in for the night.
Water is critical at a campsite, whatever the season might be. If you have a safe source of drinking water, that’s great. Otherwise, you’ll have to melt snow for drinking water. Use ice or ice crust rather than loose snow. Fluids are very important in winter camping and a drink of even cold water can hydrate you quickly in the outdoors.
So eat and drink right to enjoy the wonders and joys of winter camping, and you will live to cherish the experience.