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Who invented the popcorn machine

Who Invented the Popcorn Machine?

At some point in history our ancestors must have decided to put corn and fire together and realized the outcome was what we call popcorn. Who invented the popcorn machine is a great question and looking back at its history lets me know why it is being asked. I believe that there must have been popcorn makers all over the country — in every kitchen, with mom knowing exactly how it works. But — a popcorn machine? Something automatic? Well clearly there was one invented and the creator of this phenomenal automatic popcorn popper was none other than Mr. Charles Creator.

Charles Cretors, a man with experience both in the construction and the food industry, loved to put two and two together and see how he could make things easier when it came to roasting peanuts. He didn’t like the results of the original designs and thought he could do better — and he did. He moved to Chicago in 1885, and found out soon that he could create much-wanted pop-corn with his improved design.

Funny: the original popcorn popper was designed to roast. True: much of what was roasted was liked, and this resulted in many different off-spring of the original machine. The Cretors were able to see the need and understood that different food reacts in different ways — and they were on to something, indeed. You want popcorn? Baked chestnuts? Roasted peanuts? They had it.

They finally patented a machine designed specifically for popcorn in 1893, two years after the application of it. I would understand it if it took two years because lots of competitors could see the potential of the automatic popcorn maker — the machine that would start a tradition. A patent would mean disaster for the competition. Yet it happened.

The machine was a break-through, because it started the quest for ultimate perfection in popcorn making, for both small and big businesses. The design was still simple enough, but sophisticated for its time. It consisted of a roaster that could ensure the perfect roast for coffee, peanuts and, of course, corn popped to near-perfection.

Since then, there have, of course, been many innovations — each and every one of them to be attributed to somewhere (and it is a shame not much information is available about that). Once the entrepreneurs realized popcorn was a great commodity, it didn’t take long for them to get into action and get innovation going.

Something that was designed specifically for creating popcorn: hard to say, but there’s no doubt that Charles Cretors can be considered the father of automated popcorn machines- and this last phrase I use in a kind way, because I personally wouldn’t want to go back to the days when men held their corn cobs over the fire and counted it a blessing if one of them came up fluffy. It is surely Charles Cretors who designed first what was to inspire a whole array of popcorn makers, popcorn machines and popcorn poppers.

Chicken and pasta alfredo cooking tips by momma explains

Chicken and Pasta Alfredo — Cooking Tips by Momma Explains

Article taken from http://mommaexplains.blogspot.com

Momma likes to have some meals that are quick but satisfying. You can start from scratch or use some prepared items such as a rotisserie chicken.
Momma Explains: Store prepared rotisserie chickens are packed with tender juices and flavors. They are the real thing, not processed, only you get the advantage of no prep time. So, Momma will often pick up a chicken and make some quick meals. If you do not want to buy a precooked chicken, then by all means, just cook the chicken breasts in advance. Pull the meat from the frame and use the recipe. This Alfredo sauce cooks up quickly so put your pasta water on first. Make sure that you have removed the chicken from the frame and cut or broken into chunks. Then start your pasta water, lots of salt remember. While your pasta water heats up, you may put together the Alfredo sauce.
Momma’s Chicken and Pasta Alfredo: While your pasta water is heating, take a large pot and add 1/2 stick of butter, melt the butter and add one quart of heavy whipping cream. Stir together the butter and cream, cooking on low heat. Add garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste. Go light on the salt until you add the Romano. Romano is salty and you do not want to over salt the dish. You can add more salt after you add the Romano, if it needs more. Let the sauce heat up and add one small bag of frozen peas. This will drop your temp so get it back up to a simmer by slowly increasing the heat. This happens quickly so stay by the stove and stir occasionally. As soon a s the mixture begins to boil or pop, add a cup of Romano grated cheese. Stir often and lower heat. The cheese will stick to the pan if you do not keep the sauce moving, add your chicken chunks and simmer on low just to allow the sauce to meld with the chicken. This whole process actually takes less than 30 minutes. When you have cooked your( one pound ) pasta al dente, dump the drained pasta into the pot and stir for a minute. Let it rest while you set the table and make a sald from iceberg lettuce. Just wash and quarter the lettuce. Leave in a big wedge and put your favorite dressing on top. Serve this with Simi Chardonnay.

