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Making the most of your electric steamer

Making The Most Of Your Electric Steamer

Electric steamers are one of the most versatile tools in the kitchen. Electric steamers, in some stores, might also be known as rice cooker/food steamer. Under either name, steaming your vegetables, as well as your rice is a healthy way to prepare a flavorful meal.
Cooking vegetables: Most times, when cooking vegetables on the stove top, you will end up with mushy, pale green vegetables and water that carries more nutrition than the cooked vegetable itself. What takes place when cooking vegetables on the stove is the vitamins and minerals that the vegetable is known for will get swallowed by the water. When cooking vegetables, such as broccoli, carrots, and asparagus on the stove top, we tend to cook until tender and pale. Actually, when using that method of cooking, the left over water in the pot ends up with more nutrition and better color. Steaming vegetables prevents that from happening. When steaming vegetables in an electric steamer, the water is evaporated through the valve at the top leaving you with beautiful and tender vegetables.
Cooking rice: Cooking rice is a hard skill to master. Most people get impatient when waiting for rice to be completely tender when cooking on the stove top. Not to mention, the chance of scorching the bottom of the pot causing the rice to develop a burnt taste. When steaming rice in an electric steamer, the rice is cooked to perfection by the use of a built in timer. Steam from the boiling water escapes through the valve producing fluffy, tender rice.
It is entirely possible to cook an entire meal in an electric steamer. Cooking a meal in a steamer is easy to do because you effortlessly throw in all of the ingredients and let it cook on its own.
Cooking broccoli and rice: Measure 1 cup of rice for every two people being served. Add equal amounts of water for every cup of rice used. Add 1 cup of frozen broccoli and a cube of chicken bouillon. Allow to cook until rice is tender and fluffy. Add choice of cheese, stir well and serve.
Cooking chicken and rice: Measure 1 cup of rice for each person being served. Add equal amounts of water for every cup of rice used. Add 1 cup of pre-cooked, chopped chicken. Cook until rice is fluffy and tender. Stir well and serve.
Cooking stir-fry vegetables: Who said that stir fry had to be done in a wok? Add to the steamer your choice of fresh of frozen vegetables to stir fry. While vegetables are steaming in the electric steamer along with soy sauce or teryaki sauce, cook stir fry meat in a skillet on the stove. When vegetables are steamed to perfection, toss them in with the meat.
If you purchase a steamer that is large enough, it may come with a basket to keep the rice and vegetables separate. Therefore, creating the opportunity to cook one than one thing at a time. Obviously, an electric steamer serves many practical and healthy uses. The more you use the steamer, the more uses you will find for it. Even though a steamer may not be a popular kitchen appliance, it gives you a way to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

Try yummy indian cuisine in a best indian restaurant

Try Yummy Indian Cuisine- In a Best Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurant is not just a place where you can have your meal but it is an experience which you can enjoy thoroughly. In London Indian dishes are very popular and there are many Indian restaurants which have a wonderful selection of Indian dishes. Holland Park is a wonderful place in London which is known for high class shopping, attractive terraces and restaurants especially Indian cuisine restaurants. If you are looking for a perfect dinning then you must go and try one of these restaurants.
But there are many people who have no idea of Indian food or what to order in a restaurant. Those people who have never tried Indian cuisine it is good to take your friend who has the idea of Indian dishes or you can ask from the waiter to recommend.
Indian restaurants offer different dishes which are full of contrast. The ingredients used in Indian cooking are unique and this gives the significant place to Indian food in the whole world. If you are not familiar with Indian cuisine then make sure about the spiciness because Indian foods are spicy. Indian curry is the best example of spices and herbs. You can order nann made of bread and use your yummy curry for soaking. The best way to eat is to use your hands. There are some foods which are very hot like Vindaloo. If you love hot and spicy food then you can order this dish. In all Indian food restaurants the main source is vegetarian food and if you are searching for outstanding vegetarian dishes then Indian restaurant is the best choice.
You can order traditional Indian foodor cold beer with your meal by this you can experience the total effect of Indian dishes. Experiencing new dishes in a best restaurant is absolutely fun pursuit. You can discover new world of food which you have never tried before.
Before making your plan of visiting any of these outstanding restaurants you can make your reservations online without any hassle. Many people have experienced the joy Indian dishes already.
After a few visits only you will become a fan of Indian food and you will enjoy to order like a pro. It is a wonderful place where you can visit with your family or loved ones. If you want an evening which you do not want to forget then tries Indian cuisine in a best Indian restaurant.

Wedding tip planning essentials

Wedding Tip — Planning Essentials

Wedding Tip — Planning Essentials

Just got engaged and planning a wedding?  It can really be quite overwhelming organising every step involved to ensure your wedding is a success for you and your guests.

It is important to get down to basics.  Guest numbers will play a large role when planning you wedding reception.  When booking your venue and services including catering, keep in mind that as many as 10-15% of guests invited will be unable to attend.  Look for a venue that will be perfect for your reception without compromising on space. 