Cookware for the gourmet

Cookware For The Gourmet

Many home chefs are inspired to cook gourmet meals by watching culinary cooking shows on television. The cookware for the gourmet chef on television looked so shiny and magnificent that many home cooks wanted to experiment with the same tools that gourmet chef used during the television program. Finding those items used to be hard but people have found innovative cookware products online, on television and in the retail outlets in towns where they live.
The cookware used by gourmet chefs is often presented first through gourmet cookware conventions. Name brand cookware designers will introduce cookware selections so that people know that each part serves a certain purpose. In the past, home cooks had to rely on one certain pot to create all meals in, but today, the gourmet cookware sets have up to 14 or more pots with enchanting covers on them. Gourmet chefs usually hang those cookware sets from hooks that hang from the ceiling to give the effect to people that they are entering a professional’s kitchen.
Some of the lids will feature open vents on the side or handles with vents built-in. Some gourmet cookware will offer opportunities for cooks to steam vegetables with fewer calories or the covered cookware choices will let cooks prepare the vegetables so that they stew in their own juices. The cookware choices for gourmet chefs will allow nutritional meals to be prepared without needing additional oils. Buying gourmet cookware selections might be a confusing task at first, but most cooks know that gourmet chefs will always keep at least one pan for sauces handy at all times.
Small appliances that add flavor to all foods will often accompany the cookware selection chosen by a gourmet chef. Even home chefs can use these gourmet-inspired machines to spice up the foods that are prepared throughout the week. A gourmet chef will use various grinders during a televised cooking show. These machines will be used most often on-air for preparing seasonings like salt and pepper and other more traditional spices that originate from a variety of foreign countries that the chef has probably traveled to once during their life.
Gourmet cookware allows home cooks to prepare perfect dinners without fail. The stainless steel construction of many cookware styles allows heat to be distributed evenly throughout the cooking process. The tight seals on many name brand cookware sets permit food flavorings from escaping and are the primary reason why gourmet chefs dishes are so delicious. Gourmet chefs at home can cook along with chefs on television and produce the same results in foods that can be consumed by their families at some point during the day.
The various pieces of cookware developed by a gourmet chef known the world over might seem pricey at times. Home chefs have many options for owning this type of cookware and many prefer to buy the entire set at one time. For home chefs that are more budget conscious, these cookware marvels can be purchased separately from any department store or cookware retailer. A certain amount of pride will emerge from the meals that are prepared with each piece, and home chefs can always ask for a new addition when they are creating a Christmas wish list.

Professional cookware for yourself

Professional cookware for yourself

It’s well known that the preparation of kitchen cookware is an important part in cooking, what’s more, I think it an cruicial part . There are many types of cookware in the market. Such as aluminum cookware, carbon steel cookware, cast iron cookware, Cast Iron Teapot, bakeware, enamel cookware and so on. Copper cooking equipment too conducts warmth evenly and quickly but isn’t that large. Cast iron cookware is cooking equipment that is heavy, and low-priced. Stainless steel cookware is cookware that is powerful, pretty and fairly costed. Though you may find aluminum kitchenware an low-priced, light and warmth responsive form of cooking equipment, preparing food in it is inclined to have an effect on the taste of food stuff. It’s typically a variety of aluminium or copper core that assists your kitchen pass warmth..