How much space will I require?  Allow sufficient space for guests, entertainment, caterers and a bar setup.  Once you have an idea of the space you have for decorations and centrepieces, you can really picture how your wedding will look.

The style you select should be a reflection of yourself, and is a very personal decision.  A wonderful first impression will make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.  Working with a wedding planner will ensure you and your family can relax knowing little details are being taken care of.  If you have the time and would like to decorate your wedding reception many items can be viewed and ordered directly online. 

Special needs and dietary requirements

We all know a vegetarian or a celiac, a diabetic or have a cousin who will only eat chicken. Ensure that you know in advance if anyone of your guests has any special (or out of the ordinary) dietary requirements. Your caterer will design your menu accordingly.

Enjoy your wedding preparation.

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Low fatlow calorie meal suggestion

Low fat.low calorie meal suggestion

low fat meal suggestion               Total fat

steamed rice                            3 gms

Broccoli beef                             7 gms

Mandarin chicken                      10 gms

22% calories from fat

Low calorie meal suggestion          calories

Mixed veggies                                90

mushroom  chicken                       130

string beans chicken breast          160

380 calories (19% daily )

Low cholesterol meal suggestion                 cholesterol

steamed rice                                                 0

Mixed veggies                                               0

Broccoli Beef                                                 25

Total cholesterol  = 25 mg

How to make chicken stock?

Ingredients             units

chicken bones       1 kg

carrots                   100 gms

onions                    100 gms

ginger                     100 gms

celery                       100 gms

cabbage stems        200 gms

water                        2 ltrs

chicken black beans

famous Chinese traditional dish

ingredients        units

Diced chicken   200 gms

spring onions    10 gms

Diced carrots 10 gms

Diced mushrooms 10 gms

Black beans 10 gms

soya sauce 1 tbsp

sugar 1 tsp

salt to taste

vinegar 1 tsp

corn starch 10 gms

oil 20 ml

Marinate the chicken then keep a side for 30 minutes then shallow fried the chicken

then saute ginger garlic and spring onions,add chicken dices along with black beans mixed the ingredients adjust the seasoning tossed well thickned with corn flour.served hot garnished with spring onions.

how to choose meat items


poultry is a misunderstood by people those who doesnot know this word is used for the birds like chicken,game,quails,duck,turkey etc.

always used small chicken for any cooking because in small bird the meat is more tasty and more nutritsious.

Healthy body & mind with a balanced diet and exercise

In order to keep your body in fine conditions both physically and mentally, we should not only have a balanced diet but also exercise regularly.professional athlete, with greater daily energy consumption,requires a diffrent diet from the general.Basically, diet for athlete should be safe, hygenic, fresh and with a great variety. The variety in appearance ,aroma and taste of the food can improve the athelete is appetite and stimulates the digestion and absorption of direct nutrients. Besides, athletes specializing in diffrent sports also have diffrent needs of nutrients

swimming — carbohydrates

weight lifting — proteins

cycling — Glycogen

Basket ball — Iron

these vitamins are very much important in our each and every meal, so instead of having 3 meals a day I always recomended six small meals which helps to stimulate the appetite.

Thanks for your patronage 

Easy cooking kitchen accessories and utensils

Easy Cooking Kitchen Accessories and Utensils

Cooking is easy and fast when the ingredients and utensils are complete. Be sure your kitchen is complete with the basic items needed for cooking.
Preparing a meal for you or the whole family can be fun and easy to do if you have the complete materials for your food. All the ingredients needed are laid out already and the utensils are all within reach. It saves a lot of time from looking for what is needed, or heading out to the grocery to buy what is lacking.
Once you set your mind of the dish you want to cook, prepare a list of ingredients and be sure nothing is left out when you go to the grocery. Think about the utensils needed also for the preparations and make sure you have them in the kitchen.
Both kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories are very important items that help make your work a lot easier. There are so many different kinds used for different purposes like slicing, extracting juice, opening a can, and so much more.
The kitchen accessories are subcategorized into carts, kitchen decorations, cheese accessories, wine accessories, fondues and entertainment ware. Cooking will be very difficult and sometimes impossible if you do everything manually without the help of such tools.
Let us take the cheese accessories for example. How do you slice it when it is so soft? How do you even manage to create equal slices? And thus we use a cheese slicer. In just a couple of strokes, our block of cheese is cut into equal proportions exactly how we want it.
Indeed we cannot do everything with our hands alone. Hence, these kitchen items were invented. Here are some of the kitchen utensils commonly used at home.
Pressure cooker is a kitchen utensil used for macrobiotic cooking. This is usually made of stainless steel and mainly used for cooking grains and rice. Others use it also to tenderize meat for soup and other recipes.
A cooking pot is usually made of steel or iron. There are also cooking pots made of Pyrex but these weigh heavier. Most cooking procedures are done with this very functional item. It can be for frying, sautéing, reheating and a lot more.
Cutting board is very important also. It is where the meat and other ingredients are laid out for chopping, slicing, dicing or mincing. It protects your table from being damaged by the knife. The common cutting board is made of wood or durable plastic.
Glass jars come in different sizes. There are small glass jars and there are also big ones. These glass gars are very useful in storing foods like grains, beans, nuts, seeds and other dried foods. These glass jars do not allow air to circulate because they are closed all over. They are also easy to locate. You can find lots of places in your kitchen where you place your glass jars.
Vegetable brush is a natural bristle brush used for cleaning vegetables. This is available in all food stores of natural ingredients. You can be sure that when you use this vegetable brush all your vegetables are clean.
Vegetable knives are one of the most useful and practically used everyday. There are many different types depending on what kind will be sliced. The bigger ones could easily chop frozen meat including the bones. The smaller ones could finely strip tender meats, slice vegetables like tomatoes and potatoes, or dice onions and garlic.
There are many other kitchen utensils that are needed in your cooking. Sometimes, you also need the metal flame deflectors, grinding bowl, flat grater, pickle press, streamer basket, and wire mesh strainer. Buy kitchen items which will be most useful to you in accordance to what dishes you normally prepare for the family.