I was shocked about the differences in varieties of cookware. I discovered that some kinds of kitchenware are much healthier in preparing food options than other cookware. Here is a list of each kind of cookware’s pros and cons. From here, you can get some information about how to choose kitchen cookware. Aluminum — Regular aluminium kitchenware has been on the market for ages. It heats up promptly, is lightweight and costs less than numerous other varieties of cooking equipment. Aluminum Cookware are generally reactive to acidic food. Try to cook your tomatoes as well as other acidic food in a different sort of kitchenware. Stainless Steel — Stainless steel is one of the best choices for cookware, as long as it is correctly cared for. Stainless steel is nearly non-stick and warms evenly, particularly if it has an aluminium clad bottom. By no means use scouring pads or metallic utensils with stainless metal.

With so much knowledge about choosing cookware, I am sure that you can choose a best one for yourselves..

Food safety tips when grilling

Food Safety Tips When Grilling

Food safety precautions begin while you’re still at the grocery store. If you plan on spending a lot of time at the grocery store that day, purchase the meat last, right before you are ready to check out, so it can remain as chilled as possible for the trip home. While shopping pick up a few of the handiwipes that are offered to wipe off the handles of the shopping cart. Use them to wipe off your hands after you’ve picked up chicken, pork, or fish.
If you live in a hot climate place the meat, frozen vegetables and diary items in a cooler for the ride home. This is especially important if you plan on completing another errand, such a picking up the kids at swim club after shopping. Even with the air conditioner the back seat can start to get warm. Keep in mind none of the air conditioned air reaches the trunk.
Meat should be refrigerated immediately when you get home, in the coldest part of the refrigerator or in the meat compartment. If you purchase frozen beef, it should be defrosted overnight in the refrigerator, not a room temperature. The same goes for chicken or turkey. If the poultry is large, over 15 pounds, you can jump start the defrosting by immersing the still wrapped turkey in the bathtub or large kitchen sink filled with cold water. Don’t use hot. The hot will raise the outside of the turkey to unsafe levels while the inside still is frozen. After an hour remove the poultry from the water and let it finish defrosting in the refrigerator.
Remember to wash your hands before and after you handle raw meat or poultry. In the kitchen, don’t use the same work surface, cutting board, etc. to get the raw meat or poultry ready for the grill as you do for other foods. If more than one person is in the kitchen during the prep stage, make sure you coordinate with them so you know which utensils and which surfaces have come in contact with raw meat or poultry.
Trimming excess fat from meat can help avoid flare-ups during the grilling process. This can have three benefits: leaner meat is healthier for you and your guests, a flare-up can potentially burn and ruin the dinner you’ve so carefully planned and prepared, and can be dangerous for the outdoor chef as well. The risk being burned while grilling can also be lessened by using long handled tongs and spatulas.
If you are grilling other items along with the meat, make sure they do not come in contact with the meat while it is in a raw state. Give the meat and the other items their own separate zones on the grill. Use separate tongs or spatulas to handle these items. When the meat is ready to be removed from the grill, put it on a fresh, or freshly washed, platter and use a fresh set of tongs or spatulas to handle it. Make sure you wash all utensils, cutting boards and your counter tops after they have come in contact with raw meat or poultry.
It is also important to refrigerate leftovers from grilling promptly. Don’t leave them on the counter top, at room temperature, for very long after you have finished eating.

Buy wholesale cookware this thanksgiving season

Buy Wholesale Cookware This Thanksgiving Season

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the planning stages are in full swing. The guests, the recipes, the variety of Thanksgiving staples, there are so many factors that go into this food-filled day. The most important part of the chef’s blueprint has to be the tools, more importantly the cookware. Roasting pans, mashing bowls, skillets, and stock pots are just a few of the items you may need to prepare the big feast, but are you properly supplied? Wholesale cookware is a simple solution to your Thanksgiving cooking needs.

Save BIG!

Rather than shopping at your local department store or specialty home goods store, try buying your pots and pans wholesale. You can purchase anything you may need, and save big in the process. With the right equipment, your cooking will be better than before, and you will receive all the praise. You can find Wholesale cookware at cheap discount prices, often times without a required minimum order. Save even more by shipping at bulk discount rates when possible. You’ll never go back to the department store prices again.