Styles of cookware sets

Styles Of Cookware Sets

Many people live a certain lifestyle that requires the use of certain styles of cookware. Contrary to popular belief, the style of the cookware in use in most homes is the primary factor behind meals tasting just right. A person can choose to buy a cookware set that is low in price, but the quality of the food that is prepared will reflect the attempt at saving money by being burned before the cooking cycle is finished. People buy cookware sets as a return on the investment on the monies spent on foods consumed inside the home.
Cookware sets are made of various materials and the most common materials are stainless steel and copper. Cookware sets are styled with many designer additions such as curved siding, tight fitting lids and colored coded handles and handles fashioned of real woods. The cooking styles from various pieces of cookware can develop cooking notions that roam from quick fixes in the microwave to culinary affairs fit for entertaining many people in one night.
The culinary efforts in the kitchen that emerge from the use of professional cookware sets might be sublime when compared to meals prepared by top chefs around the world. The balance and weight of professional cookware sets might unsettle a novice cook for a while, but the cookware will challenge the cook to learn how to prepare marvelous dinners using these cooking elements. Some professional cookware sets will challenge people so much that the cook will feel that they must take culinary cooking courses to obtain expertise in handling and using such stylish pots and pans.
Waterless cookware sets provide other challenges that are easier to overcome. The thermal layering of this cookware style will require a cook to adjust to a new cooking style. When healthier foods are produced that show health benefits after a short time, cooks are more inclined to study up on cooking waterless and finding out which foods are more nutritious when they are steamed or boiled in less water. Some cooks will only need to learn how to fasten down a lid to become top chefs while using waterless cookware.
Any home chef will want to keep a wide variety of cookware on hand to prepare meals that are exciting and inviting to guests that might drop in. Some guests might present woks as gifts at Christmas and include various cooking tools to use with that cookware. Many cooks make a tragic cooking error by using the wrong type of cooking utensils with cookware sets that are coated with non-stick surfaces. Once damage has been done to that coating, cooks know that it is time to replace it.
Some cooks believe that cookware sets must bear high price tags in order for them to produce great tasting foods. That myth has been thoroughly destroyed on television cooking programs when top chefs revealed that they use high quality cookware that was purchased from a traveling salesman. Quality cookware will require a high degree of proper care but many homemakers are willing to make that effort because they value the cookware sets that are currently in their kitchen.

Asian cooking utensils list of fascinating cooking tools

Asian Cooking Utensils — List Of Fascinating Cooking Tools

All basic Asian cooking equipment list begins with the wok. It stands at the top of the hierarchy and is the primary utensil used. In any Chinese kitchens, the wok is usually manufactured from either steel or heavy-duty iron material. In addition, it is normally attached with two concave shaped handles at the edge of the wok. This wonderful utensil has a long list of benefits. It can be used to apply a multiple types of frying techniques like pan, stir, deep and also steaming food. Hence, it plays an important role in Asian cooking. It serves well when properly maintained. The wok needs to be coated with a thin layer of oil to prevent impacts of low humidity and rust. This is an essential lesson for all budding Asian cuisine chefs.
Another very common utensil is the claypot. It is also quite fundamental in many Asian homes. It is basically the Asian copy of the stew pot originated from England. But it is obviously different from each other as the claypot is used for stove top cooking while the stew pot is usually placed in the oven. The purpose of the common claypot is to keep its content piping hot after cooking well past meal time.
Next on the list of good Asian cooking utensil is the steamer. It comes in different sizes notably in the range of six inches in diameter to twelve inches. The steamer is usually constructed from bamboo. This is very useful as it is sufficiently aesthetic to be used as a serving utensil. It is also layered. Therefore, it allows many types of dishes to be served or cooked by stacking one layer on top of another.
The Asian cooking set is not complete without the cleaver. It is a very flexible tool used for preparing a wide range of dishes. Being manufactured with heavy duty steel, the cleaver can slice bone parts effortlessly. This multi-purpose equipment can be tasked from cutting duck bones to intricate services like slicing vegetables or carving them into beautiful artwork prior serving.