Special Items at Special Prices

Stainless Steel Cookware sets
They come in varying numbered sets (9 pc, 17 pc, even 30 pc). Each piece is constructed of heavy, surgical stainless steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. The material spreads heat quickly and evenly, avoiding over cooking in certain places.

Durable Bakeware
Everything Thanksgiving feast needs a pumpkin pie for dessert. The durable bakeware offered at wholesale prices can be used all year long for various holidays and occasions. Cake pans, loaf pans, whatever your baking heart desires.

Waterless Cookware
“Waterless” Cookware has Thermo Control Knobs, designed especially for those who need large capacity cookware with superior quality. The special feature on this set is the unique thermometer knobs built into the lids to help you regulate cooking temperature.

Steam Table Pans
These ridged aluminum foil pans are ideal for cooking, transporting, freezing, reheating, and serving your Thanksgiving feast. Whether you’re at home or traveling for the holidays, they are useful at every stage in the cooking process.

The items that you can find in wholesale quantities and at wholesale prices are not limited to the ones above. Start your search now, whether it’s a hunt for a red aluminum cookware set, or miniature foil pie and tart tins, you will not be disappointed in the choices or prices.

Cooking supplies the secret behind a good meal

Cooking Supplies: The Secret Behind A Good Meal

Aside from carefully carrying out your cooking procedures, using the right cooking supplies makes your meals more delicious and nutritious. These cooking supplies are divided into several types, each one having its own unique function.
It is a fact that a good meal is the result of carefully done cooking procedures and well-practiced skills. Setting the heat at the right temperature, lowering it at the right time, assessing the meal’s appearance, and putting the appropriate ingredients would definitely make any type of meal not only delicious but nutritious as well. However, although these ideas are valid, you also have to be aware of other important factors that contribute to an excellent dish. One vital factor involves the cooking supplies you would use while preparing your food.
These cooking supplies cover a wide array of products, and if you are relatively new to them, you might become somewhat confused about which one to acquire. Nevertheless, you would discover that working with cooking supplies could be fun provided that you would understand them one by one.
The first group of cooking supplies involves knives, chopping blocks, and cutting boards. These supplies are necessary, as you would usually need them during the first stages of cooking, which involves slicing, chopping, and cutting meat or vegetables into smaller sizes. In purchasing these cooking supplies, remember that durability is of great significance as these products are used with much pressure. Also, you should look for knives and cutting boards that are easy to clean and store.
The second group of cooking supplies includes the cookware. This generally includes pots, skillets, pans and other containers where you would put food in while cooking. As a rule, cookware is made of sturdy material that can withstand heat and is resistant to rust and formation of stains. Normally, cooking supply experts would recommend you to get cookware, which are made of copper, as these products distribute heat evenly inside them, allowing food to cook well.
Next are the electric cooking supplies. These products enable you to quicken certain cooking procedures, which could take a much longer time if done manually. Electric cooking supplies include blenders, mixers, food processors, and slicers. Before purchasing any of the aforesaid items, make sure that you would indeed regularly use it in your meals. Important things to consider in electric cooking supplies are the efficiency of their motors and the amount of power they consume.
Moving on, another group of cooking supplies is used in making meals more attractive. These are garnishing tools such as peelers, corers, zesters, curlers, and various types of styling knives. Using these tools, you can add an aesthetic look to how your vegetables and meat are prepared. These tools are also useful in decorating cakes and other pastries.
As a final note, you can find a wide set of the above-mentioned supplies in cooking stores and shops for chefs. Buying from these establishments enables you to personally test the product and determine if you are comfortable using it. In addition, online purchasing sites are good sources of cooking-related equipment and these web-based companies even deliver to your home the products you ordered. You should, however, choose a site that backs up its cooking supplies with warranty.